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either side, the designs where
the cement has cracked, the
dandelions that poke their heads
up through them, the sounds of
not only singing birds but vehi-
cles driving by even if you find it
unpleasant. The anchoring touch
of a mother when we feel un-
moored, the signature scent of
the neck of a lover.
Look closely at all people
and things, arrangements and as-
sociations, alliances and agree-
ments... while keeping in mind
that people and things, interac-
tions and relationships are never
solely as they appear.
Notice and explore how
friends and spouse look, dress,
and carry themselves one hour
to the next, the communicative
furrowing of a brow and telltale
flushing of the skin, the slow
changes that come with age
and the form and gestures of
beauty that are ageless. Notice
how they act and respond, what
contributes to their pleasure
and fulfillment or increases their
dissatisfaction, when their spir-
its are either neglected or fed,
when they are keeping some-
thing to themselves as well as
what they may be trying to tell
What do their body post-
ures communicate, and do they
tell a different story than the per-
son's facial expressions? Based
on their clothes, hair and pos-
ture, what do they want us to
think about them, and what do
they think about themselves?
Are their energies focused in-
ward uncertainly, or do they
project their energies? If they
are projecting their energy and
will, what is it that they are try-
ing to effect, direct, change or
create? Try to identify the source
of fear in the room and in each
person you relate to, as well as
the sources of giftings and love.
Notice what is hard about
every worthwhile relationship,
and deliberately get stronger
from it. Notice what takes skill,
and learn from it. Notice the ben-
efits of commitments, and con-
sciously commit to the healthful
and helpful, whole and right.
Notice what makes you feel
either comfortable or uncom-
fortable in your relationships,
while keeping in mind the ways
in which comfort can sometimes
be the greater disadvantage.
Notice the effect you have
on the people you are in rela-
tionship with. What impact does
your attitude or example, your
attention or neglect, your ideas
and acts have on the people
you come into contact with, are
they better informed, affirmed,
inspired or enabled? How are
the ways that you live and act
impacting your many various
relationships, in the moment
and after the fact?
Which friends, lovers, ideas,
conversations, activities, types
of entertainment, or personal
habits seem to obstruct your in-
tentions, lessening or preventing
the desired results? Which en-
able or further your intentions,
and how?
Notice not just what it is
about the people in your life that
disturbs you, but also that which
pleasures or calms, inspires ac-
tion, stirs the heart or soothes
the spirit.
At the end of each day, try
to remember the details of ev-
erything that happened in your
process of relating, and write
the details down in an aware-
ness journal. Record not only
what you noticed, but how you
responded... and what effects or
results you inevitably brought
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