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We Are All in A Relationship
By Mystic Trish
I think that sometimes we for-
get we are in relationship to ev-
erything on this planet. We need
to look to the Archetypes as a
way to understand and a way to
explain what is happening to us
The relationship we are hav-
ing with the world is in a state
of chaos and turmoil. We are
playing out archetypal energy
in our lives both in our personal
relationships and on a global
level. Relationships are mirrors
and sometimes it is hard to hold
your boundary.
It helps to have some under-
standing of the major arche-
types that Carl Jung referred to
as well as some knowledge of
the old Gods and Goddesses and
the way they dance through our
We are all playing out the
dance of the archetypal energy
of the planets. In some areas
entire countries and regions are
playing out that energy. This year
we have the Middle East play-
ing out the story of Passover: the
mighty Pharaoh of Egypt and a
few other countries chose to re-
lease their people from tyranny
and a red sea of political change
is parting the region.
But not all despots are re-
linquishing their thrones. How
many lambs must be sacrificed
for freedom? This would be the
dance of the archetypes of Ar-
ies the God of war in Uranus the
planet of revolution.
We also have the story of
Innana and Ereshkigal and the
story of the loss of worldly pos-
sessions. It is the dance between
Pluto and Capricorn which plays
out in the Great Recession that
started in 2008 and will contin-
ue for many more years.
The Capitalism of big busi-
ness is Capricorn (Innana) and
the financial collapse is Pluto
(Ereshkigal). In my parable the
story has a more satisfying end-
ing than in the original one
where the sisters were antago-
nistic and vengeful. In this one,
they cooperate, and love and
trust one another.
There once was a Woman
who forgot she had a Sister. She
lived a beautiful life with all the
trappings of a Queen (Capri-
corn). The Sister lived in a cave
in the dark woods (Pluto) and
suffered all alone in silence un-
til one day the pain became so
great she screamed out and the
Woman heard her.
The Woman had been out
walking on a lovely day when
a storm overtook her far from
home. The Woman sought pro-
tection from the storm in the
woods and trees began to fall.
She went deeper into the woods
till she stood at the mouth of a
cave. The Woman heard wail-
ing and could see firelight and
a small figure huddled there in
the gloom.
With trepidation from both
the storm howling on the out-
side and the wailing figure inside
the cave she stepped forward,
seeking shelter from the storm
and perhaps to help the wailing
figure, who was clearly in pain.
As the Woman walked toward
the huddled figure by the fire
the Sister turned and they faced
each other. Both were startled
by what they beheld: her own
face staring back at her.
The Woman asked, "Who are
you that you have my face?"
The Sister said, "Give me your
beautiful cloak that it may dry
by the fire. I am your Sister the
one you forgot." And so they sat
facing each other, identical now
that the cloak of beauty was re-
moved. They could sit as equals
and keep each other company as
the storm passed.
Pluto is a great equalizer, it
levels everyone to their founda-
tion. Strips away everything and
in its wake leaves you vulner-
able and humble. That vulner-
ability leaves you open to spirit
and it compels you to reach out
to others.
Right now the world is weath-
ering many storms and we all
need to come together and sup-
port each other even if all we can
do is offer a smile and a prayer.
Remember "Doubt is a pain too
lonely to know faith is his twin
brother." (Khalil Gibran).
On a lighter note we are see-
ing the storm with a certain well-
known actor right now who says
he has Adonis DNA. He certain-
ly seems to be playing out the
Adonis archetype, which would
also be Backus the god of wine
and revelry. He even found two
young ladies to play out the roles
of the Goddesses Venus and
So as we do this dance with
our brothers and sisters, look
around you and see who you are
dancing with. Are you playing
out the part of some mythologi-
cal allegorical personality from
our collective past. If you are,
then who are you really having
a relationship with?
I think that sometimes we
forget we are in relationship to
everything on this planet, seen
and unseen. We need to look to
the Archetypes as an explanation
and a way to understand what is
happening to us here. And re-
member to offer your sister shel-
ter and your brother a hand, after
all we are all children of God/
Tricia howe is a born intuitive who
started psychic training at age 15.
She has over 30 years' experience in
Intuitive Counseling, Crystal healing,
Tarot, Mediumship and Clairvoyance.
Contact her at or
at (949) 493-0705.
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