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For over 30 years, Linda, my
better half of 40 years, and I
have been on a quest to learn as
much as possible about the hu-
man experience. We wanted to
know answers to questions such
as, Who are we? and Why are
we here?
We also had a deep commit-
ment to knowing as much as
possible about each other, our-
selves individually, and our re-
lationship. What did it mean to
be in a truly committed relation-
ship in which both people were
growing personally, profession-
ally and spiritually?
Along the way we had the
privilege to study with a num-
ber of master teachers and peo-
ple of wisdom. For eight years
we studied directly with our
now old friend, don Miguel
Ruiz. We learned to relate with
each other using the Four Agree-
ments before don Miguel's The
Four Agreements became a best-
selling book.
We also studied eastern teach-
ings, Native American teachings
and other bodies of wisdom that
have been termed universal spir-
itual principles. It is interesting
that, at the end of the day, the
teachings of all master teachers
is much the same -- universal.
ing in 1987 and for six
years I studied a body of knowl-
edge called Character Types
(CTypes). Linda and I have been
using them every day since.
CTypes describe how we
THINK and create our indi-
vidual realities. Of course,
our thinking drives much
of our behavior. Thinking
in many ways also defines
the quality of our relation-
It's clear that when we
think negative thoughts
about another, our rela-
tionship with that person
will be more distant than
if we think positively about
someone. Because each in-
dividual's reality is created
first in the mind and then in
the outside world, our rela-
tionships, good and not so good,
are a function of our thinking.
But back to CTypes and their
power over our relationships.
CtYPeS -- tHe DNA
Each CType is created in the
individual according to the date,
time, and place of the person's
birth and corresponds to the
signs of the Western Zodiac.
CTypes are not associated with
Astrology in the traditional
sense. However, because we of-
ten talk about the signs of the
Zodiac, the natural tendency is
to think of CTypes as knowl-
edge that came from Astrology.
It didn't.
The body of knowledge we
call CTypes came directly from
Inner Wisdom through the
sleeping dream state in another
body of work we call Dream-
Work. The essence of Dream-
Work is being able to ask Inner
Wisdom questions and receive
answers through a whole new
way of dream interpretation --
which of course came from
Inner Wisdom. Inner Wisdom,
accessed through over 20 years
of intense research of the sleep-
ing dream state and "Dream
Assignments," shared with us
the marvel of CTypes.
CTypes can be thought of as
the DNA of the mind and the en-
gine of evolution of the human
mind. Although CTypes have
been with us since the begin-
ning of time (time being created
only in the human mind), they
are simply a foundational hu-
man principle whose time has
For those of you who are into
Astrology, let me share a couple
of thoughts. Although I am by
no means an expert in Astrol-
ogy, my personal belief is that
there is some type of connection
between CTypes and Astrology.
Human beings are connected to
the planets and stars, which is
the basis of Astrology. Physics
tells us as much.
The fact that the human body
contains a number of elements
essential to life that do not exist
on Earth, is telling. Most of these
essential elements come to Earth
from red giant stars (dying stars)
in a never-ending gentle rain of
The fact that CTypes corre-
spond to the signs of the West-
ern Zodiac is not an accident.
Based upon information we have
received from Inner Wisdom
(DreamWork), I believe the con-
nections between CTypes and
Astrology will begin to emerge
in the near future.
PROjeCtION -- tHe HeARt
CType is, in our experience,
one of the most powerful bod-
ies of knowledge for healing,
enhancing, and deepening rela-
tionships with the most impor-
tant people in our lives. However,
CType is also at the heart of
much of the miscommunica-
tion, frustration, and friction in
stressed or problematic relation-
This occurs when a person
naturally projects his/her own
CType (ways of thinking and re-
lating) onto those with whom he/
she is in relationship. This natural
tendency to project one's CType
on to others is based upon the
faulty assumption that everyone
else thinks like I do. For those
who are unaware of CType, it is
rare indeed when this projection
is not a part of issues in relation-
One of the fundamental prin-
ciples in healing relationships is
becoming aware in real time of
people projecting their CTypes
on to other people, including
you and me. It is probably even
more important that we be aware
of when we are projecting our
own CType on to others, espe-
cially those closest to us.
When a CType runs into trou-
ble in life, it is because he or she
is doing too much of his/her nat-
ural CType thinking. For exam-
ple, as a Scorpio CType, my life
falls apart when I do too much
of my Natural Scorpio thinking.
Linda's life becomes stress-filled
and problematic when she does
too much of her Natural Sagit-
tarius thinking. As with any good
thing, too much usually creates
its own set of problems. Dos-
age determines the difference
between medicine and poison,
The unconscious strategy for
a CType having problems is to
CTypes A Breakthrough in Creating
the Relationships of Your Dreams
by David Dibble
David and Linda Dibble