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By Jenny T. Liu, M.A.
Defining Love
Love is a source of energy.
There are many ways to express
how much you care and every-
one has their own language of
love. Love can be expressed
with encouraging words, physi-
cal affection, appreciation, ma-
terial gifts, compromise, and of
course, with attention and care.
Languages of love are estab-
lished in your subconscious dur-
ing childhood. People are raised
to love in different ways. Con-
sequently, you and your partner
may express love differently.
When love is expressed but
not recognized as loving, you
end up with unfulfilled part-
ners. This can develop into re-
sentment and a prolonged sense
of loneliness, which can make
the unfulfilled person vulnerable
to starting a relationship with a
third party who has a similar
language of love.
Many couples do not realize
it is this difference in express-
ing love that creates a gap in
their relationship. Instead, they
think they are just growing apart
or do not love each other any-
more. The consensus tells us that
many people feel unloved, un-
der appreciated, lonely, misun-
derstood, unsupported, lost, or
drained in their relationships.
Before victimizing yourself as
one of these, take the time and
make the effort to understand
how to translate your partner's
language of love -- especially if
you find it differs from your own.
You and your partner need to
communicate about how you
were loved in your childhood
and what it means for you to
love someone. For some, love
is being open, honest, and di-
rect, which sometimes means
blunt, candid, and often ampli-
fied expressions of various levels
of happiness or displeasure. For
some, love is being obedient and
letting your partner be in charge.
And yet for others, love is to dote
upon their partner with physical
affections and gifts.
Once you understand each
other's language of love, it re-
quires self-cultivation and grace
to know how to embrace love
expression that is different from
your own. When you can do this,
you will either find out just how
very loved you are, or where
there is lack.
Grand Master Chi-Jen Liu's
Chi Art shows a pair of love birds
that have merged and become
one. In doing so, their united
bodies are able to carry the lo-
tus, the flower of enlightenment.
When you really love someone,
you and that person are no lon-
ger separate. Their joy is your
joy, the love they feel is the love
you feel, the love they receive is
the love you receive.
A powerful element to add to
the bedroom is positive images
that enhance your love bond.
The Chi Art shown above is a
powerful image of a deep bond
Grand Master Chi-Jen Liu's Chi Art,
"Lover Phoenix Carries Lotus of Enlightenment"
between husband and wife. This
visual meditation inspires you
to imagine you and your spouse
as one. Like the abundant forest,
stable mountains, and sailboats
in the painting, your love will
grow, be a fortress of strength,
and enjoy smooth sailing.
With understanding it is
natural to become one as you
sleep together and breathe
each other's breath, realizing
a merging of your minds, souls,
and bodies, and experiencing
the power of true, enlightened
Jenny Liu holds a bachelors' De-
gree in Environmental Design from
UC berkeley and a Masters Degree
in Architecture from UCLA. She is
an expert in the 8,000-year-old Chi-
nese philosophy of Feng Shui who
shares her knowledge through sem-
inars, workshops, periodicals and
the Internet. Awarded for her Mas-
ter's Thesis on Feng Shui, Ms. Liu is
a fourth-generation practitioner with
her own consulting firm. For info,
please visit: or call
(626) 272-4901.
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