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Tonight as you lay your head
on your pillow on a bed that is
comfortable and safe, and as you
drink a glass of clean water and
notice that your stomach is not
yearning for food, we invite you
to recognize that your life is re-
ally quite amazing.
All your needs are met. And,
the greater needs of our planet
are inviting us all to pay closer
attention. Gaia is speaking,
loudly, are you listening?
A humanitarian aid effort
is underway to assist with
the people of San Antonio
Palopo. To learn more about
this project and offer do-
nations, (100% goes to the
people directly), please visit and
click on the TOSA La Laguna
tab under Perspectives.
The first group of homeless families offer gratitude for direct contributions
received from TOSA.
The gentle breezes are once
again blowing across Lake Atit-
lan as she has risen to a historic
60 year high. (Over a 9 feet rise
in water level that spreads across
the entire 12 mile long by 7 mile
wide span of the lake causing
many to have lost homes, farm
land and more!) This rise began
with the storm that created what
turned out to be the first of two
significant mudslides causing
great damage to this tiny remote
As the rainy season came to a
close, many discovered that the
gift of impermanence is one we
are all being called to harness.
The villagers demonstrate a re-
silience and trust in their innate
ability to move forward in spite
of physical loss. Multiple chal-
lenges faced this village, and yet
the village lives on.
San Antonio Palopo Update!
December 2010
Our humanitarian relief ef-
fort literally saved lives, prevent-
ed an outbreak of cholera and
kept many from starving. Our
current relief efforts are focused
on assisting a newly formed co-
op to bring their stunning hand-
woven textiles to a global market
while offering the women of the
village an opportunity to be-
come fully self-reliant.
We encourage you to gift
yourself with visiting this ex-
traordinary people and this ex-
traordinary village in the heart of
the heart of Guatemala, and we
welcome you to come discover
your own Heart Center in align-
ment with the upcoming galactic
center. 2010 is now complete,
the year ahead is calling... you
are ready... you have spent a
lifetime preparing... let this be
your moment!
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The Merkaba is a divine light
vehicle of geometric fields cre-
ated through consciousness to
connect with and reach high-
er dimensional realms. It is an
eight-pointed geometric shape
consisting of two interlock-
ing tetrahedrons (3D triangles).
When seen in 2D it resembles
the Seal of Solomon. In ancient
days this formation would natu-
rally vibrate in and around us.
Over time our vibration slowed
to the point that it became non
This Vehicle of Light was in-
strumental for many things in-
cluding access into all possible
dimensions, and in each dimen-
sion utilized the laws of that di-
mension to manifest and extend
life on this planet. Reactivating
your personal Merkaba can as-
sist individually and collectively
during this momentous time in
The adventure of reactivating
my personal Merkaba began 5
years ago, when a friend gave me
a Merkaba Crystal. I was fasci-
nated by the formation and loved
it, but knew nothing about it. A
short time later, I came across a
meditation at www.crystalinks.
com, and for the next 3 months
devoted myself to the meditation
daily. I began noticing "interest-
ing" things.
During one session (with two
other people present) the Mer-
kaba Crystal actually changed
weight depending on which
hand it was held in. Other times,
I would notice that I had better
command over my breath, elon-
gating it much further than what
had previously been normal for
me. There was a marked en-
hancement of my intuitive abili-
ties. I was able to expand and
increase my capacity to see
auric colors around others. I
knew that I had to teach this to
I scheduled the first class
and began an incredible jour-
ney with a new style of teaching
that has become most reward-
ing, but at the time, the scariest
way I had ever taught. Through
channeling, I was told that Isis
and Thoth would be giving me
information over the coming
months. I had scheduled and be-
gun setting up for the class when
I became aware that the books
I had ordered to give me back-
ground information were not to
arrive until the very week before
the class started!
I had no choice but to trust
that all would be unveiled to me
at the proper time. And it was.
The channeled information, giv-
en to me by Isis and Thoth (pre-
dominantly by Isis), has been
and continues to be life chang-
ing for me and has transformed
the lives of my students.
This Merkaba class, as dictat-
ed by Isis, goes through the eight
main chakras (she has shared
that there are 8 main chakras
in lieu of the traditional 7) re-
moving debris and expanding
the light capacity of each vor-
tex (chakra). This process allows
everyone's personal vibration to
more easily attain an expanded
level and not atrophy. In this
awareness, the person can have
access beyond space and time
limitations, remembering their
Divine status.
For more information about this
Merkaba course (taught at the Com-
mon Ground) please go to www. or contact me
directly at (949) 325-3055.
Suzanne banken is a gifted In-
tuitive, Channeler and Reiki Master
(teaching and consulting) and teach-
ing Intuitive Development classes.
She also hosts a weekly radio show
answering questions intuitively re-
garding career, relationship and per-
sonal development. Suzanne teaches
in California and across the Midwest.
For more information, visit www., and www.blogtalkradio.
by Suzanne banken