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Lyme disease is a spirochete.
Its energetic pattern is to attack
weaknesses in our body systems
that are caused by emotion and
environment. My introduction
to the illusive disease that a tick
carries into a human body when
it invades and lays eggs, came
one morning in East Hampton
Long Island. My body was like
Unlike flu symptoms, which
come on gradually and subside
gradually, these symptoms very
much like Chronic Fatigue Syn-
drome include: heavy lethargy,
intermittent fever, arthritic joint
aches, muscle twitching, sleep-
lessness, heart palpitations and
pressure that felt like a two-
hundred-pound weight on the
chest, then subside as suddenly
as they come and stay away for
a few days at a time. Then unan-
nounced they return, shattering
all peace and all plans.
There is usually a round red
"bulls eye" indicator that signals
the presence of the deadly tick
bite, which was on my back.
I didn't trudge through the tall
grass or walk in the woods un-
protected and never stepped
on the lawn. Nor did I contract
Lyme disease the way rumors
spreading like wildfire across
the country and scaring every-
one suggests, through sexual
contact. There is no conclusive
evidence that Lyme disease has
ever been contracted like the
STD that is a spirochete.
Most people are put on long
intravenous doses of antibiot-
ics that the body starts to reject.
However, like so many people
I'm allergic to antibiotics, the
only cure modern medicine
offers for Lyme dis-
ease. Ceftin, the syn-
thetic drug, made me
vomit and I turned
black and purple for
over a month when I
swallowed one doxy-
I was on my own.
My experience with
nutrition and herbs
told me to detoxify
parasitic eggs that the
tick must have laid in my body.
The first step to healing is often
detoxifying, which seemed natu-
ral when bitten by a tick except
this tick eats up so much ener-
gy in the body that detoxifying
can be difficult and must be ap-
proached very carefully.
After spending months of six
days a week with acupuncturists
and chiropractors where I was
spending thousands and creat-
ing dependencies with others
and trying to stay balanced, I
started asking questions. What
I discovered was that my emo-
tions were largely the reason for
organ dysfunction. No one else
was going to heal me. I had to
heal myself.
The summer ended and I was
back in my 100-year-old New
York brownstone apartment full
time and couldn't sleep, day or
night. On the twenty-second
night of sleeplessness I had my
second death experience. Being
enveloped in euphoric light --
weightless and separate from my
body -- stopped the chest pain
and released me from the grips
of Lyme disease enough to sleep
for an hour or two.
This helped me to
realize that I had to
deal with my spirit-
life in order to heal
my emotions and it
had to be a first-hand
experience that was
safe, and nearly as
d e e p a s a " n e a r "
death. Searching for
a first-hand conscious
experience with my
spiritual life and subconscious
that went beyond meditation,
led me to where meditation was
born, the work of the original
spiritual practice of the Sha-
Once given the opportunity
to become my own healer and
to learn to navigate within my
inner landscapes, I healed mi-
raculously. My body naturally
detoxified as my spirit let go of
trauma, old energy and beliefs.
I was given information about
my environment that allowed
me to understand how important
a safe mold- and toxic-free home
and work environment is.
I was also shown supplemen-
tation and other supportive tools
specific to my needs. The mira-
cles I experienced prompted me
to dedicate my life to studying,
which I did for over seven years.
I traveled all over the world to
work with indigenous healers,
anthropologists and psycholo-
gists. For seventeen years I've
been working on behalf of oth-
Healing Lyme Disease
by Kathleen Downey, CSC
ers offering them the same mi-
raculous experience, insight,
empowerment and healing.
Starting with Soul Retrieval,
a journey I take on behalf of my
clients, wherein I visit situations
when they experienced trau-
ma and bring back energy (the
whole and healthy energy that
existed before they lost part of
themselves to those experiences
of trauma).
This usually consists of four
to eight different issues that had
the most impact on one's life. It
sets us up with a road map to
understand the emotional is-
sues we agreed to heal coming
into this life as spiritual/emo-
tional beings. The initial return
of energy through Soul Retrieval
helps us to start filling voids in
our spiritual/emotional selves
that were created by trauma.
As you continue with guided
journeys to integrate the Soul
Parts that come back with Soul
Retrieval, you will understand
how profoundly life-changing
partial out-of-body journeys
help you understand the influ-
ence of role models and expec-
tations born from trauma. Most
Shamanic practitioners end their
therapies here.
Kathleen implements Past-
Life regression therapy, which
escorts us to the most important
emotional release -- authentic
forgiveness, clear new choices,
healthy boundaries and the cour-
age to utilize inherited creative
gifts. She is considered a pioneer
in this field. Aside from helping
thousands of people to heal she
trains new and helps established
practitioners to fine-tune their
therapy. Kathleen sees clients in
San Diego, Orange County, the
San Francisco Bay area, Felton
and throughout the world with
long-distance sessions.
Kathleen's book, map of The soul:
Journey to The soul mate, is due out
soon and her published articles can
be seen at
Kathleen can be reached at (858) 401-
3144 or (415) 536-9403.
CALL (800) 758-3223