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For the second consecutive
year a leading adventure travel
company will donate a portion
of its profits to U.S. National
Park preservation.
Austin-Lehman Adventures
(ALA) http://www.austinlehman.
com/, the award-winning active
travel company setting adventure
tour standards in the Americas,
Europe, Africa and beyond, an-
nounces that its 2011 Preserve
a Park Program recipient will be
Yosemite National Park. In 2010
Glacier National Park benefited
from the preservation program.
As a youngster, Dan Austin,
ALA's founder and owner, says,
"I was blown away by Yosem-
ite's surreal, natural beauty. So
much so that the experience
helped propel me on the path
of backcountry adventure that
I still find myself on today." He
notes that, "such grandeur and
magic will leave its mark on any-
one of any age who is open to
being so humbled by nature."
Throughout the 2011 season,
his company will donate to the
Yosemite Conservancy $100 per
guest booked on each of the five
scheduled small group depar-
tures of Yosemite Family Vaca-
tion. http://www.austinlehman.
Austin promises that this ac-
tive six-day/five-night program
will "focus on rappelling, not
rap and on tubing, not texting,
with a lot of awe mixed in from
Mother Nature after hiking to a
2,425-foot waterfall, looking up
at an 8,842-foot granite dome
and embracing a 3,000-year-old,
300-foot Giant Sequoia." Depar-
tures leave July 10, 17, 24* (*adult
only), July 31 and Aug. 7.
In 2010, the Yosemite Asso-
ciation and The Yosemite Fund
merged to form the Yosemite
Conservancy (http://www.yosem Today it is
a not-for-profit organization that
preserves and protects Yosemite
for generations to come through
habitat restoration, trail repair,
education, wildlife management
and scientific research. Over the
years the effort has generated
over $60 million in contribu-
tions which in turn has funded
over 300 completed projects.
Although it is not America's
first designated national park,
Yosemite was central to the de-
velopment of the national park
concept. It is on the list of World
Heritage Sites primarily due to
its exceptional natural beauty
portrayed by five of the world's
highest waterfalls, a combina-
tion of granite domes and walls,
deeply incised valleys, three
groves of giant sequoia, numer-
ous alpine meadows, lakes, di-
versity of life zones and variety
of species.
Austin said Preserve a Park do-
nations help National Park pro-
grams face a proposed 2011 $22
million funding cut. Last year
his company's Glacier National
Park departures sold out, result-
ing "in a significant donation" to
the Glacier National Park Fund
Austin-Lehman Adventures,
with a 37-year legacy, special-
izes in adult and family multi-
sport, hiking, biking vacations
that emphasize history, cul-
ture and nature's charms. Trips
are limited to 12 guests (18 on
family departures) and feature
excellent regional dining, dis-
tinctive accommodations and
all-inclusive rates and services.
In addition to scheduled group
departures, ALA offers custom-
ized trip planning.
For free 2011 catalog call (800)
575-1540, or e-mail info@austinle- To review current trips,
schedules and itineraries, visit: http://
Yosemite National Park to Benefit
from Preserve A Park Program
by Dan Austin