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by Sonia von Matt Stoddard
How to Use the Secrets
of Personality Type to Create
A Love That Lasts
By Renee Baron
Stop letting your differenc-
es drive you apart. Author and
therapist Renee Baron provides
a new pathway for couples to
navigate their differences by us-
ing the Myers-Briggs Type Indi-
cator, the most widely used and
respected personality assess-
ment tool in the world. Through
learning about their personality
preferences in four key areas,
readers will come to better un-
derstand both themselves and
their partners.
Full of funny little situational
cartoons throughout, the ap-
proach here is to point out that
while other people's way of liv-
ing and acting may be different
from your own, they are not right
or wrong. They are just different.
Many conflicts in relationships
are driven by deeply-ingrained
thoughts and behavior that have
accumulated for quite some
When you think that there is
only one "right way" to act in a
relationship, you are contribut-
ing to the perceived problem
and not part of the solution.
When your partner feels misun-
derstood or controlled, it may
lead to resentment: the exact
opposite of what you want to
Full of quizzes and down-to-
earth advice, this book makes it
fun to recognize the differenc-
es in a relationship and learn
to work with them and appre-
ciate them, instead of trying to
change them, just for the sake
of change.
Published by bear & Company, this
book is available at your local book-
store or at
Enjoying Your Own Deepest
By Sally Kempton
The core of tantric strategy is
to harness and channel all our
energies, including the appar-
ently distracting or obstructive
ones, rather than trying to sup-
press or eliminate them. When
we do that, the energy within
thoughts, emotions and moods
can expand and reveal the
ground that underlies the cre-
ative potential of consciousness
The author is a "teacher's
teacher" who has been practic-
ing and teaching since the early
1970's. A former Swami in one
of the Saraswati orders of India,
Kempton is an acknowledged
master teacher of meditation,
subtle energy and Tantric wis-
dom. She offers practical guid-
ance to lead meditators at all
levels to a deeper level of per-
sonal transformation.
Here, we are introduced to
what the Tantrikas call the cre-
ative potential of Shakti, a femi-
nine aspect of divine reality. It is
the subtle pulsation of creative
potency that permeates all ex-
perience. In our reflective mo-
ments, the sense of Shakti that
we feel can be accessed by sens-
ing the life force that pulses in
the breath. It is quite literally
the power that impels spiritual
This book will help draw your
attention to this "meditation
current" that draws the mind
inward when we meditate,
through many devotional prac-
tices, invocations, examples,
guidance and exercises.
Published by Sounds True, this
book is available at your local book-
store or at
An East-West Journey to
A Spiritually Fulfilling and
Sustainable Marriage
By Vatsala and Ehud Sperling
Do "arranged" marriages work?
Apparently so, when they are
arranged by the bride and groom
The authors Vatsala and Ehud
Sperling chose to share their sto-
ry of love, hope, values, under-
standing and spiritual growth,
showing how a highly-educated
Tamil Bahmin woman decides
to arrange her own marriage
to a Jewish American book pub-
Two worlds, two souls and
two cultures all meet and gently
blend to show how the rituals of
courtship have not disappeared.
The "process" can still work as
long as the entities involved are
committed and willing to work
on success.
The book is a beautifully-
written narrative that includes
excerpts as well as copies of
entire letters that the betrothed
exchanged prior to the couple's
traditional wedding ceremony.
Interwoven into the text of the
here and now, these letters show
the couple's state of mind and
commitment through the process
of courtship.
Offered here is the updated
story of Vatsala and Ehud, show-
ing singles, couples and even
marriage skeptics a rare, honest
and beautiful window into their
modern, interfaith marriage, that
is steeped in culture and that
has also borne the gift of an off-
Published by Inner Traditions, this
book is available at your local book-
store or at
The Legacy of Barbara Marx
Hubbard and the Future of You
By Neale Donald Walsch
By the author of the Conver-
sations with God series, we are
told this is not a biography, but
rather a story of every human
"Dan Millman, a great teacher, shares important rules
to help people everywhere improve their lives, find their
passion, do what they love, and live with inspiration."
A book for our tiMe
also available as an ebook
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