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Affordable Holistic Dental Clinic in Mexico
Cleaning & Panoramic
replacement with Bio
Compatible Composites
The American Bio-Dental Cen-
ter follows "The Huggins Protocol"
for dental revisions and detoxifi-
* Quality, safe dentistry at a
fraction of the cost
* Safe Silver (Mercury) Fillings
* Bio-compatible Dental Materials
* Environmentally friendly office
at the five-star Grand Hotel
Five minute cab drive from
the border
I spent a fortune with another holis-
tic dentist in the US before discovering
the American Bio-Dental Center. They
did an excellent job at a fraction of the
cost! I am so pleased to have found
a biological dentistry clinic with the
advanced training from Dr. Huggins
to refer my clients to."
-- Joyce Johnson, PhD,
Nutritionist, Author, Talk ShoW Host
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1 (877) 231-5701
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Transforming my life has been
a passion of mine for the past 20
years. Shamanic training awakened
my authentic self and inner healer
like no other training I've experi-
enced. The world of Shamanism
helped me see my truth. It taught
me to trust myself, and release
fears that held me back.
Isabella stoloff, mFA
Shaman-Teacher-Spiritual Guide
Holding space with my clients
and watching them grow is a true
gift. I am in awe that spirit has
chosen me.
Isabella is a graduate of the Heal-
ing the Light Body school and a
Reiki Master. She has her Master of
Fine Arts in Performance and is the
Director of The OC Healing Center
in Fullerton.
Change your Thinking,
Change your Life!
Call (714) 603-8624
Check Isabella's website and see a short
video on what a healing looks like!
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Call today to find out about Isabella's life-changing
healings and upcoming events!
The health of your mouth affects the health of your entire body...
Let us help you bring your
mouth to optimum health and
beauty through non-surgical
laser gum therapy and metal-free
We are a small private office
with emphasis on comfort, per-
sonal attention, and restoring
the natural beauty of your teeth.
We practice conservative re-
placement of mercury containing
fillings, keeping the maximum
amount of your natural teeth
in tact and strengthening them
with biocompatible materials.
Your visit to the dentist does
not need to be a stressful one.
Please ask us about our extensive
comfort menu to make sure your
visit is as stress-free as possible.
We offer digital X-rays which uses
90% less radiation.
We now have VELscope, a safe
bluelight oral cancer screening
system, the latest in technology in
detecting abnormalities before they
become something of concern.
Jeffry S. Kerbs, D.D.S.
Loma Linda
University Graduate 1983
240 S. Hickory, Suite 207
Escondido, CA 92025
(760) 746-3663
The art
As well as:
Lymphatic Stimulation
Digestive Release
Colon Hygiene
Yoga, Meditation, Spiritual
Healing, Energy Work,
Breath work
Nutrition and Vegetarian
Cooking Classes
Mineral Bath Passes
We Care Spa has been teaching
nutrition and the principals of how
to nurture a healthy life style for
over 19 years.
All this and more to help you feel
vibrant and Healthy!
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(800) 888-2523 (760) 251-2261
Limited Accommodations
bOdy & mInd
All natural Liquid fasting Pro-
gram, consisting of organic
raw vegetable juices, soups,
herbal teas, water and lemon
and products such as spirulina,
chlorella wheat grass, barley,
psyllium and minerals...
J U I C E F A S T I N G &
We Care Holistic Health Spa and Fasting Retreat
(Since 1986)