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J A N U A R Y / F E B R U A R Y 2 0 1 1
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/ A W A R E N E S S M A G A Z I N E
J A N U A R Y / F E B R U A R Y 2 0 1 1
By Jenny T. Liu, M.A.
Come the Chinese Lunar New
Year on February 3, 2011, the
stars and planets take on new
positions. They have a different
ability to affect and create cer-
tain natural phenomena all over
the world.
Knowing how to interpret the
Nine Star Charts by understand-
ing the laws of nature through
the I Ching, 5 Element Theory
and the philosophy of feng shui,
we can get a glimpse into how
nations across the world will
fare. Knowing which economic
sectors will go up or down al-
lows you to focus your effort
on attaining positive results and
preparing yourself for prevent-
ing loss.
The following is an over-
view of events that may occur
for 2011 based on the Nine Star
charts applied to the world and
the United States. Please refer to
the maps for the corresponding
regions of each direction. Keep
in mind, just like the U.S. map,
the Nine Star chart can also be
applied to individual countries
and states.
Ambitious high-technolo-
gy and innovative companies
charge to the economic fore-
front, particularly in western re-
gions such as Silicon Valley. This
new, powerful, ever-changing
and competitively-driven mar-
ket is making older generation
businesses obsolete creating an
adverse economic effect on ma-
jor sectors of the work force.
Younger generations schooled
in these advanced technologies
enjoy wealth in this fast-paced
medium. This is especially true
in eastern regions such as Chi-
na where advanced technology,
defense, art, and entertainment
skyrocket. However, many trans-
actions in the east are question-
able. Profiting with short-term
gains, speculative businesses
rise and fall creating an unsta-
ble stock market on both sides
of the globe.
Real estate improves in the
northwest and southwest re-
gions. More people are relocat-
ing to northwest regions such as
the Bay Area, Seattle, Portland,
Denver, and Vancouver bring-
ing economic growth through
real estate sales, tourism, and
special events. Hillside proper-
ties in Los Angeles increase in
value and sales.
Northeast, west, and north-
west regions enjoy movement,
trade, growth, renewal, and
wealth. Public relations, em-
ployment agencies, adult enter-
tainment, auctions, overstock
warehouses, interpreters, fire-
arms, waste disposal, critical
journalism, medical and legal
services are among fields that
thrive in 2011.
There is public outcry at wide-
spread unemployment, govern-
ment corruption, and sex scan-
dals in 2011. In north, south,
southwest, and northwest re-
gions, paperwork, audits and
bad communication bring con-
flict between female leaders and
Leaders need to define a clear
path and proceed with focused
teamwork. In this way, they can
reach realistic goals despite a
slowly recovering economy.
Leaders of eastern regions tend
to create obstacles and stress
that can make them prone to
rash military action.
Police forces suffer as ri-
ots and demonstrations ensue.
These intense times affect the
youth and psychologically dis-
turbed. Violence, suicide, and
hate crimes make headlines. In
particular, northern regions are
troubled by criminals fighting
amongst each other.
2011 can bring compulsive
violent behavior such as shoot-
ings, bomb threats, terrorist ac-
tivities, arson, or air crashes to
public places in the north and
east. Political issues, leadership
problems, and possible revolt or
illegal trafficking, slavery prob-
lems, and prostitution are still
problems in Southeast Asia.
Disgruntled farmers and
burned crops in the rural areas
of eastern regions such as China
lead to higher food and lum-
ber costs. Farmland in southern
regions such as Africa, Texas,
and Louisiana are vulnerable
to disease or infestation that af-
fect crop production and food
Hurricane, typhoons, thun-
der storms and heavy rains or
snow raise water levels causing
landslide, flood, and pollution
in the southeast, northeast, and
north regions. Air crashes, fires,
explosions, volcanoes, eclips-
es, viruses, high temperatures
and earthquakes may occur in
the east, west, and northeast re-
Scholars and masters lead
humanity through obstacles.
Scholars, experts, writers, and
researchers from southeast and
south regions make contributions
that stimulate economic growth.
They distribute viral ideas that
spur hope, optimism, solutions,
and economic progress through
creative use of the media.
The world shifts towards alter-
native solutions. Organic foods,
ancient therapies, herbal medi-
cine, spas, and green businesses
thrive. Masters congregate in the
southeast regions to teach medi-
tation, feng shui, and natural law
in hopes of building awareness
that will help the world prevent
People turn to spirituality to
find strength during these tran-
sitional times, filling churches,
temples, mosques and ashrams.
Yet, there may still be trouble-
makers and cultural or spiritual
misunderstandings in northeast
Female leadership makes a
difference. Women are stronger
and more dominant in northeast
regions, however they tend to
hurt or defeat their male coun-
terparts. In the west, differences
in feminine energies clash.
This brings new voices to the
surface that share perceptions,
methods, and innovations bring-
ing much needed change to the
west. In the northwest, female
leaders work hard as they con-
front government officials with
legal issues.
With knowledge of the global
forecast, you can focus your en-
ergy on worthwhile endeavors
and sidestep negative energies.
Putting your best foot forward
is the best global contribution
you can make towards peace
and raising the positive vibra-
tion of the planet.
Jenny Liu holds a bachelors' De-
gree in Environmental Design from
UC berkeley and a Masters Degree
in Architecture from UCLA. She is
an expert in the 8,000-year-old Chi-
nese philosophy of Feng Shui who
shares her knowledge through sem-
inars, workshops, periodicals and
the Internet. Awarded for her Mas-
ter's Thesis on Feng Shui, Ms. Liu is
a fourth-generation practitioner with
her own consulting firm. For info,
visit: or call (626)
Feng Shui 2011
Global Forecasts
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