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we'll ever create a more loving
marci: We're experiencing an
enormous planetary shift. We're
in polarity. Many people are liv-
ing in fear or anger. But lots of
people are waking up to recog-
nize that love is where we have
to go. This is the one thing that
will shift the planet and create
the change we're looking for.
Randy: Do you offer any
programs to help facilitate this
marci: I have a Love Ambas-
sador Program where people can
learn to teach the Love Course
based on Love for No Reason. I
want this message of love to go
out far and wide because I be-
lieve that if each of us feels more
love in our own lives, that is how
we will help create a planet of
There is a Chinese proverb
that says:
"When there is light in the
soul, there will be beauty in the
When there is beauty in the
person, there will be harmony in
the house.
When there is harmony in the
house, there will be order in the
When there is order in the
nation, there will be peace in
the world."
My prayer is that each of us
feels the love in our hearts and
the light in our souls, and through
that may we all heal.
For more information about Love
for No Reason, the Love Ambassador
Program, and many free bonuses, in-
cluding a videotaped interview with
Ram Dass, visit www.TheLovebook.
Randy Peyser is the author of The
Power of Miracle Thinking, www.Mira She also edits books
and helps people find agents and pub-
Was it the winding roads,
or the sound of crickets in the
night or the hush of the riv-
er below that made me fall in
love with the trips to
my grandmother's
house every sum-
m er. I don't know
for sure, but there al-
ways was a calling to
cuddle up in that old
The summer that
changed my life was
when "Skipper" came
into my life. I want-
ed to call him "Side
Kick" but my Grandma said he
skipped around, so that's what
we called him. . . Skipper.
I was only about 6 that sum-
mer and I was so happy school
was out and I began packing
my clothes. Didn't need much
there. I went barefoot most of
the time and it was hot and
muggy so just a few t-shirts and
shorts. My mom always made
sure I had my toothbrush and
all. Me, I just wanted to go wade
by the river and walk in the
woods. Sometimes we'd ride the
old mule "Hank." But he walked
too slowly for me. I needed to
When I stepped onto the
porch my grandma smiled and
said, "Child. I've got a surprise
for you! Let's go to the barn."
I ran -- pulling her as fast
as her 78-year-old legs would
waddle. As we entered the barn,
I heard a yelping noise and our
eyes met. Skipper and I just
looked at each other. It was love.
Just plain love. That little pup-
py and I just knew each other.
I have never felt that feeling
before. Sure I was
h a p p y w h e n m y
younger brother and
sister came into the
world. But this feel-
ing? This was the
first time that I felt
this much joy. My
heart hurt I was so
From that mo-
ment on, Skipper
a n d I d i d e ve r y -
thing together. We
explored the river where the
bull frogs hide. We chased pos-
sums up trees and laughed
at their rat tails. We found a se-
cret place next to the old oak
tree and I told Skipper all my
dreams and my thoughts about
how everything was. He just sat
there listening and looking at
me with those big browns. I don't
tell many people this, but Skip-
per told me some things that
nobody knows.
Summer went way too fast
that year. I remember Mom and
Dad driving up in that old black
car. I think it was a Buick. I told
Skipper they were coming so
he was prepared. I gave him a
bath the night before so he
would smell real good. We ran
up and Skipper just welcomed
them with all of his heart. He
gave my Dad a kiss so big that I
thought I would pop a button or
I just knew everything was
going to be fine. Everyone was
so happy.
That night I heard Grandma
talking to them about how Skip-
per and I had connected and she
was fine if I wanted to take him
home. I couldn't hear what they
said. Everything seemed so hush
The next day I remember my
Dad asking me if I wanted to
take Skipper home with me
and I said, "Yes! He's my best
friend ever!" My Dad had that
look and talked about living in
the city with cars and trucks and
noise and pollution and school
and my brother and sister and
money and our small apartment
and I just didn't want to hear
any more. Skipper just sat there
looking at me. I don't know why
but a tear snuck out of my eye.
My Mom said she would give
me a dollar for some candy if I
left Skipper behind. I said, "No
way. A dollar isn't worth any-
thing. Besides, Skipper and I
belong together."
My Dad smiled and said,
"How about if I give you five dol-
lars and you can do what ever
you want with it?"
I had never held five dollars
in my hands before. That would
buy a lot of candy and anything
else I would want. I said, "Ok."
The only thing I remember
after that was looking out the
back window of that black car
at my Grandma holding Skipper.
I looked at the five dollars in my
hands. I don't know how or if
I told Skipper goodbye. I don't
remember much.
Somewhere in time I realized
money can never replace love.
Skipper, where every you are
thank you for loving me, for lis-
tening to me and for teaching
me value of love.
As a licensed marriage and family
therapist, Robert C. Jameson focuses
on helping clients understand and
overcome issues, such as anger, hurt,
depression, anxiety, love, relation-
ships, boundaries and limiting beliefs,
to name a few. During years of private
practice, he gave many of his clients
"homework" in the form of handouts
to support their work while in session.
The Keys to Joy-Filled living was born
from his handouts of tried and true
exercises and techniques. Visit: www.
The Value of Love
by Robert C. Jameson
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