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CA 92780. (714) 573-2540. www., info@
June 22-26 -- Learn Integrat-
ed Energy TherapyŽ in Sedona,
AZ. Learn how to help facilitate
self-healing at the physical,
emotional, mental and spiritual
levels. Learn how to give ses-
sions in person or via distance.
This intensive offers the Basic,
Intermediate, Advanced AND
the Master Instructor Levels. or
(928) 204-5589.
June 24-26 -- Akasha meta-
physical Film Festival, Carmel,
CA. Exciting, inspirational, ex-
otic films. Panels with Holly-
wood insiders. Metaphysical
guest speakers. Fantastic par-
ties. Networking. Music and
dance. Tickets $12. For tickets
or information visit metaphy or akashaenter, or call (831) 620-
J u n e 2 4 - 2 6 -- T h e Ne w
world F.E.S.T. This large-scale,
outdoor festival and exposi-
tion, will kick off summer on
the beach with a celebration of
eco-friendliness and forward-
thinking science and technol-
ogy. The three-day event take
place in Santa Monica, CA, a
city known throughout the
nation for its commitment to
sustainability and the environ-
ment. The event features over
150 exhibitors and six stages
of entertainment. Programs
include live music, innova-
tive demonstrations, lectures
and seminars, panel discus-
sions and symposiums, natural
cooking workshops, product
showcases, and family enter-
tainment. The F.E.S.T. will also
feature an eco-theater screen-
ing environmentally-focused
film, video and documentaries,
a series of sustainable art ex-
hibits, a `spiritual oasis' with
healing techniques, yoga, and
therapeutic massage and futur-
istic technology ranging from
virtual reality to car-planes.
Santa Monica Beach (Parking
Lot #2600), 2600 Barnard Way,
Santa Monica, South of the
Santa Monica Pier (Intersec-
tion of Ocean Park and the
beach). Adult admission is $12;
children 14 and under are $8;
infant and toddlers are free.
For information, please visit or
call (855) 500-FEST (3378).
July 6-9 -- Biodynamic Cran-
iosacral Intro Class: Restor-
ing Resilience in the Nervous
System. Continuing Education
(951) 677-0652, Temecula.
July 20-23 -- Natural Facial
Rejuvenation Level I and II.
Continuing Education avail-
(951) 677-0652, Temecula.
August 12 -- 2013: Unifying
Voices. Beyond 2012! Explore
and Unify the One voice of
humanity! Laser Vortex Dome,
LA, 7-9pm. Venue website:
php. Discover the mystical
connection of Tibet, Egypt and
Guatemala. Why is it impor-
tant for YOU! See Sri & Kira's
new short film at the Laser
Vortex Dome. Surprise guests
& experiences will open your
heart and soul. 100% proceeds
donated to Mayan Children's
projects. Learn more at www.
check out our e-magazine
For Online Advertising,
Call (800) 758-3223
September 8-11 -- Be im-
mersed in essence of love and
devotion at the third annual
Bhakti Fest in Joshua Tree,
California. Enjoy five days of
continuous Kirtan with Krish-
na Das, Deva Premal & Mit-
en, Bhagavan Das, Jai Uttal,
Dave Stinger, Wah!. and many
others. 200+ yoga classes of-
fered by teachers including
Shiva Rea, Saul David Raye,
Bryan Kest Sara Ivanhoe, Seane
Corn, and Duncan Wong. A di-
verse array of inspiring work-
shops and presenters includ-
ing Krishna Das, Radhanath
Swami, Shyam Das, Coleman
Banks, Dr. Christopher Key
Chapple, and Howard Wills. Be in the
September 15-18 -- Tradi-
tions in western herbalism
Conference. Ghost Ranch, NM.
49 classes with 29 teachers. Ex-
citing concerts with Lunar Fire
Tribal, Rising Appalachia and
more. For more information,
visit: traditionsinwesternherb
September 16­18 -- Alche-
my Conference, Long Beach
Convention Center. Alchemy
is all about transformation and
change. We are celebrating
the renaissance of alchemy
at the conference expo with
100+ exhibitors, activities in-
cluding Yoga, alchemical lab,
Golden Pyramid of Peace, live
demonstrations & entertain-
ment. Conference includes 13
keynotes, 20+ breakout ses-
sions, 12+ workshops. Visit us
at www.alchemyconference.
com for more details.