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continue to do more of what is
creating those problems. Left
unobserved, when faced with
trouble, my mind will want to
do more of the Scorpio think-
ing which created the problems
in the first place. Thankfully,
CTypes also provide ready solu-
tions to our problems.
Each CType also has an oppo-
site alternative (Opposite), which
is both opposite and comple-
mentary to its Natural. When a
CType runs into trouble in life
or relationships, the effective
choice for a new strategy to
solve the problem is to move to-
ward its Opposite.
A CType will only move to-
ward his or her Opposite, and
thereby evolve or grow, when
the emotional energy of an ex-
perience is high enough to act
as a catalyst for movement. It is
the emotions, emotional energy,
and an event with high emotion-
al content, which triggers the
move toward the Opposite and
promotes personal growth.
For example, too much Scor-
pio thinking had me near the
breaking point in my relation-
ship with my mother. We had
stopped speaking. The solution?
I had to move my thinking to-
ward my Opposite, Taurus. Al-
though difficult for me, over a
period of nine months of always
moving toward Taurus when
dealing with or thinking about
my mother, we reconciled and
became closer than ever be-
fore. Notice that this reconcili-
ation did not require my mother
to change. It simply required a
change in my thinking. As on the
inside, so on the outside, yes?
When faced with any major
life or relationship problem,
understanding the fundamental
CType principle of moving to our
Opposites is invaluable. While
the move to our Opposites is dif-
ficult for all CTypes, this move
is an always reliable strategy for
holistic growth and solving life's
most difficult relationship prob-
As a CType begins to embrace
change, the move to the oppo-
site alternative becomes easier.
Once an individual understands
his or her own CType and has
practiced the move to its Op-
posite, this practice becomes a
powerful tool for accelerating
personal growth and addressing
relationship issues that can be
solved in no other way.
In healing and deepening
relationships between couples,
with family, or on the job, mov-
ing to the opposite alternative
becomes a unique and power-
ful success strategy that trumps,
in my experience, all others.
If practiced widely, CTypes
might well be a powerful prob-
lem solver for humanity. Used in
conjunction with other personal
and professional growth prac-
tices, CTypes are a powerful
accelerant in healing and im-
proving relationships with the
most important people in our
lives. We must keep in mind that
everything starts with self.
Whatever relationship you
have in the outside world, good
or bad, was created first in your
mind. If you have relationship
problems, you're doing too much
of your CType Natural. The solu-
tion? Become a master of moving
toward your CType Opposite. A
master of CTypes is a master of
relationships. A master of rela-
tionships is a master of life.
After a spiritual experience in
1980, David has been on a spiri-
tual path for 30 years. Much of
his work in the last 20 years has
been in the workplace where his
expertise in Conscious Leader-
ship and Systems Thinking (www. proved valu-
able. Recently he has focused on
taking CTypes and DreamWork
into the world in a meaningful
David has written four books
including CTypes ­ Creating
Intimacy and Deeper Meaning
Between Couples at All Stages
of the Relationship, Dream-
Work Dream Interpretation, The
New Agreements in the Work-
place, and The New Agree-
ments in Healthcare. For eight
years he studied directly with
don Miguel Ruiz, author of the
worldwide bestseller, The Four
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relationships, visit
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