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The Gulf oil spill. . . Global
warming. . . The loss of our rain
forests. Have we lost our way?
Have we sacrificed the Earth
and our connection to her for
convenience and greed? It may
look that way. But it doesn't have
to be so. Over the years my spirit
guide `White Eagle' has helped
us realign our life and values to
Mother Earth.
What follows are four impor-
tant hints to help you and by ex-
tension -- mass consciousness
-- to heal your relationship with
Earth and Nature. As we prepare
for the opportunities of the 2012
shift, we need to act alone and
together to reconnect with Na-
1. It is only about love.
White Eagle, a spirit guide of
the White Brotherhood was once
asked, "How can I help heal the
His channeled answer was
short and sweet. "Your job is not
to heal the Earth. Your job is to
love her and with your love she
can heal herself." (Perhaps this
is good advice for all the people
and things we are tying to fix.)
I learned this lesson of love
in a surprising connection with
a pine tree as I crossed a busy
downtown street. As I waited
for the light to change I noticed
a colossal fir proudly towering
over the intersection. Without
thinking, I looked up and said
aloud, "Wow! You are beauti-
Immediately I felt a physical
shock opening at my heart! In
that moment I knew the tree had
heard me and was acknowledg-
ing my compliment!
It was a clear sensory
communication from
The next week as
I sat on an airplane,
I read a passage in a
book about connect-
ing to devas, or na-
ture spirits of specific
plants. The book sug-
gested to sit in front
of a plant and tune in.
Since there were no
plants on the airplane, I decided
to connect with the downtown
tree, since evidently we were
Whoosh! As soon as I thought
about the tree, I felt it! The spirit
of that tree was a strong pres-
ence in my head. Shocked, I
asked telepathically, "How did
you find me?"
"Because I love you," was the
instant thought reply. What a
marvelously simple idea. It is the
power of love that connects ev-
erything through time and space.
Love is the unifying field.
In my human insecurity, my
next question was, "Why do you
love me?" The tree spirit didn't
respond directly to that ques-
tion; but I understood that love
is simply the essence of things.
When we love something,
our consciousness is connected
to it. There is no such thing as
separate tree-consciousness, or
rock-consciousness, or even me-
consciousness. There is just one
2. Play and interact with nature.
Treat Nature as an ever-pres-
ent intelligent companion. Con-
verse with it. Talk and listen to
its secrets as they pop into your
mind. Ask for what you want.
This summer I was walking in a
Canadian forest where a pair of
bald eagles had a nest.
Since I wrote a book called
"The Eagle and the Condor," I
REALLY wanted an eagle feath-
er. So I said silently, "Please lead
me to a feather I can consider as
a gift." Keeping my eyes watch-
ful in the undergrowth -- I
saw it -- a small but
perfect eagle feather.
Nature does want to
serve us.
In the Andes of
Peru, one of the high-
est mountain peaks
known as Salkantay
-- a name that means
the wild one, the
one who cannot be
tamed -- responded
to a request to help a
group of hikers get to
their camp safely with the tele-
pathic message, "We have wait-
ed to be commanded."
Nature has a sense of humor
too. There once was a story of
some Japanese tourists who trav-
eled to England to try to see some
crop circles. They didn't see any.
But when they returned home,
several crop circles showed up
in Japan!
Years ago I planted a garden
carefully using a pendulum and
muscle testing to choose exactly
what flowers to put where. The
garden said it wanted marigolds.
I responded silently, "I don't like
the smell of marigolds." And I
planted petunias instead.
A month later I returned home
from a trip to find three bright
and healthy marigold plants no
one had planted! Nature wants
to be your friend. Nature loves
the playfulness and joy of our
interactions, and it loves to play
practical jokes.
3. Even a little bit of nature
opens the door to all.
Do you find yourself com-
plaining, "Oh, I never get enough
time out in Nature?" The truth is
you don't have to be surround-
ed by beautiful Nature to have a
meaningful connection.
White Eagle once had our
meditation class do an experi-
ment. Try it yourself. Hold a
plant, open your heart to it and
connect, letting the plant be the
doorway to the vastness of Na-
ture. When I tried it I was skep-
tical because I picked the last
specimen left -- a sad and sickly
cactus -- not at all a picture of
When I opened my heart to
it, I was at once connected to
the entire living matrix of Moth-
er Earth in a most phenomenal
meditation! It didn't matter that
the doorway into such a tran-
scendent space was a small,
nearly dead cactus. Remember
Nature is everywhere! It is in that
vase or flowerpot, the crystal on
your altar or the spider crawling
down the window.
4. Keep following your heart
to Power Places.
As we move toward the open-
ings of 2012 and beyond, it is
vital that each of us follows our
personal call to work with Na-
ture. Are you drawn to do a full
moon drumming circle? Does
your heart tell you to experience
the Amazon or touch the rocks at
Machu Picchu? Do you feel the
call to a nearby lake to meditate
or pray? Just do it!
As we each follow our in-
clinations to connect with sa-
cred places we are reorganizing
Earth's energy and gridlines. We
are helped and so is the Earth
in a mutual exchange. Just show
up with clear intent. You don't
have to know what you are do-
ing or how to do it for something
to happen. It is the intention that
is important.
The Earth is resilient. She is
our partner in everything. Sim-
ply remembering to connect in
gratitude -- not sadness or guilt
-- will help you realize day-to-
day the unbreakable relationship
we have with Nature.
Jonette Crowley is a channel for
White Eagle and Mark and the au-
thor of "The Eagle and the Condor: A
True Story of an Unexpected Mystical
Journey." She leads adventure travel
to spiritual power places and will
be hosting a 3-day conference: The
Gathering Sedona 2011 in Arizona
in March. The theme is: You. Us. The
Earth. There will be international and
Native American speakers as well as
ceremonies at the energy vortex sites.
The conference will be translated into
German. Visit: www.JonetteCrowley.
com or
Connecting With Nature:
Have We Lost Our Touch?
by Jonette Crowley