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Whether in our personal in-
teractions or in the workplace,
whether with spouses or our
children, our bosses or our rela-
tives, we all experience difficul-
ties and disappointments in life.
And while some of us have high-
ly developed coping skills, the
stress that results from dealing
with life's pings, the unexpected
variables, impact more than just
our jobs and personal relation-
ships; the stress they cause can
impact our health.
Poorly managed, pings can
knock us off course, sometimes
causing anxiety, depression, and
even physical ailments. Well
managed, they become nothing
more than bumps in the road
that may cause us to detour to a
better path.
Have you ever watched a
movie that left you with a sense
of empowerment as you walked
out of the theater? One that had
you cheering the protagonist
for beating seemingly impossi-
ble odds? Most likely you have.
Moving. Inspiring. Empowering.
These movies resonate with us
because we like to see people
triumph. We truly want others
to beat the odds, whether it is
in love, sports, business, war, or
life in general.
We want happy endings. Of
course, on the road from youth
to adulthood, we learn that not
everything ends happily-ever-
after. We come to realize that
while we can overcome the
dragons, poisoned apples,
and evil stepmothers... we
still may not end up with a bal-
anced life. Life, and its pings,
teaches us that.
But what life does not neces-
sarily teach us is the skill to deal
with the setbacks we face, and
pings are powerful forces
that interrupt our health and
wellness plans. Some pings may
be annoying ripples that cause
you to look at new routes to
achieve your goals, while some
may be high seas that are cat-
astrophic, making
you hang on for dear
You never know
when pings are go-
ing to hit; you need
to learn to recog-
nize them so you
can control just how
much effect they will
have on your life and
whether that impact
will be positive or
What is important to remem-
ber is that pings -- while they
can be seemingly devastating at
the time -- can actually end up
benefitting us. It is how pings
are perceived and received and
then handled that makes all the
Consider the XY Factor:
X = The variables in life
Y = You, the constant
You are the Y (and the "why")
in every situation, and if you
have a strong belief system, a
strong emotional core, you will
be able to overcome any ob-
stacle, any variable that comes
into your life. Your belief system
equips you with the creative
ability to confront and deal with
the problems that arise.
It will arm you with the re-
sourcefulness to face any situ-
ation -- no matter how dire
-- and, if necessary, chart a new
direction for the future. It will
also inspire you. It will be the
fire in your belly that will allow
you to believe in the seemingly
It will be the energy that will
propel you through fears and
doubts. Be the constant. Be the
Y -- and the "why" -- at all
times and you will find that no
X can stop you. Make the con-
scious choice to not let the pings
rule you.
There is no way to de-ping
your life; however, there are
ways to utilize the pings to your
advantage or to get past them
when they stop you. To gain
power over the pings:
1. Remain resilient. Be-
lieve in your ability
to deal with what-
ever comes your way.
You may have to ad-
just in order to han-
dle a given situation
or circ u m s t a n c e ,
and you will need
to consider what you
need to do next. If,
however, you be-
come a reaction to
the PING, you will
lose your power to
focus and continue.
2. use your lifelines. These
are exactly the times when you
need others to support you.
Reach out to those you trust and
ask them for what you need.
3. Exercise your internal or
personal power. Power is "the
ability to act or produce an ef-
fect." Your ability to overcome
obstacles is directly related to
the power of your imagination
and the strength of your belief
system. How you control your
life in tense or stressful situa-
tions, and how you intensify
that potential within you, will
determine your success in han-
dling setbacks.
Conversely, powerlessness
comes from the feeling or be-
lief that you have no control,
no capacity to dig deep inside
for that power to overcome set-
backs. You feel weak and unable
to cope. You can't see the pos-
sibilities or believe in a positive
outcome. If you allow that feel-
ing of powerlessness to master
you, then you will be swallowed
whole and spit out by life. Mas-
ter the pings; do not give them
power over you.
4. stay focused on your in-
tentions. Keep what you desire
to manifest in your life front and
center. You will need to address
head on the pings that are pro-
viding you with the reasons, ex-
planations, and excuses for not
taking the actions needed for
you to be in a life you love.
5. be willing to make things
happen for yourself. Be wise
enough to welcome change, take
another approach, create new
opportunities, and talk to people
who will help you through the
problem. And, when you need
to, take an SPD. What is an SPD?
It's a Special Person Day. It can
be your way of acknowledging
that you are getting pinged.
Allow yourself time to get
angry or sad about it, and then
move on. That is the really im-
portant part to understand here
-- move on. Without extenuat-
ing circumstances, you only get
24-hours for your SPD. Any more
than that and you will become
one of those people who most
likely gets on your nerves!
These variables in life, these
pings, do exist and will con-
tinually challenge you. Having
a strong core, a strong belief
system, can help you overcome
them, and help you gain con-
trol over them. Use your imagi-
nation to get through the set-
backs. Do not hand your power
over to someone or something
else. Do not wallow in the mis-
fortunes. The minute you do,
you lose. Stay focused on your
intentions, walking with the
knowledge that you will handle
any setback that comes your
Bring real power into your
everyday life by refusing to be a
victim of life's circumstances. If
you can say, "I have the power
to handle anything and every-
thing that gets in my way of
reaching my best intention," you
will be one step closer to man-
aging the pings you face in life
so you can live it by your de-
Kristin Andress is the CEO of Kris-
tin Andress International, a Solana
beach, CA-based firm that enables
people to actively participate in cre-
ating what they want in their life,
lifestyle and mindset (www.Kristin She takes
ideas, intentions or issues, explodes
them into possibilities and equips
clients to manage life's pings as they
access the life they design. Kristin is
also the co-author of the best-selling
book Imagine being In a life you love
Power Over Life's Pings
Mastering Adversity = Mastery of Life
by Kristin Andress
(800) 758-3223