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probiotics as well as cultured
and fermented foods like coco-
nut water kefir, while reducing
sugar intake. This will lead to en-
hanced immunity as the benefi-
cial bacteria in your body work
as part of the immune system.
6. Astragalus. This herb has
been used in Traditional Chinese
medicine for thousands of years.
Astragalus has antioxidants that
protects the cell against damage
caused by free radicals, and is
used to protect and support the
body's immune system, includ-
ing improving the power of the
lungs. Some astragalus samples
contain TA-65, the most power-
ful anti-aging compound ever
7. Goji berries (lycium). Used
in traditional Chinese medicine
for over 5,000 years, goji ber-
ries are regarded as a longevity,
strength-building, and potency
food of the highest order.
This superfood contains 18
kinds of amino acids, all 8 essen-
tial amino acids, up to 21 trace
minerals, high amounts of anti-
oxidants, iron, polysaccharides, B
and E vitamins, and many other
nutrients. They are very high in
antioxidants, especially eyesight-
improving zeaxanthin. Goji ber-
ries have always been associated
with longevity and beauty.
8. Cacao (Raw Chocolate).
The seed/nut of a fruit of an Ama-
zonian tree, cacao is the highest
antioxidant food on the planet,
the #1 source of magnesium,
iron, chromium, manganese and
is also extremely high in PEA.
Cacao's theobromine adds car-
diovascular support.
Raw chocolate balances the
brain chemistry, builds strong
bones, is a natural aphrodisiac,
and elevates your mood and en-
ergy by increasing serotonin and
other positive brain chemicals.
Women have long known that
chocolate makes them feel good.
We can give our operating sys-
tem an upgrade with raw choco-
late to maximize goodness and
at the same time eliminate infer-
ior processed roasted chocolate
products altogether.
9. Aloe Vera. The gel of raw
aloe vera contains vitamins A, C,
and E, the minerals sulfur, calci-
um, magnesium, zinc, selenium,
and chromium, as well as anti-
oxidants, fiber, amino acids, en-
zymes, sterols, lignans, and most
importantly, polysaccharides.
The polysaccharides in aloe vera
have a particular lubricating
effect on the joints, brain, ner-
vous system and the skin. They
also have immuno-modulating
effects, allowing the body to
fight back chronic viral, nano-
bacterial and fungal infections.
Aloe vera is a crucial part of
any weight loss and fitness pro-
gram as it has been shown that
when you ingest aloe, you can
lose weight and gain lean mus-
cle mass. Aloe vera is a beauty
10. Grounding. Walking bare-
foot on the Earth (grass, sand,
soil, forest floor, etc.) can help
ameliorate the constant irrita-
tion caused by electromagnetic
frequencies (EMFs) and other
types of radiation on our sys-
tems from household applian-
ces, cell phones, computers and
Wi-Fi. By getting outside, bare-
foot, and touching the Earth, we
are allowing the massive nega-
tively-charged electrical field of
the Earth to push off static elec-
tricity fields and positive charge
from our body.
The Earth transfers free elec-
tricity (electrons) from itself to
us. This "grounding effect" gives
us access to one of the most
potent antioxidants we know of
-- the free electrons that accum-
ulate on the surface of the plan-
et. This breakthrough grounding
research has finally been collect-
ed and collated in a new book
called Earthing by Clint Ober.
David "Avocado" Wolfe has been
an advocate of raw and living foods
for 20 years. he is a best-selling au-
thor and world authority on raw foods
and superfoods, and coaches holly-
wood celebrities and business people
on nutrition and wellness. David is the
founder and the leading contributor to
the Internet's only peak performance
and nutrition online magazine, www. he is considered
by his peers as one of the world's lead-
ing authorities in nutrition. For more
information, visit: www.davidwolfe.
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