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A new culture is emerging
and it is characterized by our
awakening to love. It is emerg-
ing in quiet, invisible ways. It's
a new "love tribe."
More and more I find syn-
chronistic moments where I am
standing in front of strangers in
public, loving them and con-
sidering how valuable their life
is -- in fact, as valuable as my
own. This is new for me. Have
you noticed this?
I also find myself almost defi-
antly protecting someone against
judgments and criticisms be-
cause I am more interested in
being with them in a loving way,
seeing past the immediate cir-
cumstance while peering into
their innate innocence and not
their supposed guilt or unworthi-
ness. Do you find yourself caring
more too?
And I'm finding myself spon-
taneously including the entire
universe in thought, as though
there were no boundaries, bor-
ders, miles, or space to divide
us. More and more I find that
my heart wants to unite and stay
connected all the time, without
breaks. I want to love!
Something wonderful is oc-
curring. Here are some other
ways it's emerging.
The people of Africa, China,
Europe, Americas, and those on
islands are with me. I enjoy a
presence of love when I think of
There are moments that oc-
cur in the middle of a day, when
I suddenly think of women or
children in captivity, the suf-
fering poor, the hungry, weak,
addicted, sad, victims of injus-
tice, or without hope. Rather
than feeling sad, I feel love for
them and I pray for them like
there's no tomorrow -- right in
that moment. As I experience
more and more of this, I notice
my heart is opening and expand-
ing. And, also, I am experiencing
this increasing love from others
as well.
We are becoming a more
compassionate people. As the
new love tribe emerges, we are
growing in our love. There are
heroes among us and they may
be your neighbor. Even the hero
within yourself may be awaken-
ing. Through love, we are feel-
ing empowered to do something
and make a difference. We feel
we can.
There is a silent trust in our
hearts that something wonderful
is guiding us. Though there are
moments of great discourage-
ment, wondering if we should
even continue trying with so
many opposing forces, hope
lives and burns strong in our
hearts, perhaps more than ever.
While my 89-year-old moth-
er was waiting for the doctor,
a two-year-old toddler literally
marched herself towards my
mother across the waiting room
and smiled into my mother's
eyes. She then returned to fetch
her ball, bounced her ball to
mother and returned, marching
and talking with mom as though
they were best buddies. She did
this repeatedly with so much
connection and love! We were
charmed by her. I thought to my-
self, "She's one of the new love
tribe members!"
At nutrition class last week,
one of the students sensed my
frustration and approached me
at the break offering herself to be
my sounding board for any frus-
tration I was experiencing. She
gave me her email address and
we became fast friends. I was
moved by her kindness to me.
"Another love tribe member," I
On a recent herb walk with a
botanist and master herbalist, a
group of us trekked into nature
for several hours to discover in-
dividual plants that bear great
medicinal gifts to alleviate our
pain, quench our thirst, provide
minerals, settle our nervous sys-
tem, and way more. We celebrat-
ed each and every herb's gift. It
was an afternoon of connections
with each other and the wonder-
ful plants, and we were bursting
with gratitude. Our hearts were
open. We were safe to do so. Be-
hold the emerging love tribe!
Today, my husband, who is
in real estate, asked me to come
with him for half an hour while
he previewed new houses on
the market. He said he wanted
to connect and be closer to me.
This was in the middle of the
day! He does that often. I feel
his love and connection and it
is these moments that cause me
to know that I am never with-
out his love. We are deeply con-
nected in our hearts, souls, and
at every level. He often tells me
that his number one goal in life
is for me to feel loved. This is
A New "Love Tribe"
how people love each other in
the love tribe.
It is important to draw back
in these moments and look at
what is occurring. Something
new. Something wonderful. This
reflection causes me to say thank
you to all indigenous people
who have left their mark upon
the earth, indelibly imprinted
in our hearts, with the mystery
of love and connection with all
that is.
Welcome to the love tribe!
Copyright 2010 by Shannon Peck
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Q: I am very disturbed by all
the global disasters, including
wars, and the effect on so many
innocent people. Why do inno-
cent people suffer so much from
these tragedies? It just doesn't
seem fair that those who are not
responsible are often the most
harmed by these events.
-- David, Mission Viejo
A: We would like to first ad-
dress your use of the word "in-
nocent" to describe those who
seem to be unfairly affected by
these global events. The use of
the word innocent to describe
some people indicates that you
believe some others may not be
so innocent, and thus more de-
serving of harm from global
In our philosophy, all events
are neutral and all effects con-
tain within them the seeds of
their transformation into ben-
eficial experiences. What we
perceive as negative and fearful
events are actually opportunities
to extend love. What we judge as
unfair is a perception of events
as good or bad, and people as
innocent or guilty. In the words
of our founder, Ernest Holmes,
"The only thing that needs heal-
ing is the perception that some-
thing needs healing."
Look within yourself for your
innocence, and know it is your
perception of world events that
is asking for healing. We are all
expressions of God-in-form, and
none is more or less deserving of
Love than another. Embrace the
events of the world as yours, and
visualize them as perfect, whole
and complete, just as you are
perfect, whole and complete.
Look upon all people as Di-
vine expressions of God, each
representing some aspect of you.
Allow your mind and your heart
to merge into oneness with All
That Is. We recommend some
form of meditation to accom-
plish this experience. Medita-
tion opens the heart to a deeper
Wisdom of Truth. Our inner
guidance overrides our fear and
opens us to God's Love.
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