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massage & Aromatherapy
Relax, Let Go & Enjoy
Life Coaching, ERT & EFT
Solution Focused. Let Go of the past
-- Celebrate now.
30100 Crown Valley, #35D
Laguna Niguel, CA 92677
(949) 218-8788
Nancey C. Savinelli
PhDc, Naturopath,
German Energy medicine:
EDS Screens Sensitivities, Supple-
ments, Meridians, Stop Smoking,
Alcohol Minimization
hormone Saliva Tests:
17 tests. Homeopathics BALANCE.
Don't replace, rejuvenate safely!
Nutritional Counseling:
EAV/EDS & QRA Premier Res. Labs
High quality supplements bring balance.
Detoxification Programs:
Organic Herbal Cleanse
Homeopathic Cleanse
NEw hCG homeopathic
weight Loss Program:
Lose 1 lb. of excess "fat only"
daily & Reset Your Fat Switch!
+ GENE Based.
heavy metal & mineral
Analysis: Minerals rule Enzymes
& Vitamins. Metals destroy
Very Important Test!
Neurological Issues:
Amino Acids and More!
healthy Skin Care:
What you put on your skin Matters!
" Enjoy Total Mind / Body / Spirit Health! "
Dr. Juliet Tien, D.N.Sc.
30 Years Experience
Yeast and parasitic infections
affect female, male, old and young.
Our cost-effective herbal detox,
hormonal Regeneration, and Weight
management Programs will help
you control the overgrowth of
yeast and parasites and improve
your immunity, energy, and men-
tal concentration within the least
possible time.
"I had yeast and parasitic infection
symptoms from head to toe for
years. I have consulted at least 5o
other doctors without results. After
being on Dr. J's program for three
months, my symptoms of allergies,
sinus headaches, Irritated Bowel
Syndrome, PMS, bloating and
depression had all dissipated. I feel
like a new person! "
-- Margie L, Receptionist
Dr. J's
Academy of
Vibrant health
1100 S. Hope St. # 808
Los Angeles, CA 90015
(800) 715-3053
Herbs, Books, Consultation
Lanae Dahl
Holistic Health Practitioner
Lanae has worked in the Holistic
Health field since 1981. She incorpo-
rates a number of well-recognized
techniques and has created a Syn-
ergistic Alchemy of methods which
she calls "quantum Transformation,"
a solution-based technology that
helps to transform outdated infor-
mation in your life.
This work is used with individu-
als, relationships, and business. It
can be used in any area that needs
to be improved.
what do you really want? Bet-
ter Health? Happiness? Passion?
Healthy Relationships? Successful
Career? Anything is possible if you
can imagine it, plus get the support
to get to your goal.
Quantum Coaching
Bodywork/Craniosacral Therapy
Wellness Classes
Health/Wellness Products
Healing Art
Lanae helps her clients to reach
their health/personal/professional/
spiritual goals and their full poten-
tial self.
Call (949) 887-6843
Orange County, CA
Sessions can be done in person
or long distance
Live a life you love!
"Your Soul's first stop in Sedona"
Helping you manifest your joy
and live in your heart.
Your HeartWalk Center
1456 Hwy. 179, Sedona, AZ 86336
(928) 204-5589
Offering Integrated Energy
Therapy (IET) Healing & Training
with Top Master Instructors, Leon
and Phoenix, since 2006.
Healing with the Angels
, the next
level beyond Reiki
gets your `is-
sues out of your tissues.' Training
includes manual, hands-on expe-
rience, certificate, DNA attune-
Ask how you can receive IET
training in your area!
Services at our Sedona location:
FREE 5-min. empowerments daily
IET Healing and Training
Flower of Life Meditation
Aura Photos
Vortex Tours
Angel Readings
Past Life Regressions
Distant healing and readings
Your HeartWalk Center
(928) 204-5589
Your Heartwalk Center in Sedona, Arizona
"The Spa for the Soul"