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helpful spirits on the right and
wrong way to accomplish this.
This book explores shaman-
ism from many perspectives,
beginning with a discussion
about the practice of shaman-
ism versus becoming a shaman.
The tools for those pathways, as
well as specific practices to ex-
perience those tools, are each
given attention through journey
preparation and exercises for
feeling gratitude and blessings.
Other spiritual practices, like
mysticism, the druids, nature's
cycles, ceremony, ritual, dream
interpretation, rights of passage
and landscape beyond death
are all touched upon. An instru-
mental CD is included with the
book, to guide us along with
some of the exercises and a
two-CD set is also available, "Six
Guided Journeys for Deepening
Your Connection to Spirit" that
further enforce the concepts in
the book.
Published by Sounds True, this
book is available at your local book-
store or at
An Indian Elder's Journey
through a Land of Ghosts
and Shadows
By Kent Nerburn
A fictionalized account of an
actual journey brings us deep
into the hidden inside world of
the people who first inhabited
our land -- the Native Ameri-
can Indian. The author's hope
is that his story will provide
us with an understanding and
glimpse of the yet unknown fac-
ets of native life, giving a voice
to beliefs and points of view that
may have long been ignored and
This could be a classical "boy
and his dog" story and indeed,
it is true to type; however, in
this tale a tribal elder seeks the
help of another tribal member,
to bury his companion of many
years: a dog named Fatback. The
member, also a friend, finds the
request rather odd, but agrees to
the task as a sign of respect. In
the process of accepting this un-
dertaking, he learns of a mystery
involving the elder's sister and a
reservation boarding school.
The insider's viewpoint and
report, in a moving tale that in-
cludes intrigue and secrecy,
along with humor and insight,
author Kent Nerburn, a natu-
ral storyteller and author of
An Initiatory Journey into the
Heart Teachings of the
Egyptian Mystery Schools
(includes guided-meditation CD)
By Danielle Rama Hoffman
Each temple of Egypt is a door-
way, or entry point, to a high-
er realm of consciousness. An
explanation of the history, the
myths, festivals and symbology
of each temple, as well as its
gods and goddesses is included
in the material, so that we find
a better overall understanding of
the subject matter.
The material is intended to
facilitate your movement into
the conscious awareness of be-
ing a creator. The heart teachings
in this book have come forth in
response to questions that have
been asked throughout time and
space about the mystery of who
we are and why we are here.
They provide guidance re-
garding our relationship to the
Divine and ways of manifest-
ing greater happiness, health,
abundance and love in our lives.
The teachings support your in-
dividual consciousness as well
as a collective paradigm shift,
thus making the basic tenets de-
scribed in this book adaptable to
many concepts, on many differ-
ent planes.
Initially, the heart teachings
offered in this book were of-
fered in mystery school retreats
throughout Egypt. A rich selec-
tion of full-color plates of images
taken during the author's jour-
neys, showing physical temples
and remains at thirteen sacred
sites in the area are included,
in order to complete the expe-
Published by bear & Company,
this book is available at your local
bookstore or on the website at www.
By Bearcloud
The symbols that make up the
core basis for this book originat-
ed in a special category of crop
circles that the author calls star-
glyphs. The complex internal ge-
ometry and multiple structures of
these figures, impact our known
symbols, adding clarity and giv-
ing light to a number of unex-
plained questions involving the
ancient pyramids of Egypt.
This "star language" uncov-
ers secrets of the pyramids, un-
folding a mystery with profound
messages the author calls the
"Seven Fires" and "Secrets from
the Stars."
The book encompasses twelve
years of research by author, vi-
sion seeker and seer, author Rod
"Bearcloud" Berry. He journeys
to crop circles in England, touch-
ing upon the reality as well as
the hoax surrounding the phe-
nomenon. We move on to Aus-
tralia, Egypt and Peru, returning
to the high plains of the Mid-
west, the grounds of Bearcloud's
Discoveries within the ex-
planations address many old
legends, verifying some and dis-
proving others. The author is
convinced that seven of these
symbols gifted from the star-
glyphs represent the forgotten,
advanced core qualities with-
in us. Provided here is visual
evidence how geometric corre-
spondences constitute a high-
ly-advanced form of universal
Augmenting and beautifully
illustrating theories presented
here, is a rich section of ap-
proximately 100 pages of bril-
liantly-colored plates, including
paintings by the author, detailed
geometric designs and explana-
Published by Thunder Spirit Pub-
lishing, this book is available at your
local bookstore.
A Beginner's Walk on the
Pathway to Native American
By Stan E. Hughes
Every person has at least
one totem animal that is our
secret friend and natural world
guide. These sacred animals help
us through difficult times and
guide us on our earthly and spir-
itual journeys in life. Finding this
guardian is a pathway unto itself
that can enrich our lives in many
ways. Here we are taught how to
discover and connect with our
totem animals, who they are and
how we can work with them.
Provided is a complete list,
including each animal's partic-
ular affinity, environment and
personal preference, their char-
acteristics and methods of super-
natural communication.
Author Stan Hughes, an artist
and retired school administrator,
gives us a comprehensive begin-
ner's overview of Native Ameri-
can spirituality, allowing us to
become a part of the world of
medicine people, native heal-
ers and entities like the Rock
Through his shared experi-
ence with healers, vision quests,
fasts, and within sweat lodges,
he relates his stories and visions
of legends and lore, where each
may open up a whole new world
of awareness and pathway to
Native Spirituality.
He provides detailed ex-
planations of culturally specif-
ic places and items, like high
places, chants, smoking pipes,
dream catchers and transforma-
tion properties of solid sacred
objects, like rocks and crystals.
Accompanying many of the sto-
ries are the author's beautifully
hand-drawn pictures of the sub-
ject matter.
Published by NorLightsPress, this
book is available at your local book-
store or at
The Shamanic Path of Direct
(Includes instrumental CD)
By Sandra Ingerman &
Hank Wesselman
Shamanism teaches that there
are doorways into other realms
of reality where helping spirits
reside who can share guidance,
insight and healing, not just for
ourselves, but also for the world
in which we live. To practice
shamanism is to open your vi-
sion to a world that is hidden
from normal view and to enter
the deeper reality of the unseen
In times of disharmony and
uncertainty in our life, there is a
tendency for people to turn with-
in and seek spirituality, search-
ing for more sustainable ways
to exist, as well as thrive. Sha-
manism may offer a solution for
those seeking the guidance from
by Sonia von Matt Stoddard