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Dissolve the Chains That Bind You
5 Steps to Soul Consciousness!
by Sri Ram Kaa & Kira Raa
s we collectively be-
gin our shift into the
energy of "spring,"
we begin to notice
the shift of the "win-
ter" that has expressed through
us. As the energy of our beloved
planet gains strength and expres-
sion, our beloved bodies are of-
ten the first to notice. 2011 is a
powerful year calling all who are
ready to Divine Service in Ac-
It is only natural that ALL of
the bodies are reacting. Have
you noticed the intensity of the
actions around you? This in-
cludes your physical, spiritual
and of course, the emotional
bodies. Have mercy on your-
self! As you gift yourself with
loving compassion, it is the
moment to fully embrace and
ascend through that beloved sly
pirate: the Ego!
This universal aspect of con-
sciousness has grown without
boundary over the millennia cre-
ating cultures and societies that
are defined by their me-focus.
Deep within the wellspring of
most earth-bound experiences,
the "ego-trap" is often discov-
ered. (This is the first "level" on
the pyramid of spiritual awaken-
ing, Density Consciousness, as
shown below.)
It is here where many begin
their journey. In the recognition
of growing beyond a "me" focus,
the greater mysteries are sought
out and explored. Many spiritual
traditions offer practices to assist
the explorer in dismantling the
ego's grip.
Once this journey begins, the
first a-ha moment arises:
The ability to witness
the difference between
Egoic Reality and
Soul Consciousness
The ego reality is born out of
words that are easily, and often,
manipulated... words are cham-
pioned by the ego
to support its agen-
da. One of the most
challenging aspects
of ego reality is de-
velopment of the
spiritualized ego.
While this is a chal-
lenging moment in
the evolution of the
soul in form, it is
also necessary. Ev-
ery being will walk
through their spiritualized ego
on the way to full Ascension
Awareness, OR they will em-
power their ego reality through
the spiritualized ego creating a
sense of grandiosity or "spiritual
specialness." (This expression is
the second level of the pyramid
of spiritual awakening... Spiri-
tual Activism.)
Grandiosity, or "spiritual spe-
cialness," is difficult to unravel
once it is in place. The spiritual-
ized ego finds plenty of fuel to
keep it active through attach-
ments that feed the ego directly.
It is a virtual feast for disincar-
nate beings and trapped energies
that are planet bound.
Commonly, this is the journey
of one who is truly a great being
of light and love! The challenge
is to walk through this illusion
and discover from within, the
grip that is holding the ego in
a last dance of power. Humans
seem to require some form of
`fall' to find true surrender. For
one who is in the egoic entrap-
ment of a spiritualized ego, they
will flirt with this fall several
times before their re-birth and
freedom from illusion!
These energies are smart, sly
and misunderstood, so how can
you know? Here are five "symp-
toms" that show the spiritualized
ego is in control.
1. denial of Emotional
Refusing to acknowledge pro-
jected emotional energy. Denial
expresses as a gravitation toward
lofty ideals, or organizing focus
on sources outside of Self. Often
times this expresses in the "sense
of greater good," i.e., one reli-
gion feeling supe-
rior to another.
2. denial
of Personal
Reality is co -
created -- when
we are not getting
what we want, an
empowered action
is to look inward to
recognize how our
own unmet emo-
tional needs drive our percep-
tions and judgments. For one
in the grip of spiritualized ego,
the cause of pain is from "oth-
ers." Someone/something ex-
ternal to the Self is misbehav-
3. need to manipulate
Opinion or distort Facts:
The willingness to share in-
complete information or to take
information out of context to
support a personal agenda. Feel-
ing `right' in doing so. Seek-
ing allies by focusing others to
base their actions on "headlines"
versus thoughtful examination.
(For example: mainstream news
media focuses on `headline' tid-
bits that support specific views
versus a sincere effort to explore
differences in opinion)
4. Preoccupation with
The ego loves to blame... the
sly pirate does this subtly, point-
ing to the principles of right or
wrong to justify projected energy.
The soul does not judge, it allows
space for all evolution. Harmony
occurs naturally when agendas
are relaxed and the organic bal-
ance process occurs. The spiri-
tualized ego enjoys control and
justifies itself through charisma
or seeming alignments with a
higher principle.
5. Grandiosity and
Preaching -- offering unsolic-
ited advice, calling for attention
from others, a sense of carrying
the `final word' on matters, rely-
ing on a `higher authority' and
denying the validity of other per-
spectives. Grandiosity is a natu-
ral expression of a spiritualized
ego that resides in the 6th or 7th
chakras. Often accompanied by
a sense of `my information is in-
spired' (thus reinforcing spiritual
Sincere spiritual surrender
(prayer, meditation, fasting, etc.)
often results in mystical com-
munion. How that inspiration is
lived, understood and commu-
nicated can be interfered with
by the ego. The ego believes it
must control, provide safety and
be acknowledged. How it usurps
the authentic soul expression is
based upon unfinished emotion-
al healing.
The journey of wholeness is
a universal human path that be-
gins as we resolve the energies
of separation and fear. To be
healthy, all humans are faced
with the need to love themselves
and evolve; it is a universal part
of the human condition and the
awakening of Self-Ascension.
The soul's energy is Joy. Love,
deep peace and the recognition
that all is well, is the founda-
tion of ascended Love. It takes
spiritual tenacity to champion
the emergence of the soul into
our co-created reality and now
is your time. It is a glorious mo-
ment on the planet, and your
Soul-Consciousness is the great-
est guide along the way!
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