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Trauma affects our souls deeply.
Joan's Somatic-Experiencing work,
in combination with energy heal-
ing, puts emphasis on a complete
body-mind integration and allows
healing to take place on the deep-
est levels of the soul.
Call now for more information
(858) 273-2240
Joan has studied and practiced
energy healing for 30 years. She
is a Barbara Brennan Healing Sci-
ence Practitioner and taught at the
Barbara Brennan School of Healing
for a period of 2 years. Joan studies
Psychodynamics and Spiritual Psy-
chology at the Ridhwan School
and followed a 10-year Diamond
Heart Teacher Training program.
Joan is certified in Massage Ther-
apy and Craniosacral Therapy. She
is a Core Energetics Practitioner,
graduated in 1998. She taught at
the International Snowlion School
of Healing in France and at Mueller
College in San Diego. Joan currently
teaches at the Lionheart Institute
of Healing.
Practice in Pacific beach, san diego
(5 min. off the I-5)
Joan Luly, CmT, SEP
Healer, Counselor, Teacher
trauma -- allow deep healing to take place
Christian has lifelong experience
as a healer and travels the world
learning new methods to perfect
her unique style. She specializes
in abuse, addiction, mental/physi-
cal health concerns and issues that
seem hopeless. With her natural
intuitive guidance, Christian helps
awaken your inner fire, moving
you toward your highest goals and
Phoenix Energy Healing
Rise from the Ashes and Reach for the Stars"
Using DNA Theta Healing, she
can help unblock/remove the old
patterns experienced from our
current and past lives. With her
knowledge, compassion, and the
positive energy techniques she
has learned from years of study,
Christian can guide you through
your darkest moments to create
the life you desire. This is truly a life
altering experience.
DNA Theta Healing
High Vibrational Energy Healing
Spiritual/ Intuitive Counseling
Phoenix Energy healing
(360) 510-7654
(Practice in los Angeles)
mary hill, RN-CPhN
Reiki Master
Shamanic Healer
I am an intuitive, compassionate
healer who combines Shamanic
Energy Healing, which works with
the Luminous Energy Field and
Reiki. I interweave both modalities
to assist my clients in healing.
Many clients have reported be-
ing in a blissful state while being
able to release negative emotion-
al, physical and spiritual patterns
that hold them back from their
Authentic Self.
During my life-changing trip to
Peru I received many energetic
transmissions, which expanded
my practice and has made me a
more powerful healer.
I have been a RN since 1980 and
have a passion for helping others
heal. I conduct healing sessions in
my home to facilitate the feeling of
Oneness with your Divine Source
Welcome to energy Healing...
I specialize in remote/long dis-
tance healing that has proven to be
very effective.
Please email me or call
for an appointment
(714) 655-7520
Join Us at Bhaktifest 2011 -- September 8-11
Joshua Tree Retreat Center --
Integrated Energy Therapy
A safe and effective method of
cellular release using light touch
acupressure; removing the "issues
from the tissues" permanently.
* Heartlink Compassion Meditation
* Soul's Mission Techniques
* Violet Ray DNA Attunements
* Advanced Level Certificate
* 24 CEU's for Massage Therapists
*sedona, AZ .................may 6-8
*Avon, mn .............. June 24-26
*lake mills, WI .........August 5-7
*Fargo, nd ...........August 19-21
Top 30 IET Instructor
in 2010
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The healing Center of sedona
(928) 300-0359
Student Focused and
heart Centered Teaching
Experience Healing with the Angels...
Integrated Energy Practitioner Certifications
bonny Kraus
Master Instructor