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By Audrey Hope
And when I go to sleep
And drift off to somewhere else,
I never really know that morning
And then it comes,
And this is my faith.
In sacred rhythm, the world beats--
Dramatic notes of night and day,
And seasons arrive, always and
And this is my trust.
And, after winter, spring,
And the stars forever light,
And the earth is still here,
And this is my hope.
For things are ever moving,
Circles and cycles and divine
A loyal steady force that never lets
me down.
And this I can believe in!
Lifting me high above daily things,
Oh, the expectation, the beauty,
the rapture!
and this is love.
And I know there is something
And I am more,
And I gasp in relief.
For this truth ends the search.
And in times of sacred recall,
The exiting, after the limited
I can use the logic of the sun,
The science of the moon,
That death is just another magical
and again and again -- am I,
For nature is my eternal proof.
Audrey hope is a spiritual counselor and host/producer of REAL WOMEN, an
international award-winning talk show dedicated to life-altering perspectives.
Q: I see so much evil in the
world today, and I wonder how
I can make a difference against
such overwhelming odds. Is
there something I can focus
on that will relieve some of my
-- Angela, Goleta, CA
A: One of the most painful
aspects of living as a human is
that thing called guilt. It is how
we punish ourselves for being in
judgment. One of the universal
principles is that each of us is an
expression of the Source, of God,
and we are made of the same Di-
vine Stuff as the Creator. Instead
of looking upon the world, see-
ing evil and feeling guilty about
your impotence to make a dif-
ference, look within for any evil
thoughts you may harbor about
the world and other people.
We can only see in another
that which is within us. The key
to healing the world is to heal
ourselves of the mistaken iden-
tity that we are separate from
each other. When I can see the
other as my sister or brother, I
can extend love to that one. We
all share the same Divine Parent,
Father-Mother-God, and we are
here to love one another. Forgive
yourself for any false beliefs your
may hold, and extend that for-
giveness to all you meet. Make
it a daily practice and forgive
yourself every time you forget.
Focus on Self-Love and witness
the change in your life.
InSpirit Center for Spiritual Living-
Orange County is a transdenomena-
tional community that teaches the
principles of New Thought/Ancient
Wisdom. We believe there is one Pow-
er in the Universe and we can use It.
We conduct weekly Sunday services
at 9:00 & 11:00 am and a Wednesday
evening inspirational service at 7:00
pm. Visit for in-
formation on classes and activities.
Ways to Regain Your
Own Reasons for Hope
Watch a sunrise or sunset.
Take a long walk in a quiet natural area.
Sing a song you haven't heard in years.
Paint a picture of the ocean.
Write a poem.
Pet a cat or dog.
Hug your child.
Tell someone how much you love them.
Read a child a story.
Volunteer at a local school, hospital
or nursing home.
Make someone laugh.
Call up an old friend -- and catch up.
Make dinner and invite a friend
to share it with you.
Give a gift to charity.
Turn off the TV and count your blessings.
Visit a place of worship.
Learn more about another culture or
Say hello to a stranger.
Plant seeds.
Visit a zoo or museum.
-- Jane Goodall
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