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Welcome! You are choosing
to read this article, right now,
because deep within, at the core
of your essence, the universal
truths are preparing themselves
to be revealed through you...
As we soar toward the height-
ened connections that are upon
humanity, whether it is cosmi-
cally, spiritually, technological-
ly or beyond, we are all at THE
threshold of divine re-unifica-
This one fact, the momentum
and energy of re-unification, has
become a distorted frequency,
subject to a myriad of interpre-
tations, messages, prophecies,
and confusion. Yet, deep with-
in this thunderous storm, like a
small child crying for attention,
is a unifying voice.
It is the quest for the re-
discovery of this unifying voice
that has propelled us all to this
moment and the dialogue is
brisk and emotions are high.
There is a marked increase in
blog posts, news reports and
"opinion." Does all this chatter
serve us? And if it does, how can
we as beings of core love and
light, know our truth? How can
we discern which energetic fre-
quency to tune into?
What if we simply relaxed
into the spacious recognition
that as we have traveled many
lifetimes on this specific planet,
we have left ourselves markers
along the way? The great texts
that have survived on our planet
all point us to the recognition
that within humanity's exten-
sive journey on Gaia, advanced
wisdom-filled civilizations have
thrived and "mysteriously" per-
ished. Great upswells of knowl-
edge and luminescent presence
have left their markers for us to
discover as we, ourselves, spiri-
tually mature.
If we can allow ourselves to
breathe and accept that our for-
mer incarnations had the pre-
monition of this moment in his-
tory, would it be so far fetched
to recognize that we would have
placed "evidence" of who we
are as a means of reassurance to
those who would
awaken within a
world of great cha-
os and amnesia?
Perhaps with-
in our DNA is the
wake-up code that
automatically ig-
n i t e s wh e n t h e
cosmic alignments
trigger them.
Why has it just
when we discover that Egypt has
set the bar for non-violent revolt
and embracing a paradigm
shift? Why have other countries
with-in the same location been
unable to do the same?
Why has the Dalai Lama sud-
denly requested to be removed
as the political leader of the
Tibetans? Why is the Mayan Cal-
endar suddenly a household
name? And, could these three
energies, (Egypt, Tibet and the
Maya), actually be related?
Deep within the energy of
re-unification is the core mole-
cule of light that is seeded with-
in all beings of love. Through the
millennia of soul expansion on
this particular planet we have
allowed ourselves the freedom
of "Allness" to create and ex-
perience EVERYTHING without
This has led to an extraordi-
nary experience of energy that
could not be planned, could not
be pre-conceived and in its high-
est form, completely supports
free will. Yet, within our experi-
ence without limits, the Allness
became its own experience and
through that energy, we forgot
ourselves... again... and again.
Yes, we literally created our
own "Inception" moment. Is it
any surprise why this theme is
being shared with the public...
right now?
In the middle part of the last
century, China decided that the
Tibetan culture
was in co n flict
with their vision
of the future.
And yet, with
the extreme erad-
ication of this se-
cluded country,
the world became
aware of a spiritu-
al experience that
without the Chi-
nese intervention
may not have ever
spread so freely around the
Without allowing yourself any
judgments of the events that
created the displacement of the
Tibetans, can you see the greater
expansion of energy that was re-
leased because of it?
Similarly, at the same time
pyramids of Egypt were being
activated, and Pharaohs were
creating great civilizations, so
the Mayan Mystics were on the
other side of the "known world,"
creating pyramids, charting the
stars and creating in stone the
significant records that were
necessary to survive thousands
of years into the future.
All of these cultures recog-
nized our connection with the
cosmos and all of them saw the
great need to preserve records
in a form that could be under-
stood by the awake. And, they
also saw a need to "code" their
records to prevent them from
being misinterpreted by those
who were not awake.
As we are all aware, history
unfolded, wars ensued, the Maya
were slaughtered and forced to
convert to Christianity or die.
The ancient Egyptian religions
were discredited and the Tibet-
ans eventually run out of their
The presence of the Mayan
calendar in and of itself is a
miracle. The numerous careful-
ly-crafted codex's that foretold
the great cycles of the ages and
the origins of our birth were
all destroyed at the hands of
well- meaning missionaries: they
sought to keep the heathens out
of hell!
A n d y e t , t h e calendar is
here, the Tibetan book of the
dead is here, the Egyptian Re-
cords have been re-discovered
and there is a PROFOUND
LINK between all three.
What if these are all the same
people... literally?
What if that proof exists and
has been carefully guarded and
preserved for the moment of re-
What if that moment is now?
What does this mean for human-
Living in Guatemala, we are
honored to share sacred time
with the elders who have not
yet revealed themselves to the
world, these links have revealed
themselves. They are power-
ful links to the markers that we
all left for ourselves, and with
these links we discover the truth
We're able to break free from
the loud clamor that is upon
us all. There is a jockeying for
power and attention that is being
woven into the 2012 parade of
information. Perhaps if you left
yourself a message eons ago,
your soul's wisdom is ready to
claim it. Would you know it if
you saw it? Now is a good time
to cultivate the discernment be-
tween truth and sensationalism
for the sake of ratings.
There is a message coming
from the Egyptian people, right
now, that they themselves may
not even be fully aware of, yet
are sending, right on time. There
Unifying Mayan, Egyptian,
and Tibetan Voices
Universal Truths Revealed
(Part One)
Sri Ram Kaa & Kira Raa