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Q: I am watching and listen-
ing to the troubling events going
on in Japan, Libya, the United
States and elsewhere around
the world, and I just can't make
any sense of it. What is going on
and how can I resolve the con-
flicts in my own life that seem
to be reflected in these global
Jason, Irvine, CA
A: Ernest Holmes, in the Sci-
ence of Mind, states: "The objec-
tive form to which we give our
attention is created from the very
attention which we give to it. The
objective is but the reflection of
the subjective state of thought."
SOM pg. 412.
What this means is that our
minds are always creating with
thought and what we see outside
of us is a reflection of what we
are thinking. The key to the reso-
lution of conflicts outside of us
is to begin thinking new and dif-
ferent thoughts and to practice
affirmative prayer.
When we recognize the pow-
er of the mind and use that con-
sistently with feeling, the world
of effects begins to change, as
well. We are on the precipice
of dramatic global and personal
transformation and our opportu-
nity is to be the change agents
creating a world that works for
everyone, one powerful thought
at a time.
You are powerful beyond
measure and your faith can heal
whatever calls for healing, as
you believe. Love is the answer
and your are Its messenger.
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By Audrey Hope
Audrey hope is a spiritual counselor and host/producer of REAL WOMEN,
an international award-winning talk show dedicated to life-altering perspectives.
Visit: her CD, The high Voltage hope system, is
now available on
With the patience of saints, we have been waiting,
With the responsibility of kings, we prepare,
With the wisdom of masters, we know...
Not coming, not tomorrow, but now,
And what about love?
Like the powerful planetary settings,
Our heartchange
Cannot be ordinary -- but potent,
Not shallow, but deep,
For the times require it.
A "together shield" is a necessity for the work to be done!
And spiritual partnership is our dragon,
Two equal pillars, looking up to god,
as iron triangle to elevate the planet.
And if you are wondering, will I meet him/her?
Soulmates save the world,
Your lovedream helps the cause.
And traveling in love, is our new defense.
And so it must be!
Follow now the laws of twin flame love.
1. Make a decision to have the highest
2. Connect to source in all things
3. Become the person you desire to be with
4. Know it is time
5. And say this simple prayer with all your heart:
Dear God, I call to the love angels, archangels, master
and guides -- I am now ready to join with my spiritual
partner to help in the mission to enlighten the planet at
this auspicious time of change. Bless this union for us
and the world. Amen.
And it is done.