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It was the best of times, it was
the worst of times. Charles Dick-
ens got it right with the opening
line of A Tale of Two Cities. That
statement applies as much today
as it ever has. With the increasing
prevalence of dangerous health
conditions, grocery stores selling
the worst "food" items in history,
and an environment laden with
toxins and chemicals (even ra-
dioactive fallout), it's a wonder
we've gotten this far.
Yet, the flip side of these chal-
lenges is that now we also have
access to the best living foods,
superfoods, superherbs and sup-
plements available in our plan-
et's history. We are beginning to
unravel the secrets of detoxifi-
cation, herbalism and superfood
In spite of the environmental
and societal toxicity we all face,
we can now enjoy an exception-
al level of health by making im-
proved choices in what we put
into our bodies.
Both my parents were in the
medical field and I grew up in-
side a doctor's office. My mom
always reminded me, "If you
lose your health, you have lost
everything." Because of that
gentle reminder being embed-
ded into my consciousness, I've
literally spent the last 22 years
of my life on the cutting edge of
what's possible via supplements,
herbalism, food, superfoods, and
positive thinking without resort-
ing to addictive chemical drugs
and pharmaceuti-
I have found that
women in particular
have specific health
requirements that
can be addressed
nutritionally. If we
look to the oldest
healing systems in
the world, Ayurveda
and Chinese medi-
cine, there are liter-
ally dozens of su-
perfoods and super-
herbs that have been used for
centuries and withstood the test
of time. There is so much avail-
able and yet we don't need to
know everything. If we focus our
attention on only the top, most
powerful items from time-proven
traditions, we can go a long way
in creating and maintaining our
My top 10 list of natural rem-
edies for women includes some-
thing for everyone. Who does
not know someone close to us,
if not ourselves, who struggles
with one of the following health
challenges: heart disease, can-
cer, obesity, hormone imbalanc-
es, and sleep or mood disorders?
The root causes of illnesses may
be addressed (in part) by a ho-
listic nutrition strategy allowing
the body to correct itself.
Of course it is important for
anyone with a health concern to
get appropriate ad-
vice from a qualified
health professional
wh o c ove r s m e n -
tal and emotional
areas of health. Yet
nutrition must be
addressed. "You are
what you eat" is not
going away any time
soon. We must be
responsible for our
own nutritional well-
here are my cur-
rent top 10 picks for natural
remedies for women. Try them
out and see how they work for
1. medicinal mushrooms.
This is one of my favorite cate-
egories, not just for women,
but for everyone. High in super
immune-enhancing polysac-
charides such as beta glucans,
medicinal mushrooms are one
of the most intelligent adapto-
genic herbs/superfoods on the
Reishi mushroom, the "mush-
room of immortality," is an im-
mune-system nutrient suitable
for nearly anyone to take, even
children. Reishi is the most well-
studied herb in the history of
the world. Reishi has antioxi-
dant properties that protect the
body from radiation and free
radicals. It inhibits bacteria, virus-
es, treats tumors and its adapto-
genic quality protects the body
against stress. It also treats heart
disease and high blood pres-
2. Omega-3 Fatty Acids.
These are especially important
for women because they perform
a number of functions in the
body from balancing hormones
to improving skin and hair.
In general, most diets are de-
ficient in omega-3 fatty acids
and have excessive omega-6
fatty acids. Having an excess
of omega-6 fatty acids and ran-
cid trans-fatty acids, such as are
commonly found in processed
foods, leads to an inflammato-
ry response in the body, which
can develop into a contributing
factor in cardiovascular disease,
immunity challenges and neuro-
logical problems.
The best way to get the right
kind of fatty acids is to consume
foods containing alpha-lino-
lenic acid (ALA) and docosa-
hexanoic acid (DHA). These are
commonly found in foods like
microalgaes, such as chlorel-
la, marine phytoplankton, and
seeds like hempseed, chia and
flax. For non-vegetarians, fish oil
is an excellent source of DHA.
3. b-Vitamins are essential,
especially vitamin b-6, b-9 and
b-12. B vitamins are highly cor-
related with our ability to handle
stress. B-12 gets used up in our
body quickly just by the stresses
and toxicity found in our envi-
ronment on a daily basis. B-12 is
known to deactivate toxic homo-
cysteine found in our blood.
Elevated homocysteine lev-
els correlate directly with our
chances of having a heart attack.
The best form to take is methyl-
cobalamin, which has the added
benefit of contributing a methyl
group that breaks down carci-
nogenic "bad" estrogen in the
system and helps rebalance hor-
mones in women. Vitamin B-6
and B-9 also contribute methyl
groups to our liver, helping to
break down "bad" estrogen.
4. maca. A staple in the Pe-
ruvian Andes for thousands of
years, this adaptogenic super-
food increases energy, endur-
ance, strength and libido. Dried
maca powder contains more than
10% protein, nearly 20 amino
acids, and 7 essential amino
acids. It offers incredible hor-
mone regulation from the top
down, supporting the hypothal-
amus, the pituitary gland, the
thyroid, and the adrenals. Maca
is also rich in B Vitamins.
5. Probiotics. It's very im-
portant that we build and main-
tain a healthy ecosystem in our
body. Donna Gates, the best-
selling author of The Body Ecol-
ogy Diet, advocates consuming
a combination of good-quality
Top 10 Natural Remedies
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