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/ A W A R E N E S S M A G A Z I N E
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imaginations, provoking and
encouraging us from within.
We still find something dis-
tinctly familiar in the great bear
today, in the way the mother
gently plays with her cubs, and
stiffly defends them against all
comers, in how she gently sniffs
beckoning blossoms or stretches
in the sun.
The bear appeals to that part
of the human psyche still pon-
dering its own wilder nature and
feral desires, resistant to being
controlled or appeased, quick
to defend what we most love.
The bear strokes our Paleolithic
sensibilities, fuels our hopes of
ourselves becoming wild and
powerful and free again.
For this, and for so many other
reasons, it is everyone's respon-
sibility to take a stance on the
bruin's behalf, and our chance
to find its unbowed spirit in us.
We need only look ahead to see
what must be done... and be-
hind, for -- encouragement and
affirmation -- at our increasingly
bear-like tracks.
Jesse Wolf hardin is an acclaimed
teacher of Anima nature-informed
practice and the author of seven inspir-
ing books. he and his partners offer
empowering online herbal, Lifeways
and Nature Awareness home Study
courses, and produce the acclaimed
Plant healer Journal of Western herb-
alism: www.PlanthealerMagazine.
com. Awareness readers are invited
to the herbal Conference held Sept.
15-18 near Santa Fe. www.Traditions, and their
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erness retreats and personal coun-
sel: the Anima LIfeways & herbal
2011 is a monumental year
astrologically, spiritually and
personally for all of us. This year
is really about our changing re-
lationships; be they personal,
family, friends, pets, work, with
ourselves and most importantly,
at this time, with our world.
We are seeing in every way
how everything is connected in
our world. Everything and every-
one leaves a footprint or worse:
smog, litter, oil spills, nuclear
devastation, decimated forests
by fires, and the list goes on and
What can we do locally, right
now, that is simple and a no-
brainer? What can be our mis-
sion for 2011? Recycle!!!
Out here in northern Arizo-
na, our tiny town has a massive
recycling center in the parking
lot between a market and a post
office. There are large bins for
paper, plastic, cardboard, glass,
reusable clothing and small
household items. We have a
second-hand store and a dollar
store, a few restaurants, a garden
store and a solar power store.
There are a lot of agriculture op-
erations here, even a small day
spa, yet that's about it!
I've met more people at the
recycling center than anywhere
else. One older gentleman told
me he and his wife no longer
need their waste management
or trash can. One less bill to pay!
He is recycling everything now
and gives out their non-com-
postable food remains to his
dogs or the wild animals. We
are doing the same.
He informed me that plastic
bags, bottles, six-pack can hold-
ers and other plastic stuff make
their way to the ocean. There
are floating islands of plastic
from cruise ships, military con-
voys and other steamer ships that
form for miles in the open ocean.
All sea life is affected. Whales
surface and inhale vast amounts
of plastic, with the plankton that
nourishes them, then they can-
not submerge and die.
As I watched this spry octo-
Recycle and Beautify Our Planet
by Lindy Anne Nisbet
genarian run after a plastic bag
someone tossed from a moving
car, I realized that some people,
most people, are not aware, or
do not care about the green/blue
jewel we are privileged to ride
upon. Yet for him, recycling has
become his last mission!
Recycling is a daily, do-able,
life-sustaining gift to animals,
the planet and ultimately our-
selves and future generations.
Just as I was considering the
impact of the plastic Eddie talk-
ed about, the Sedona Film Festi-
val announced its lineup of films
for February. So, I am off to see
`BAG IT!!' directed by Susan Be-
raza, which shows us how our
crazy plastic world has caught
up with us and what we can do
about it.... NOW!!!
Lindy Anne Nisbet is a spiritual
counselor living outside Sedona, AZ in
a natural mesquite park with straw-
bale houses and a well. her website
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