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returned, the visions began in
earnest and she was to remem-
ber the words of her medicine
woman aunt -- that she would
"pick up her power" when she
was around age forty-five be-
cause maturation of the mind
happens around this time.
"So when it pulled me out
of the kitchen and picked me
up, I didn't have any choice in
the matter. I didn't do anything
to get picked up like that. I
had no conscious effort in it
at all -- suddenly I was gone
for three or four hours, but it
seemed like fifteen or twenty
minutes. When that happened,
I didn't make the choice, I was
chosen and picked up."
In a passage from the book
Mavis notes, "I had been told
that when the time came I
would pick up my power, but
in fact the power picked me
up. So I don't think the power
is mine. I'm like a conduit and
this spiritual power is some-
what like electricity.
It comes through me when
I need it or it needs to use me,
but it isn't something that I
walk around with all the time.
I think it comes from the spir-
it world when I need it; the
spirit world sends what power
I need at the time."
When asked what she thinks
is happening, she responds,
"We have God and the holy
spirit. I don't think I am talk-
ing to God, but I think the spir-
it of God is coming to me. It
also sounds insane (chuckle).
I think the medicine training
was quite imperative, really.
We would get guidance all the
time, and they (elder medicine
women) would interpret the
visions for you and start teach-
ing you what you are seeing,
so it convinces you that you
are not crazy.
"Like what they say in the
Bible, it's like looking into a
mirror darkly, which later you
shall see face-to-face. So when
you look at your vision, it's
not clear-cut, you have to in-
terpret. Sometimes it will just
scare the hell out of you. At
the same time it is scaring you,
you have to look at it piece-by-
piece, because a lot of times it
is showing you something you
don't want to see."
Mavis has seen many things
that brought a deep sense of
unease because of what was
potentially being foretold in
the vision. When this happens,
she will do what her tribe's
people have done for many
generations, she will ask to
`change the face of it.'
When asked how this oc-
curs, she responds, "You just
talk. You don't get up and say
a ritual prayer. You talk like
you would to anyone and say,
I don't want this to happen in
this way, is there any way you
can change this? Is what you
are showing me really true?
Can it be changed?
That's when we say, can you
change the face of it so it will
look like something different?
Sometimes it works and some-
times it happens like you saw
it." When asked if Mavis thinks
from her experiences that real-
ity can be shaped and changed,
she replies, "I think so."
The deepest sense of con-
cern is raised with visions that
don't show the face of a person
because these are showing it is
someone she is close to. When
Mavis was young, the medicine
women had told her that not
all of her children would live
long. Mavis lived with this pos-
sibility, and indeed two of her
five children have already pre-
ceded her in death.
One year Mavis began to
have visions about three men
being dead in the woods, and
she knew it was a warning that
someone really close to her
could be involved, because
the figures had no faces. The
same vision came repeatedly
for months and she enlisted
her friend Josephine Peters to
pray with her. When she drove
through Orleans she could feel
and see the vision.
Then one day the recur-
ring vision scenario began to
play out in this realm. Her son
Long Gone went into a local
bar when a man came in and
upon seeing him said, `I came
here to shoot Bart Starritt, but
instead I'll shoot you.' He pro-
ceeded to open fire. Both Long
Gone and another man, Den-
nis Donahue, did their best to
dodge the line of gunfire in
their direction, but they were
Fortunately, both men lived.
Long Gone was very lucky,
he survived a bullet behind
Held in the mystical Red Rocks of Sedona, Arizona
Opening Address
Dr. David
Keynote Speaker
Dr. Rocco
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January 21-23, 2011
Fifth and Final Conference
2011 Finding the Gift
in Shift:
Keynote Speaker
Opening Keynote
Heather Clewett
Bert Janssen
Bear Cloud
Dennis Andres
Sunny Dawn
Sarah McLean Ronna Prince
David Sereda
Dr. Patricia
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Tom Zender
Dr. Chet Snow
$275 general seating /$325 preferred
Interactive author/audience panel
Meditation, yoga, music and dance.
International premiere of the independent film Sacred Journey of
the Heart
with producers Ronna Prince and Dr. Donald Backstrom

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