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The HealthKeeper's Alliance
hosts the Seventh Annual Health
Freedom Expo on March 25-27,
2011 at The Long Beach Con-
vention Center. Known as the
premier natural and alternative
health expo, it features over 90
of the top international, nation-
al and local health experts.
The headline speakers in-
clude actress and green-living
advocate, Daryl Hannah, Kevin
Trudeau, George Noory, host of
Coast-to-Coast Radio, Interna-
tional speaker Dr. Leonard Cold-
well, Fitness expert Kathy Smith,
actress and author Mariel Hem-
ingway, GMO activist Jeffrey
Smith, relationship expert John
Gray, Vaishali and FDA dragon-
slayer attorney Jonathan Emord.
The Alliance founded The
Health Free-
dom Expos in
2 0 0 4 . T h e y
have become
t h e p r e m i e r
natural health
forum to bring
this informa-
t i o n t o t h e
p u b l i c p r e -
s e n t i n g t h e
most current
information in natural health.
Through public awareness, peo-
ple become informed of their
health freedom rights. The Alli-
ance fights local and national
legislation that attempts to take
away those rights through legis-
lative bodies and special interest
"What sets the Health Free-
dom Expo apart from the oth-
er health expos," states Kevin
Trudeau, 2011 keynote speaker
and best-selling author of Natu-
ral Cures They Don't Want You
To Know About, "is that the in-
formation presented here is not
`just to sell product to consum-
ers,' it is about people who are
passion-ate about sharing in-
formation. It is about how our
health freedoms are being taken
away and about exposing the
truth. Other shows are designed
to sell product. That is avail-
able at the expo, but it is not the
emphasis. The Health Freedom
Expo is about educating and
being empowered, and that is
what makes them different."
Health Freedom Expo exhi-
bitors display
a wealth of in-
formation and
products for
c o n s u m e r s ,
and business
owners. With
over 200 nat-
ural and alter-
native health
options, consumers can dis-
cover how to create a healthy
and vibrant life. Many of the
products are being introduced
to the public for the first time.
You'll find natural and organic
foods to sample, books and lit-
erature available for purchase,
the opportunity to try out the
latest health technologies such
as state-of-the-art electron-
ics, massage techniques and
other cutting-edge modalities.
Workshops by world-renown
speakers include Daryl Hannah
who has been passionate and
committed to practicing a low-
impact lifestyle for more than
20 years. From her small foot-
print, passive and active solar
home complete with gray water
systems and organic garden, to
being an early adaptor of bio-
fuels, Daryl has been actively
spreading the good news of how
well it all works and how good
it feels.
Timeless beauty, author, and
actress, Mariel Hemmingway
focuses on the importance of
healthy living from the inside
out. John Gray, the best-selling
author of Men are from Mars,
Women are from Venus, shares
what it takes to create and main-
tain healthy relationships.
The world's leading consum-
er advocate promoting healthier
non-GMO choices, Jeffrey M.
Smith, is author of the world's
best-selling and #1 rated book on
the health dangers of genetical-
ly-modified organisms (GMOs).
During his recent Dr. Oz Show
appearance he pulled back the
curtain on biotech companies to
reveal how they mislead legisla-
tors and safety officials to put the
health of society at risk, and the
environment in peril.
Not to be missed, Washing-
ton D.C. attor-
ney Jonathan
Emord has de-
feated the Food
and Drug Ad-
m i n i s t r a t i o n
( F DA ) s e v e n
times in feder-
al court, more
times than any
other attorney
in U.S. history. He explains how
governments worldwide are
censoring health information
to protect drug companies from
Congressman Ron Paul calls
Emord a "hero of the health free-
dom revolution." Emord cites
s c i e n t i f i c
p r o o f how
dietary sup-
p l e m e n t s
can prevent
and, in cer-
tain cas es ,
cure disease
and why the
FDA doesn't
w a n t t h i s
available to the public.
The mission of the Health
Freedom Expo is to:
Insure American citizens
have a variety of health care op-
Expand knowledge through
quality information
Create awareness of avail-
able choices
Protect the right to select
the health care modality of the
public's choosing, not the ones
forced upon the public by law
Support healthy lifestyles
and enhance good nutrition
Encourage Americans to
make daily, sensible life choices
that combat ill health rather than
create it
Their goal is to ensure the
public has the freedom to make
informed healthcare choices. By
attending the Expos and join-
ing the HealthKeepers Alliance,
members help to provide sup-
port to a rapidly-growing grass
roots movement working year-
round to protect consumer's
rights and defend practitioners
who use natural and nutritional
At the local, state and nation-
al levels, they back legislation
that enhances the rights of the
individual. They lobby against
laws that remove the individu-
al's freedom to make informed
healthcare choices.
The Expo will be held at the
Long Beach Convention Center,
in a new location this year - Expo
Hall C, at 300 East Ocean Bou-
levard, Long Beach, CA 90802.
Tickets are $15 per day or $35
for the three-day weekend. Spe-
cial workshops and events may
be extra.
Please visit website for the most
current list of speakers, events, direc-
tions and costs. www.healthfreedom, call (888) 658-3976.
The HealthKeepers Alliance annual
membership fee is $36. The Alliance sup-
ports lobbying efforts, keeps members
informed of the latest in natural and al-
ternative healthcare issues and members
receive the HealthKeepers Magazine three
times a year. For additional information,
visit: www.HealthKeepers.n
The Freedom to Know...
The Power to Choose
by Roni Ambrister
Daryl hannah
John Gray
Jonathan Emord
Mariel hemmingway
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