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/ A W A R E N E S S M A G A Z I N E
M A Y / J U N E 2 0 1 1
M A Y / J U N E 2 0 1 1
A W A R E N E S S M A G A Z I N E /
/ A W A R E N E S S M A G A Z I N E
M A Y / J U N E 2 0 1 1
is a message coming from the
Mayan calendar, and yet it is not
for a scholar to interpret (which
is why they are all arguing with
each other), and there is a mes-
sage coming from the Tibetan
people through the Dalai Lama.
These messages will save our
world, if we let them and they
were put in place eons ago!
Next month we will reveal these
messages, and invite you to put
them into practice into your
own life. We are at the moment
of re-unification, and only you
can bring yourself to that magic
point. Are you ready?
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I am asked the what and
where of the Akashic Records.
What do the records consist
of, what is the process of get-
ting there and who is
in charge of letting you
in? The Akashic Re-
cords are in the Collec-
tive Consciousness. The
contents are the same,
but it is organized, like
a library.
The Collective Con-
sciousness of all human
beings of Earth -- that would be
all the thinking done by the hu-
man beings of the Planet stored
in a field (let us say of thought
particles) used by anyone and all
of human kind. This Collective
Consciousness of all on Earth
since Earth's beginning, floats in
a sea of used thought particles
permeating the Planet Earth as
thoughts or thinking -- a living
history of all mankind you can
say. It surrounds and permeates
the Earth like a vast vague field
of thoughts.
What is called the Collective
Consciousness of the human
being is the psychic state, or
non-matter state. This state re-
flects as non-material, however,
it has bearing on what we call
our material life. When transfer-
ring from one state to the next
-- from non-material to mater-
ial -- we influence the material
state psychically. This explains
how one can be psychic in abil-
ity and, as consequence, affect
and change a material state.
Each individual has created
their history which automatic-
ally lies in the Collec-
tive Consciousness
w a i t i n g t o b e a c -
cessed. Karma is the
natural formula that
determines the es-
sence and meaning of
information from the
Collective Conscious-
You can erase neg-
ative karma from the
Collective Consciousness by
substituting truth for what has
been recorded as negative kar-
ma. This must be done through
the heart and not just the brain
to be effective.
Akashic Records
There is a teaching that all one
thinks, does and portends with
one's way of expressing the self,
is somehow recorded and pre-
served in the ethers of the Planet
Earth. This history of the person's
totality is commonly called "The
Akashic Records." The Records
have meaning in the context
of explaining the connection
between mankind and the so-
called Inner World.
By describing the relation-
ship to each one (Inner and Out-
er World), one can accept their
material self and their psychic
self. The Akashic aspect of man
is psychic, yet there is a correla-
tion when one understands the
thinking of the psychic state has
an effect on the material state.
Akashic Records, Karma and
the Collective Consciousness
by Joseph Costa, PhD
hall of Records and Doors
Yo u a c c e s s t h e A k a s h i c
Records through the Hall of
Records and Doors by under-
standing that you are these two
things -- a material thinking be-
ing and a non-material inner
being. Access is through a pro-
cess that divides those two fields
and permits the person to enter
directly to that which is called
the psychic field.
Most methods of access are
through a numbered sequence
such as 1 to 15 for what is re-
ferred to as the 15
Step and /or
other similar number processes
depending on the depth needed
to attain the type or kind of an-
swers required. The numbered
sequence is used because the
material person is already pre-
conditioned to accept pacing
through a numbered system that
has value -- an important ingre-
dient to have an organization to
attain levels desired.
We can be our own gate-
keeper. In self-hypnosis, it is the
self. In guided hypnosis, it is the
guide. It is important the indi-
vidual determine that they have
the guide (or Angel) they would
most desire and avoid guides
who are not wanted. One can
go to the inner and receive truth,
or one can go to the inner, be
fooled and receive untruth.
Dr. Costa is the CEO for the World
healer Institute, a501(c)(3) non-prof-
it since 2007 and the founder of the
Institute of Thought since 1980. For
more information, call (858) 467-6974
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