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/ A W A R E N E S S M A G A Z I N E
M A Y / J U N E 2 0 1 1
M A Y / J U N E 2 0 1 1
A W A R E N E S S M A G A Z I N E /
/ A W A R E N E S S M A G A Z I N E
M A Y / J U N E 2 0 1 1
by Lyda Whiting
Written and photographed by
Kathy M. Miller
Chippy wakes up from his
long winter sleep feeling hungry.
So he explores the garden look-
ing for tasty treats. He runs up
a tree and meets a bushy-tailed
squirrel. He feels a vibration in
the ground, and a yawning box
turtle wanders past. He climbs
up the birdbath for a drink of
cool water. He meets a cottontail
rabbit munching leaves.
Then Chippy sees a wood-
pecker and blue jay eating pea-
nuts from a bird feeder. Chippy
climbs up and up, and leaps onto
the feeder. He crawls inside and
grabs a delicious peanut. As he is
scampering home with his prize,
Chippy sees a scary shadow on
the ground. A red-tailed hawk is
flying straight toward him! Chip-
py runs as fast as he can for the
safety of his burrow.
This charming book invites
readers into the daily life of a
feisty chipmunk and the busy
world of the backyard garden he
calls home. Each page is filled
with close-up photographs of the
real-life Chippy and the wildlife
that frequent the wilderness of
the author's garden.
The antics of this little chip-
munk and the beautiful nature
photography will appeal to read-
ers of all ages. Even very young
children will follow the simple
story. Inspired by photographs
taken over the period of two
years, this book is pure delight.
Highly recommended for ages
3 and up.
Published by Celtic Sunrise, this
book is available at your local book-
Written by Sherry North,
Illustrated by Marcellus Hall
If your daddy were a pilot, he
would fly you to school every
day. If he were an inventor, he
would create a secret tree house
for two. If he were a drummer,
together you would lead pa-
rades in every city. If he were
an explorer, he would guide you
through underground caves. If
he were a surfer, you would ride
the waves together. If he were a
director, you would be the star of
every movie. If he were a scien-
tist, together you would find the
world's biggest dinosaur. And if
he were an alien, of course you
would be one too!
Every child believes that their
daddy can do anything. Every
father wants to make their child's
dreams come true. Here is a
wonderful tale of how a father's
love can give his child wings to
spread through all the worlds the
imagination can create.
This appealing book is filled
with enchanting illustrations
and the gentle extravagant ex-
pression of the love of a father
for his child. This would be a
fun book to read together, and a
wonderful present for any father
and child.
Recommended for ages 3-6.
Published by Abrams books for
Young Readers, this book is available
at your local bookstore.
Written by Leonard Jacobson,
Illustrated by Fiammetta Dogi
An eclipse of the sun has
turned the day into night. The
animals are worried. What hap-
pened to the light? Has the sun
lost its way? Four intrepid souls
volunteer to do whatever they
can to save the light. So Ned
the horse, Peter the rabbit, Bert
the bumblebee, and Molly the
mouse set out on their daring
quest, into the dark forest of
fear in search of the source of
the light.
They encounter scary crea-
tures and helpful friends. The
group wanders into a land where
the grass is blue and the sky is
green, and nothing is the way it
should be. And even more fan-
tastic things are just around the
next bend!
Readers will discover the
truth that the animals uncover:
that the light has been inside
each being all along. This is the
first children's book written by
this author, who has written four
spirituality books for adults.
The illustrations are beau-
tiful and amazingly detailed.
They envelope the reader in the
vibrant world of the story and
bring the animals to luminous
life. Children and adults will be
Recommended for ages 4-6.
Published by The Conscious Living
Foundation, this book is available at
your local bookstore.
Written by Aldous Huxley,
Illustrated by Sophie Blackall
Two crows live in a cozy nest
in a cottonwood tree. Every
evening Mrs. Crow lays an egg.
Every afternoon she leaves the
nest to do her shopping, and
when she comes back, the egg
is gone. So she lays another egg.
One day Mrs. Crow comes home
early, and catches a rattlesnake
in the act of swallowing her
egg. So that's where her pre-
cious eggs are going -- down
the throat of Mr. Snake! Her hus-
band goes to see his wise friend,
and together, Mr. Crow and Old
Man Owl come up with a clever
plan to deal with Mr. Snake and
teach him a lesson about steal-
ing eggs.
This unusual story will in-
trigue children, and when Mr.
Snake gets what he deserves,
readers of all ages will laugh.
The delightful illustrations bring
the characters to life. The ani-
mals are mostly realistic with a
few fun quirks that add to the
mischief of this odd and witty
Aldoux Huxley, who wrote
Brave New World and many
other novels, created this tale,
the only children's book he ever
wrote, for his niece. The original
edition was published in 1967
with black and white drawings.
This second edition has been re-
leased with new and colorful il-
Recommended for ages 3-6.
Published by Abrams books for
Young Readers, this book is available
at your local bookstore.
A person's difference can
change the world, but only
if they gather the courage
to use it.
-- Andy Andrews