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The Fifth Annual Finding the
Gift in Shift Conference is being
held at the Poco Diablo Resort
and Spa in Sedona, AZ, January
21-23. This year's theme is Tran-
scendence: going beyond our
boundaries, limiting beliefs, and
unconscious thoughts to find the
peace that is always within us.
During these turbulent times,
it may feel as if the entire sands
of our existence are shifting be-
neath our feet. It's not always
comfortable, but it is manage-
able. The peace that we truly are
is always available to us no mat-
ter what external circumstances
look like.
Stellar Productions has put to-
gether a line-up of outstanding
metaphysical speakers, teachers,
authors and film makers to give
you the techniques to transcend
transitions and challenges, and
navigate new paradigms and
opportunities. We would like to
extend great gratitude
to our generous spon-
sors, Stone Nation, the
Sanctuary at Sedona
and Awareness Maga-
This year's opening
address will be given
by Sarah McLean. A
recognized expert in
meditation and stress
relief, she will dis-
cuss transcendence
through meditation: ex-
ploring the space within. Tran-
scendence leads to an expanded
awareness in every aspect of life.
Sarah will teach you a profound,
timeless practice that helps you
transcend the experience of
time, space and local reality.
You'll begin to uncover the
ways you depend on transito-
ry experiences to define your
identity. Discover how to shift
your reference point through
transcendence to actualize the
qualities of the unchanging as-
pect that underlies creation and
your soul or self. Learn ways to
infuse these qualities of bliss,
creativity, and wholeness into
your everyday experience.
Gregg Braden's Friday eve-
ning keynote will address Deep
Truth: Igniting the Memory of
Our Origin, History, Destiny and
Fate. He'll reveal four
new discoveries that
forever change the
way we've thought of
ourselves in the past.
It's these truths that
must be considered as
we address the great
crises of our time.
Saturday, the dy-
namic Cynthia James
is our keynote. Rev.
James is admired and
respected for her pas-
sion to empower and transform
people's lives. Her life-changing
ministries at Mile High Church
in Denver have touched and
transformed her congregation
and have gathered diverse peo-
ples to make the world a better
place on a global scale.
A survivor of childhood
abuse, Rev. James has
developed effective
tools that have assist-
ed thousands of indi-
viduals, families and
couples in transcend-
ing and healing from
the wounds of abuse
and trauma in their
lives. She will speak
about what will set
you free in this time
of accelerated living.
Dr. Rocco Errico is
the Sunday keynote speaker.
He is an ordained minister, au-
thor, spiritual counselor, inter-
national lecturer and one of the
nation's leading Biblical scholars.
Dr. Errico is proficient in Ar-
amaic and Hebrew exegesis,
helping thousands of readers and
seminar participants understand
how the Semitic context of cul-
ture, language, idioms, symbol-
ism, mystical style, psychology,
and literary amplification -- the
Seven Keys that unlock the Bible
-- are essential to understanding
this ancient spiritual document.
Dean Taraborelli is founder
of The Sanctuary at Sedona, an
alternative healing retreat center
focusing on addiction and other
self-defeating behaviors. Dean
is dedicated to offering individ-
uals a unique environment to
heal and make sus-
tainable life shifts to
reconnect with their
authentic selves and
soul's journey.
Sp a r k e d by h i s
second near-death
experience, Dean
left a lucrative career
to study the energy
medicine practices
and wisdom teach-
ings of the indigenous
Americans. He was
initiated into the Native Ameri-
can shamanic lineage of the Pe-
ruvian Q'ero in 2003, stepping
into his true vocation as a healer,
wisdom teacher and intuitive.
Dean is discussing how to in-
tegrate, activate and co-create
with new energies coming in.
Other life-changing speakers
include: Rod Bearcloud, Sunny
Dawn Johnston, Paul Perry, Dr.
Raymond Moody, Bert Janssen,
Ronna Prince, Dr. Donald Back-
strom, Dr. Patricia Cota-Robles,
David Sereda, Jane Elizabeth
Smith, Randall Libero, Dr. Chet
Snow and Tom Zender.
A number of pre-conference
workshops will be conducted
on Friday, January 21. New York
Times best-selling author Paul
Perry and Corinne Casazza, au-
thor of Walk Like an Egyptian,
will teach Making Mind Matter:
Automatic Writing. Sunny Dawn
Johnston will lead Healing the
Heart and Moving Forward.
Bert Janssen and Heather
Clewett-Jachowski are offering
Meet the Circle Maker: Unlock-
ing the Deeply Buried Treasure
Within You. Michael James pres-
ents The Irony of Forgiveness,
and Sharon Hooper brings Vi-
sion Mapping Strategies that
Make Your Heart Sing.
For more information on pre-
conference workshops and to
register, visit the Stellar Produc-
tions website.
This year's conference will in-
clude Transcendent Cinema: the
premieres of two new metaphys-
ical films. Sacred Journey of the
Heart premieres Thursday, Janu-
ary 20. Producers Ronna Prince
and Dr. Donald Backstrom will
be on hand to answer ques-
Join New York Times best-
selling author turned film mak-
er Paul Perry and Dr. Raymond
Moody, the father of near-death
experiences (NDEs), on Sat-
urday night from 8-10 for the
premiere of Afterlife. This new
film includes the NDEs of both
men and poignant, moving in-
terviews with those who have
seen the other side. Paul and Dr.
Raymond will speak and answer
your questions.
To learn more about the Gift
in shift conference and to regis-
ter, visit stellarProductionslive.
com. Check out our Facebook
Fan page at
stellarProductions and follow
us on Twitter at
stellarevnts. you can e-mail us
at Karen@stellarProductions or by phone at (928)
282-2450 or (866) 304-8700.
Corinne L. Casazza is a freelance
writer based in Sedona, Arizona. her
latest novel, "Walk Like an Egyptian"
is available from and
Finding the Gift in Shift 2011:
by Corinne L. Casazza
Gregg braden
Sarah McLean