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All thoughts are sacred energy.
When you change the way you
look at the world, everything
you look at changes.
-- nana mercedes barrios
longfellow, maya mam elder
So many spiritual traditions
teach that abundance is not
about money or material goods;
it is a way of seeing the world.
Is the glass half-empty or half-
full? We know the preferred an-
swer, but do we actually live
it? In these turbulent times of
economic uncertainty and huge
planetary changes, is it possible
for us to recognize that the pres-
ence of abundance is dependent
on how we perceive events in
our lives?
Those who have recently lost
a job or savings might find this
idea unbelievable. Yet it touch-
es on some universal truths that
humans throughout history have
uncovered beneath the hard
rocks of life's lessons. Sometimes
when we lose greatly, we discov-
er something even greater: the
generosity of strangers, the love
of friends and family, or connec-
tion to a spiritual force beyond
our own lives.
I am no stranger to loss my-
self, and perhaps it has been
those painful experiences that
have caused me to search for
a higher meaning in the uni-
verse. Through the teachings of
a variety of individuals in many
spiritual traditions, I have found
solace and balance. It is not mag-
ic. It is a practice, an intention.
I take a deep breath and re-
mind myself of what I have to
be grateful for (the old litany of
"counting your blessings") or
that the world holds incredible
beauty, no matter how dire the
circumstances. I take a walk in
a park or sanctuary to immerse
myself in Nature. I read poetry
or talk with friends. I
play music and sing.
Any or all of these
help me to remem-
ber the abundance
in my life, to recen-
ter and rebalance in
a world that is radi-
cally changing on a
daily basis. Of course,
daily change means
daily practice, daily
recentering. Finding
hope over and over
again. I believe this is the great-
est challenge we face as human
beings on planet Earth at this
time: to continue believing that
a peaceful, loving world is pos-
sible and that we as individuals
can do something to make that
That love is more powerful
than fear or hatred is the inner
core belief that will help us stay
balanced as we live through the
transition from one world age
to another. The much-discussed
prophesied year 2012 is not one
date on the calendar; it is a cos-
mic shift, a time of tremendous
We hold the keys to trans-
formation within us, literally in
our genes. All of us were born
to be here at this time, to play
our own individual roles in how
the planet evolves. And we don't
need an external GPS system to
guide us. It is inner guidance,
inner intent, which will help us
to remain balanced and positive-
ly focused.
We each have an inner eye
(some call it intuition, higher
self, or cosmic connection) that,
if strengthened through prac-
tice, can be our greatest support
during challenging
times. Meditation,
y o g a , c o n s c i o u s
breathing, visual-
ization, or energy
work all make our
inner eye grow stron-
ger. Participating in
these practices in the
company of others
strengthens it even
more and opens our
hearts as well. And
the collective ener-
gy that we create together can
shape our lives and our world.
Throughout the world, groups
of all kinds participate in collec-
tive visualizations, prayers, or
meditations, which many believe
have a measurable effect. Just as
we as individuals are affected by
one another's feelings, the liv-
ing Earth responds to our mass
emotions. If those emotions are
positive, if our hearts are open
and loving, and our inner eye fo-
cuses on the beauty that already
exists, then the possibilities for
global transformation are expo-
When we share the abun-
dance in our lives with others
-- whether in physical, emo-
tional, or spiritual ways -- we
can co-create communities of
concerned individuals who con-
tinually support and assist one
Each morning, as part of my
meditation and yoga practice, I
send light and love to the Earth
and all beings. With my inner
The Inner Eye: Balance in A Changing World
by Peggy Kornegger
eye, I visualize myself as part
of the web of life on a beautiful
blue planet, mutual caring and
compassion swirling through
the intricate fibers of our con-
nections. There is no center to
this web, yet just envisioning it
recenters me. My day begins on
a positive note, spirit and body
attuned, heart open.
I am sustained and uplifted
by the growing numbers of in-
dividuals and groups who hold
to a vision of a better world and
speak out and work for it. Their
voices and actions remind me
of the great amount of positive
human energy that exists on
this planet. Yes, there is still war,
hatred, and violence, but there
are also rising waves of kind-
ness, generosity, compassion,
and love.
People are gradually recog-
nizing that each thought, feeling,
and action impacts the universe
within and around us. This is
truly "sacred energy." We are all
connected -- every stone, every
flower, every star, every heart.
Seeing the wonders of the
world in the present moment,
and envisioning even more in
the future is a true gratitude prac-
tice. An inner sense of abun-
dance uplifts the seer and the
seen with the light of hope. I
hold to this practice, this inner
vision, to help me create internal
and external balance, moment to
moment, in this transitional time
of extraordinary change.
Peggy Kornegger is the author of
living with spirit, Journey of a Flow-
er Child, available from most online
booksellers. Visit her website at:

Ready to Take Charge of Your Life?
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- Bruce Lipton, PhD, Author, International Speaker and Recipient of
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