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/ A W A R E N E S S M A G A Z I N E
J A N U A R Y / F E B R U A R Y 2 0 1 1
J A N U A R Y / F E B R U A R Y 2 0 1 1
A W A R E N E S S M A G A Z I N E /
/ A W A R E N E S S M A G A Z I N E
J A N U A R Y / F E B R U A R Y 2 0 1 1
erations and crystal baths, visited
John of God several times, taken
blessed herbs, and spent time in
the healing current rooms and
at the sacred waterfall. During
this time, what started out as a
walnut-sized lump in my breast,
shrunk to grape-sized and is now
In the land where bizarre is
the standard, the bizarre has
happened. More importantly,
the "sharp stick poking me in the
back" feeling is no longer pres-
ent. But most important of all,
for the first time in over a year, I
have no anxiety over having can-
cer and no fears that I am going
to die.
I am reminded of a few vers-
es from the Course in Miracles:
"Miracles are natural. When they
do not occur something has gone
wrong," and "Miracles enable
you to heal the sick and raise
the dead, because you made
sickness and death yourself, and
can therefore abolish both."
Debi Bird is a business and
personal coach living near Sedo-
na, AZ. After leaving a position as
a Securities Broker with a large
financial institution, she began
investigating ways to make the
~ Bringing ancient Native American wisdom together with the energies of today to
create a life and a planet of enlightenment. ~
Phone 3036899318
Andean Shaman
On the Equinox we'll travel to the energy vortex sites to do
ceremony and bring in true changes.
March 19 21, 2011, Spring Equinox
2011 Sedona
You. Us. The Earth
Grand Chief
world work better. As a result,
she founded an environmental
organization, became an alter-
native healing enthusiast, and
embraced spiritual life. Gather-
ing together what she has har-
vested from her intense search,
she now provides her own brand
of coaching. She has an MBA in
Finance from George Washing-
ton University and has been a
lifetime student of the Vedas.
Debi can be reached for coaching
sessions and general information
at Email:; Visit:; blog: www.debi- Phone: (928) 202-7052.
The Winter Solstice
by Martin Jones
Journeying around the sun,
at Yule, she turns furthest from the light.
Here In the dark of the long night she is veiled,
and here she comes to the fullness of her union with
To enter is to hold Death closest to our hearts.
And as we do, Death has her sensuous way.
Slowly, we come to a clearing, and the solstice.
And in deep stillness, we enter.
Our journey from the sun has come to its full,
and we wait in a rare quality of quietness.
Time is no more.
Here in this place, we gently slip into the emptiness,
and depth of the void,
and bathe in the energies of creation.
when we are cleansed, and fully drunken from the cup,
she continues on her journey around, and we edge back
closer to the light.
slipping out through her veils in birth, we are new,
and journeying to the sun.
Martin is offering a Free Audio breathing Meditation for the Winter
Solstice. This audio talk features the principles of the Winter Solstice,
and the transition of Death, The Void, Creation and birth. For a link to
the audio lecture, visit:
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