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/ A W A R E N E S S M A G A Z I N E
J A N U A R Y / F E B R U A R Y 2 0 1 1
path toward our village at Lake
Atitlan, San Antonio Palopo.
This beautiful remote vil-
lage is one of the few remain-
ing authentic Maya towns. The
people still wear traditional
beautifully hand-woven cloth-
ing, and a deeper experience
of true community exists here
in all ways. While our retreat
center is a 20-minute boat ride
from the village, our connection
to the village is strong. We are
the god-parents of several in-
digenous children, assist with
school supplies, employ as many
villagers as possible, and assist
with ongoing education and en-
vironmental projects. This is our
village too!
The next two days were a
blur. Torrential Rain, ominous
thunder, ash, darkness... it was
a surreal mix of awestruck pres-
ence and the recognition that
we ARE IN THE earth changes
of 2012 NOW.
We awoke on the third day to
calm skies and a hint of blue and
sun; our hearts were warmed and
optimism ran high. During our
breakfast we were given the first
of the news that would forever
shift our focus in a large way.
Our beautiful village of San
Antonio Palopo had been struck
by 22 mudslides. At least 15 vil-
lagers were dead with many still
missing. Homes had been liter-
ally carried away and roads into
the village were impassable.
Acting quickly, we started
making calls to those who we
knew in the village. The first one
we reached was Michael, the
father of our Godson. He was
in shock and his voice trembling
as he shared that during the
deluge he and his family sud-
denly felt the need to go visit
his wife's brother. They arrived at
what had been his home within
moments of it having been swept
into a ravine. They discovered
his brother-in-law hanging down
the ravine with his young son in
his arms. Because of their quick
action, they were able to pull
him out prior to his falling using
a rope lying by the ravine.
As they visited more of the
family, they found them already
dead. The mudslide claimed
most of their immediate family,
and all who survived are now
living in his tiny 10ft x10ft
home (about 15 of them).
We next contacted Agapito,
a beautiful man whose family
is 100% supported by TOSA La
Laguna and the TOSA Miracle
Team. His immediate family
was OK, however they had lost
their home and six members of
their extended family were dead
with three more missing. He was
busy helping to dig out as many
bodies as possible and relocat-
ing his family to safer shelter. He
was one of the lucky ones, they
found a house to rent that was
still standing.
Within a 24-hour period, this
sleepy, beautiful village was vir-
tually washed into the lake by
mud, and over 600 people lost
their homes and all belongings.
Most were left with the very lit-
eral clothes on their back, and
nothing more. No food, no mon-
ey, no shelter, no water, all gone
within 24 hours.
You would think that they
would be defeated. You would
think that they would be con-
sumed by their tragedies. And,
while the shock of the 24 hours
was still setting in, what did
come forward was a truly mag-
nificent experience of ascended
community in action.
Together, this village began
digging for their lost loved ones.
Those who had the skills began
creating a makeshift water pipe-
line deep into the lake to pump
water. Boats were driven to near-
by villages to get food so that at
least even one small meal a day
could sustain the victims. Funer-
als were attended by everyone
and together they modeled the
power of love in action.
There was no looting. And
there were no crimes commit-
ted against each other. Food is
not being hoarded, all is being
shared and all are calm as they
move forward with their lives.
These humble people love
the land. These beautiful beings
are not cursing Gaia for sending
the mudslides through their vil-
lage. These light-filled villagers
are caring for each other and the
energy of mine is yours is abun-
dant everywhere.
Through this "tragedy" hu-
manity is being gifted, as a
planet, with a model of true
community; the opportunity to
lift through self-defeating expe-
rience and join together for the
higher good. In this space there
is no room for ego, there is no
room for competition, there is
simply the room to BE.
This sinkhole swallowed up a three-story factory where many young
boys had been working only one hour prior.
One of the 22 mudslide areas in San Antonio Palopo. This was an area
filled with homes prior to the storm.
A mudslide area with rock covering homes that tumbled down the
sides. Rescue efforts to dig out those affected were slow and in this
area there were no survivors.
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