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M A Y / J U N E 2 0 1 1
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/ A W A R E N E S S M A G A Z I N E
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in the Philippines, two are from
Vietnam, one is from Holland
and another monk was born in
Cuba. I wanted to stay at the
abbey for the purpose of mak-
ing it a personal spiritual retreat.
After a long career in real estate,
I needed to spend some time
deciding what to do next.
I knew from past experiences
that many of my best answers
have come to me when I am
away from my usual surround-
ings and after a time of quiet
meditation. Intuitively, I knew
that this was a good place for
me to go and find answers. Dur-
ing my visit, I ate meals in com-
plete silence and hiked on the
130 acres on top of the hills and
vistas that overlook Oceanside.
My time spent alone here in qui-
et contemplation is exactly what
I needed.
After completing our tour of
these unique places, I reaffirmed
my belief that relationships are
enhanced by creating special
moments. These moments re-
mind us why we're together in
the first place.
el Capitan Canyon
Call (805) 685-3887, or
Aliso Creek Inn
(949) 499-2271, or
dockside boat & bed
(800) 436-2574, or
Prince of Peace Abbey
(760) 967-4200, x 248, or
Ann Nelson is a freelance writer
residing in San Diego, CA
We are living in a time of
great transformation. In this vi-
bration of 2012, the earth and all
beings on her are showered with
healing energies from the center
of the galaxy, other planets and
planetary beings. This is an op-
portunity to harness our initiative
and step into the change that im-
pacts all areas of our lives. One
aspect that is affected by these
changes is our relationships.
Are you feeling like you've
been abandoned or need to move
on from a relationship? Perhaps
you have found yourself yearn-
ing for new, harmonious, and
growth instigating friendships,
business alliances, or romantic
partnerships? This is the time to
take those leaps into unknown
There are many souls leaving
the planet at this time due to the
ending of a life contract, or sim-
ply a free-will choice to depart
the intensity while the planet
and its occupants go through
the ascension process. Many
souls may drop out of our lives
because of their unwillingness to
move forward.
If we are on a spiritual path
moving full steam ahead and
others around us are not, there
will often be some kind of sepa-
ration or split. As we kick up
our heels, they get lost in the
dust behind us. But we should
not look back.
As we do our soul work,
clearing out old patterns and
releasing hurts from the past,
we open ourselves to healthier
and unique relationships. We
may finally attract a loyal and
trustworthy friend or an honest
business partner, when in the
past we had experienced be-
The best part is it no longer
needs to be a struggle to heal
like it did in the old energy par-
adigm. With the new paradigm,
all we have to do is allow the
transformative energies to heal
us, riding this magical wave into
our future.
We do need to use the tools
that work for us, whether it is
meditation, energywork, prayer,
or nature, but it is a decision to
release resistance and step into
this new energy.
We can also tune-u p c u r-
rent, happy and balanced rela-
tionships. We might choose to
begin a co-creative partnership,
one where both people fairly
contribute their gifts, mastery,
and desire to be together in an
original way.
The big picture of this is pres-
ently going on in the world as
the feminine and masculine
energies are being balanced,
healed, and for the first time
in history, equally valued. In
romantic relationships, this co-
creative piece is easily seen
when both partners put in the
same amount of time, effort, and
intimacy. Couples are of service
to each other just by sharing in
this way.
It is time to take a chance.
Leave that relationship that is
Relationship Changes
in Transformative Times
by heather Green
causing you undue stress, ten-
sion, and heartache. Join a new
crowd that leaves you feeling
invigorated. Heal those wounds
from this lifetime and others,
so you can have the courage
to upgrade the special ties that
will fulfill and support you as
your life unfolds.
It is as easy as pie, and we
are like children at play with
these shifts. Mother Earth is
role modeling this to us. If we
tune into her energetically, we
can easily do the same for our-
heather Green is an Intuitive
healer for humans, animals, and
nature. She has worked in the heal-
ing Arts for over twelve years, in
the areas of Nursing, Counseling,
and Energy healing. For more in-
formation or to sign up for her free
bi-weekly newsletter discussing plan-
etary changes and the impact on us,
Jenny T. Liu
MA in Architecture
w/Specialization in Feng Shui
(626) 272-4901
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Feng Shui is a Chinese philosophy that
creates living spaces that are conducive
to helping us realize our own potentials.
As daughter and disciple of Master Liu Chi-Jen,
Jenny has first-hand experience in Feng Shui.
Please see her article in this issue.
Wisdom from thousands of years of experience