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"There but the grace of god
goes I." A popular phrase often
invoked in recognition that per-
haps your life is really not all
that bad, especially when com-
pared to another! The breath you
are enjoying while reading this
article supports you to enjoy the
experience of living and the gift
of reading this article supports
you to expand through the living
experience. These are two uni-
versal truths that propel us all
through eons of time: the expe-
rience of living in form and the
energy of expanding through it.
To fully understand these
two energies is to also let go
of any and all need to control
them. Your choice of these two
experiences on THIS PLANET,
at THIS MOMENT in time is to
also call forth the greatest gift of
all... your soul's completion of a
mission you consciously started
long ago.
What does this really mean
and why should you care?
Have you noticed that our be-
loved planet is starting to speak
to us in ways she has not done
Has your internal knowing
started to heat up to the point
where you "know" that some-
thing "big" is getting ready to
come forward on our planet?
Does your heart keep calling
you to wake up to a greater re-
Since you are reading this ar-
ticle right now, most likely the
answers to most of those ques-
tions, if not all of them, is yes!
The ignition of the two prima-
ry energies of experience and
expansion, are not limited to
simply the human. This ener-
getic propulsion is fully present
for ALL sentient beings and the
planet herself. This energy is also
the dynamic fuel that sends the
signal throughout the universe
that support and continually re-
ignite our collective missions.
Over the past three years we
have been honored to develop a
beautiful and lasting relationship
with the indigenous Maya of
Guatemala. With each visit and
extended time spent in the high-
lands, we experience expansion
in ways distinctly in contrast to
the linear minded/solution ori-
ented fast pace of technologic-
ally-advanced cultures.
Here we live and expand
through what is naturally brought
forward each day. Sometimes it
is as simple as the choices of
food for the evening meal based
solely upon what was made
available from the field, and on
some days, it is as large as deal-
ing with the immediate
experience and expan-
sion that is thrust upon
an entire village through
a sudden volcanic erup-
tion and tropical storm.
This was our exact ex-
perience during the last
week of May, 2010.
Nothing can ever ful-
ly prepare you for the
immense impact of the
earth changes so many
have predicted. You
cannot mentalize your
way through a large-
scale natural disaster of
biblical proportion. You
cannot make deals with
god in the moment or
hide behind an illusion
that this only happens to
You are Here! You are
Ready! And, if you are
open to fully harnessing
the gift of experience
and expansion, you are
also guided to flow with
all experience as you allow the
greater forces of the universe to
express and lovingly direct you
through the perceived chaos.
We had just left our beloved
Lake Atitlan retreat center and
were on our way to Guatema-
la City to board a plane to the
U.S. the next day. Our intuition
had guided us to stay outside of
the city that evening, and with-
out questioning this, we found a
lovely spot in the beautiful city
of Antigua, (about an hour out-
side of Guatemala City).
The weather was unusually
ominous and there was a stark
air of stillness in the energy of
the area that was not "usual". As
we prepared to make our way
to dinner an urgent text mes-
sage arrived from our friends
in Guatemala City announcing
that the Pacaya Volcano had just
They were on their way to
join us and were also being
met by torrential rain that was
making their journey hazard-
ous. Stunned by the news, we
sat, took in a deep breath and
began to ask others about the
"Yes," the girl at the front desk
shared, "the Pacaya has started
erupting spewing rocks, lava and
a great amount of ash into the
sky. It is covering the city and
this has not happened for many
years. The last time I remember
I was a very young child. I be-
lieve they will close the airport,
and suggest you stay here and
do not try to go to the city any
time soon."
Making sense of what she was
saying, we agreed to stay and
focused our energies upon our
friends as we watched the streets
outside begin to flood in record
time as the sky emitted an eerie
glow from the volcano.
Hours later our friends ap-
peared, tired and strained, yet
safe. They too, were here over-
night and unable to return to
their home just an hour away.
As we sat together and held
presence, the news came in.
A tropical storm named Agatha
was on her way and promised
to be powerful. The airport was
going to be closed down for
many days.
Waking up the next morning
we were greeted by torrential
rains, very dark skies and news
that the volcano had erupted
again overnight, killing many.
There had also been the sudden
appearance of a large sinkhole
in the center of Guatemala City
that had literally swallowed a
three-story building and looked
so perfectly formed one would
think that only Hollywood could
have created it. As if that was not
enough, we were told that the
storm was moving in a direct
A Mayan Encounter with Earth Changes
Surviving Volcanoes, Sink Holes and Storms
by Sri Ram Kaa and Kira Raa