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books on spirituality and Native
themes, weaves a tapestry that
will leave you with a deeper ap-
preciation and understanding of
Indian culture.
Published by New World Library,
this book is available at your local
bookstore or www.newworldlibrary.
Extraordinary True Stories
of Loyalty, Healing, and
By Allen & Linda Anderson
Dogs can teach all of us the
secret to happiness: patience,
unconditional love and com-
passion. This book explores the
compelling interspecies rela-
tionship, specifically between
dogs and women. Broken down
into sections illustrating loyalty,
healing and embracing life, we
are shown how the dynamic de-
velops through true life stories
where these attributes can be
best seen.
Authors Allen and Linda An-
derson are speakers and authors
of a series of twelve popular
books about the spiritual rela-
tionships between people and
animals. This book celebrates
canine-female teams who form
deep relationships that result in
compassion and courageous acts
of love and healing to all with
whom they come in contact.
The authors are able to cap-
ture the spirit of this relation-
ship from the moment a dog is
rescued from the animal shelter
("Do you recognize me?") to the
dog who is once again rescued,
soaking wet, from a rainstorm,
with only a few minor bruises.
It is difficult to capture the
true depth and magnitude of
experiences that are shared,
without actually reading the in-
dividual stories. Dogs and wom-
en bring out the best in each
other, in areas of inner strength,
self-discovery, spiritual growth,
comfort, health and fulfillment.
The synergy that develops in this
relationship is beautifully illus-
trated by this collection of true
Published by New World Library,
this book is available at your local
bookstore or www.newworldlibrary.
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joying popularity in Australia,
where this Irish-born recording
artist has been residing.
Before following an inner
calling to music and healing,
Lia worked as an actress who has
shared the stage and screen with
the likes of Liam Neeson, Cate
Blanchett, and Glenn Close.
This CD, like her various al-
bums, is quite diverse and is
an excellent introduction and
overview of her work. The first
track, "Lullaby of Love" features
her beautiful clear voice, which
is vaguely reminiscent of Enya,
evoking channeled melodies
of Sirius accompanied by the
music of crystal bowls.
Also from the same album,
"The First Little Angels On
Earth," is the title track, which
opens with a narrated story and
full musical score for the first
two thirds before evolving into
Lia's sacred harmonic singing.
The next track, which has a
deep and haunting feel, is from
her CD, "Breath Of Life," and is
designed to help us deal with
various forms of grief and loss.
Her "Diamond Light Medita-
tion," one for women and one for
men, begins with a guided-im-
agery narration leading to her
mystical melodies. In addition to
music, some pieces include the
sounds of water, birds, or whale
songs. A generous sample from
her various music albums can be
heard on her website.
AMAdea Records
It's not every day I get a CD in
the mail addressed from Bulgar-
ia, so this one piqued my curios-
ity a bit. Upon opening it, I was
surprised to find that a number
of songs from this German-born
recording artist had titles like
"Mojave Mystery," "Pacific Coast
Highway," and "Summer In New
England." The music, however,
has a definite Euro influence and
bears some resemblance to art-
ists such as Tangerine Dream,
Klaus Shulze, Jean Michel Jarre,
and Vangelis.
Tigerforest is the name that
synthesist/electronic music pro-
ducer Gunnar Spardel creates
under. "Daybreak" is the fol-
low up to his debut "The Sound
Of Life" CD, and as mentioned,
the music is influenced by the
beauty of the American land-
scape, where he spends much
of his time. Having worked the
last few years composing music
for film and TV, it is not surpris-
ing that there is a cinematic feel
to his recordings.
While most of his songs are
instrumental, some of them fea-
ture female vocals. One of the
Simple Steps to
Abundance, Ful llment,
and a Life Well Lived
"Marc's unique approach to success
and fulfillment is inspiring and
surprisingly practical."
-- SHAKTI GAWAIN, author of
Creative Visualization
"The Greatest Secret of All is a won-
derful contribution to humanity. It
gives us the key to a life well lived."
author of Five Wishes
"Success books don't get any easier
than this -- or more e ective."
author of Relax into Wealth
vocalists involved is Amehyste,
whose own wonderful album
"Shimmer" was produced by
Gunnar. There are also a num-
ber of other musicians lending
their talents on piano, guitars,
and vocals.
The music encompasses am-
bient, down-tempo chill, and
electronica which ranges from
drifting dreamscapes to more
groove-oriented numbers. Gun-
nar, who wrote, composed, and
produced most of the tunes on
"Daybreak," has a wonderful
creative spirit and a feel for this
genre that is sure to be enjoyed
by fans of electronic music.
Michael Diamond is a music pro-
ducer, recording artist, and journalist
in the San Francisco bay area. Visit:
check out our e-magazine