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As the second decade of our
new millennium begins, there is
an expansion of human aware-
ness occurring at a quicken-
ing pace. One reflection of this
broader awareness
is the internet. It is
truly catapulting us
into a golden age of
information. Sim-
ply Google a topic
and within seconds
pages upon pages
o f r e l e va n t d a t a
appears. This new
flood of informa-
tion guarantees that
we are becoming more educat-
ed about the issues that face hu-
manity, but it also challenges us
as we confront our own igno-
rance. It is by addressing these
challenges that we realize one
of our greatest gifts, responsibil-
Our world culture is ap-
proaching a fork in the road. We
are waking to the realization of
how uninformed we have been,
and facing the degree to which
the information we have been
receiving was manipulated and
censored. It can be difficult to
reconcile the fact that we played
a role in creating our own igno-
Suddenly, we realize much
of the food we have been con-
suming is incredibly toxic. Very
serious repercussions for our
environmental abuses are com-
ing to light. New cases of govern-
ment corruption are disclosed
almost daily and a shocking de-
gree of corporate greed and un-
ethical conduct have become
the norm. This leaves many of
us processing feelings of fear,
resentment, guilt, and anger.
Culturally, we've been taught
to blame our governments and
corporations rather than look at
ourselves, but this will no longer
serve us. It is we who created the
governments and corporations,
and therein lies the solution.
We wield the power of crea-
tion. Are we not the ones who
have wasted our resources and
polluted our environment? We
can realize that it has all been
perfect reflection of our creative
actions, take responsibility, and
change them.
The perspectives and be-
liefs that we hold influence our
lives. When we perceive a thing
as negative, we
define our experi-
ence of it by that
very belief. It is
each individual's
responsibility to
recognize this and
adopt more posi-
tive perspectives.
With practice
we can train our-
selves to view our
world only in a positive light.
Conflict, destructiveness, and
suffering are products of the
selfishness that arises from the
perception of separateness. By
cultivating an awareness of our
oneness we heal the negative
reflections of this belief.
When we become conscious
of ourselves as a single entity,
our enemies and rivals disap-
pear. We begin to use our
strength to support, rather than
resist each other, and suddenly
find that each action is a gift.
A truer way of life has existed
here all along. We need only
see it. Oneness is reflected all
around us. Our interaction with
the earth, water, and air clearly
mirrors this fundamental truth.
We take them into our bodies
as they take us into theirs. It is
the next step in our evolution
to recognize this sacred trans-
fer of energy within the one.
The sum of our choices is
what defines our shared experi-
ence of life in each moment.
The solution to our difficulties
can be found in a unifying per-
spective and the unconditional
love that arises from it. Uncon-
ditional love creates happiness
because it is our natural state of
being. We have seen how our
resistance produces suffering.
Let us simply let go of resistance,
take responsibility, and love.
Kalix Sky is a spiritual advisor,
speaker, and multi-media artist whose
fifteen-year spiritual journey has cul-
minated in his first book Answers For
A new World, where he shares his
realization of heaven on Earth. Visit:
Who Is Responsible?
Our Relationship with Our World
by Kalix Sky
Now in its tenth year, World-
Fest has established itself as LA's
premiere solar-powered pet and
family-friendly "green" event.
With more than 100 exhibitors,
a global vegetarian and vegan
food court, entertainment ar-
eas for children, and an eclectic
blend of live music and engaging
speaker line-up,
WorldFest promises a day of
entertainment and inspiration.
Stars from television, film, mu-
sic and sports will be joined by
healthy living experts and cu-
linary maestros to bring issues
near and dear to their hearts to
a broad audience, and to inspire
festival-goers to embrace com-
passionate living.
"We're lucky to have so many
talented, passionate voices take
the stage at WorldFest this year,"
says the event co-producer and
Toward Freedom President Jill
Hahn. "They each have something
inspiring to share, and they're
wonderful examples of how
we can all make a difference."
Past celebrities have included
TV's Daniela Sea and John Salley,
best-selling writers Kathy Fres-
ton and Rory Freedman, Oprah
chef Tal Ronnen, skateboarding
phenoms Ted Newsome and
Laban Pheidias, and celebrity
dog trainer Tamar Geller, among
many others.
Sponsors spanning the green
spectrum have included Veg-
News Magazine, Sun Flour Baking
Co., Jolly Llama, Indie Printing,
and The Healthy Voyager.
John Sally, "Former NBA Star"
and Rory Freedman, author of
"Skinny Bitch," are just a couple
of our scheduled speakers this
year. Check website for a cur-
rent list of celebrities, sponsors,
musicians, speakers and more.
WorldFest is scheduled for
Sunday, May 22nd from 10:30
am to 7:00 pm at Woodley Park
in Lake Balboa, 6350 Woodley
Ave., Van Nuys, CA 91406.
In preparation for WorldFest
2011 we are looking for spon-
sors, exhibitors, volunteers and
meetup groups. If you would
like to be a part of WorldFest,
please email us: info@worldfest (310) 477-7887.
Toward Freedom is a 501(c3) non-
profit dedicated to educating, inspir-
ing, and supporting people on their
quests to live more compassionately.
For more information on WorldFest
2011, visit
Check back regularly for the latest
updates on WorldFest's musical enter-
tainment, exhibitors, and speakers.
WorldFest 2011
Scheduled for May 22
by Mary Cummins