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Tips on Keeping Mind & Body Young
By Jesse Anson Dawn
Jesse Anson Dawn (accu-
rately photographed at age 67),
author of the national award-
winning book Never "Old,"
plus The Rejuvenator's Bible,
speaks out about a most stir-
ring subject: how to personally
control the unwanted effects of
Presently answering the ques-
tion: "Dear Jesse, can you tell us
more about the amazing effects
of what you call Spirit-Mind-
Dear Readers,
Shielding is an aura-expanding,
protective-energy that I've had
numerous near-death, life-sav-
ing experiences with, which is
why I have made it a central
theme of my new, yet-to-be-
published book -- The new Era
of Consciousness.
Thus to answer the question
above, I will quote from a sec-
tion of that unique book -- a
piece describing what I call a
C.E. (Creational Energy) Test --
a true-to-life account of being
saved from what would have
been a fatal (or very serious)
injury .
But before I quote from that
book, I should emphasize that
although most of this experi-
ence is relayed in my lyrical-
poetry style, it is nevertheless a
totally accurate description of
what happened -- this the Hilo,
Hawaii, Shielding-Energy-Test
that I call --
C.e. teSt 12
Being that it's a Sunday, I
decided to take a day off from
writing and activism, and drive
to my favorite beach -- a sandy
one that is a few miles from my
house. It is a nice sunny day, and
I'm feeling up-to-par in my little
old Pacer car, cruising along
going about 40 miles an hour, a
normal speed for this two-lane,
narrow highway that passes by
a lovely stretch of the East Ha-
waiian coastline.
But suddenly, in front of me,
I see a man sitting at the steer-
ing wheel of a big Ford station
wagon, stopped in the middle
of the road, apparently stalled
And so of course I stepped on
my brake pedal to avoid hitting
that car -- unable to pass it on
the left (due to oncoming traf-
fic) -- and unable to pass it on
the right (because there's a line
of vehicles parked on that side
of the road). But when stepping
on the brake -- it goes all the
way to the floor -- no brakes
-- nOThInG! -- What?! -- a
leak in the brake line? -- but I
can't turn to the left or right (so
I evoke a shield of C.E.-light) --
oh dear lord -- it's a 40-mIlEs-
PER-hOuR -- CRAsh!! -- into
the back of that Ford!!
As again time shifts into
slow motion poetry -- as again
there's that WHOOSH of out-
going energy -- a quick-shIFT-
into-sPIRIT that vitally saves me
-- and so help me C.E. sPIRI-
TuAlITy -- there was not even
a dent on that car I hit -- and
on my Pacer not a scratch on it
-- as the man in the Ford shook
his head in disbelief -- and so
did I with great relief -- and
seeing no injuries on him or
me -- I shook his hand saying
-- "See you in ETERnITy!"
And so back into my car I
went -- totally unscathed by
that accident -- so thankful
that activated C.E. -- had again
successfully saved me -- and to
savor my "luck" I laid down by
the sea -- reflecting on the vast-
ness of shielding energy...
And then it's back to my
house on Oceanview drive --
still wondering (how?) I was still
alive -- as I anxiously typed
on computer keys -- sharing
another "miracle" that flowed
with such ease.
Come the night and it's (Is)
-- my time for Inner sugges-
tions -- evoking my body to
follow directions... And in the
morning I see my Is-renewed
face -- a saving-grace plan that
can't be replaced -- as what I
do and teach is for the WhOlE
human race... So learn it while
you can, one step at a time --
this life-saving energy from the
center of your mind -- pro-
tecting the progression of your
precious possession -- as its
word turned to dEEd -- and
then back to WORd again --
crucially learning ways to TRAn-
As again I survive an urgent
C.E. Test -- exploring new lev-
els of spiritual PROGREss --
this New Frontier too vital to
be missed -- dawning The new
Era of Consciousness...
TRUE Youthman Jesse will answer
any questions (about real rejuvenation
and protection-energy) by emailing
him at
Our quest for nutritious and
delicious meals is never-ending.
When we find that deeply satis-
fying dish, we save the recipe,
or if we've dined out, request a
doggy bag.
For pet owners wishing to
extend the same standard of
nutrition and palatability to en-
hance their pet's overall well-
being, chow time can be a con-
fusing experience. Browse any re-
tail pet food aisle and the choices
are endless, even though most for-
eign pets have never eaten com-
mercially-prepared pet food.
So why do U.S. consumers
believe our beloved compan-
ions must survive solely on a
commercial diet? It is due in
large part to successful market-
ing campaigns by pet food corpo-
rations who have redefined their
products to include ingredients
such as brown rice, seafood,
poultry, grains and vegetables.
Turns out, whole foods are what
our pets require.
It only takes a few simple
steps to bridge the nutritional gap
for your companion. By turning
table scraps into meals, you will
save money, improve your pet's
health, and lower your planetary
Think about the foods you
discard on a weekly basis -- if
you're like most consumers, it's
limp vegetables, hard rolls and
last night's leftovers. Oftentimes,
the food we throw out is con-
sumable -- it's just not up to our
demanding standards. That limp
stalk of celery and stale cereal
may have lost their crunch, but
they are still perfectly edible.
On average, U.S. households
waste 14 percent of their food
purchases, estimating that a fam-
ily of four tosses out $590 per
year in meat, fruits, vegetables,
and grain products -- about 1.28
pounds of daily waste.
There are consequences to our
habit of sending food to landfills,
since rotting foods take years to
decay. Landfill waste generates
methane, a greenhouse gas 23
times as potent as carbon diox-
ide, which traps heat within our
atmosphere. The U.S. Environ-
mental Protection Agency reports
that food found in landfills are a
significant source of methane,
roughly 34 percent of all meth-
ane emissions.
Wet food waste can also be a
threat to groundwater or stream
pollution if there is a storm or
a waste container breaks and
leaks. Moreover, the U.S. Envi-
ronmental Protection Agency has
a program that helps com-panies
convert food discards into com-
mercial animal feed and pet
Your pet will enjoy the variety
of meals and reap the benefits of
a diet free of artificial colors, fla-
vors and preservatives. You ben-
efit by lowering your food bill and
reducing your personal waste.
Deborah Naves is an award-winning
writer living in Southern California.
She formerly developed two pet sup-
plements based on whole foods, herbs,
and nutraceuticals.
Protect Your Pet and Planet
One Scrap at A Time
by Deborah Nave