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being on earth through the tell-
ing of the life story of futur-
ist and visionary Barbara Marx
Hubbard. We are each inventing
ourselves, and in doing so, are
doing the exact same thing that
she did, both individually and
The average person can have
an impact on the entire planet.
Moving together in the same
direction can have an infinitely
stronger impact. Amidst wonder-
ing, predictions and speculation
of the year 2012 phenomena,
there are many who have en-
gaged in negative speculation.
The author invites us to join
him in some envisioning and
planning in order to effect a pos-
itive beginning of the next cycle
of evolution. He wants us to take
advantage of what he deems this
next Divine Intervention, first by
recognizing it, then by taking
affirmative action toward the
betterment of society.
What role do you and I have
in the process of this New World
Age? The author addresses those
questions here and attempts to
provide the answers through
contemplations based on the life
of his remarkable subject.
Published by hay house, this book
is available at your local bookstore or
How Trees, Women, and Tree
People Can Save the Planet
By Jean Shinoda Bolen
Drawing from the traditional
wisdom around the world, such
as Buddha, John Muir, Jung and
the Tao, this book covers the sub-
ject of trees, from their anatomy
and physiology to their role as
archetypal and sacred symbols.
Author Jean Bolen is a psy-
chiatrist, Jungian analyst and
internationally-known author
and speaker, who was inspired
about this subject on the day her
Monterey pine was cut down.
While she was not there to see
it happen, if she had been, she
would have organized a demon-
stration to save it. In the after-
math of the event, Bolen found
that there was a world of differ-
ence between "tree people" and
"not-tree people."
The author believes that we
have a reciprocal relationship
with trees; rainforests have been
called the lungs of the planet.
Herein we find a series of views
on the subject of trees, from
many different perspectives,
from archeological to mystical,
from an ecosystem standpoint to
the destruction of trees because
of corporate greed and profit.
While many trees are cut
down to make paper, which is
the usual way a tree can become
a book, the author's tree lives on
through the words and spirit in
this tome.
Published by Red Wheel.Weiser.
Conari, this book is available at your
local bookstore or at www.redwheel
spectrum, with a bit of smooth
jazz flavor on some tracks.
"Sonic Venue" is the much-
anticipated follow up to Mi-
chael's critically acclaimed
"Neurasenia" CD, which has re-
ceived widespread radio airplay.
I have said this before when re-
viewing his previous album and
I have to reiterate that one of the
most outstanding aspects of his
music is incredible tone he gets
out of his guitars.
There are many talented and
highly-skilled guitarists in the
music world, but few can com-
pare to Michael for the rich-
ness, clarity, and articulation of
his sound on both acoustic and
electric. "Masterful" is not too
superlative a word to use.
Like his last album, this one
mixes laid-back tunes with
slightly more rhythmic romps,
and features some of the same
musical cohorts who accompa-
nied him before on bass, per-
cussion, and a variety of other
stringed instruments. I was really
looking forward to the release
of this CD and am certainly not
disappointed. Can't wait to hear
what's next!
Eye Rising
It's not that often in today's
fast-changing world that we hear
music created on an instrument
whose lineage goes back 40,000
years. But the didjeridoo, which
is a hollowed out wooden wind
instrument, traces back to the
Aboriginal Australians and has
remained relatively unchanged
since that time.
Bringing this exotic sound
into a context that blends ancient
Music is the medicine
between the spiritual and
the sensual life.
-- Ludwig van Beethoven
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and modern is sound healer/
musician Paradiso Turturici who
combines it with synthesizers,
Shamanic percussion, and the
exquisite ethereal chanting and
Tibetan and crystal singing bowl
accompaniment of his partner
and "soul-mate" Rasamayi.
This latest release, which is
subtitled "A Journey Through
Ascending Realms" has been
created from a space of deep
intention to assist the listener
experience accelerated with
evolution and healing on all
levels and is perfect for medita-
tion, massage and other healing
practices. In Paradiso's words, "I
believe music can heal the mind,
body and spirit and liberate us.
My vision is to inspire all of us
to rediscover oneness with each
other, our environment, and all
of creation through music."
This is deep, powerful, and
soulful, music, which is simulta-
neously primal and otherworldly
that resonates with the listener
on levels they may not even be
aware of consciously. In fact,
the sound of the didjeridoo has
been said to help facilitate alpha
and theta states of brain activ-
ity, which are associated with
deep relaxation and meditation.
While the roots of this music
stretch back to antiquity, "Third
Eye Rising" is truly a soundtrack
for the Age of Aquarius.
Michael Diamond is a music pro-
ducer, recording artist, and music
journalist in the San Francisco bay
area with over 30 years of experience
writing for nationally-published
magazines and more recently world-
wide on the internet. he currently has
five CD's including two with new age
music pioneer Steven halpern. For
additional reviews of CD's, DVD's, and
more, visit: www.michaeldiamond