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/ A W A R E N E S S M A G A Z I N E
M A R C H / A P R I L 2 0 1 1
M A R C H / A P R I L 2 0 1 1
A W A R E N E S S M A G A Z I N E /
/ A W A R E N E S S M A G A Z I N E
M A R C H / A P R I L 2 0 1 1
by Lyda Whiting
Created by The BLISS Team
Relax and connect with your
baby or young child with this
magical CD of gentle inspiring
songs. This is a powerful and
positive musical journey, em-
bracing you and your little one
in peace, beauty, gratitude, and
joy. These songs are filled with
love and connection to the true
essence within each of us.
With titles such as Compas-
sion, Freedom, Spirit, Faith and
Love, each melody is unique yet
flows into the next beautifully.
The drumbeats are soothing yet
compelling, and inspire dancing
or just swaying to the rhythm.
The words are uplifting and joy-
ful, reminding the listener of
their own true beautiful nature.
Created by parents as a way
to give all the children a way to
truly remember who they are,
the BLISS Team includes Ragan
O'Reilly, Alex Thompson, Ro-
wena Cobian, Amie Smirni, Id-
ris Hester, Daniel Alexander and
Brandon Jarrett. The lyricists and
songwriters are Tony and Gene
This CD would be beautiful
at naptime and bedtime, and
would also be a charming way
to greet the morning. Appropri-
ate for the whole family to share,
this would make a lovely gift for
new parents.
Recommended for ages 0-5.
Published by In The Loving Inc.,
this CD is available at your local
Written and illustrated
by Elke Weiss
Hannah was born with ex-
tra large ears, so she can hear
the grass growing and the song
of the wind in the trees. Hannah
can even hear the last tree crying
because it is lonely. She listens
carefully to the tree, and they
become close friends. When the
tree is threatened with destruc-
tion, Hannah is determined to
save her friend and tells other
people about its plight.
When the other people learn
to listen to Hannah, their ears
grow as big as hers. Together,
they plant more trees and bring
beauty back into their world.
And it all happens because Han-
nah listened.
The appealing main charac-
ter will instantly win over read-
ers. Children will identify with
her struggle to overcome teas-
ing about her differences, and
will be inspired by her resolve
to make a difference.
The book is filled cover to
cover with charming illustrations
in vivid hues, which bring the
story to vibrant life. Readers will
feel they too can hear the wind
singing, the trees drinking water,
and the ants marching happily
This book will charm children
and adults alike. A simple and
encouraging example of one
small person making a big dif-
ference, this would be great for
reading aloud to young children,
and is also a good book for early
Recommended for ages 3-7.
Published by Free Focus Publishing
LLC, this book is available at your
local bookstore.
Written by Sharon J. Smith
Many young people want to
make a difference and contrib-
ute to the environmental move-
ment, but don't know how to
begin. This guide gives them a
powerful and effective roadmap
for getting organized, taking ac-
tion, and helping to change the
This book coaches young
people to go beyond living a
greener life and network for last-
ing, positive change. A resource
for making a significant impact
on the health of our planet, this
book gives advice on how to
pinpoint your passion, set your
goals, decide on tactics, and re-
cruit people to your cause.
You will learn to use your
consumer power to encourage
businesses to go green and get
ideas to create a more sustain-
able school. It also covers how
to lobby politicians, hold a rally,
raise money, attract media atten-
tion, and even how to run for of-
The book is also filled with
the inspiring stories of some of
the most successful young envi-
ronmental activists. These role
models have passed legislation,
founding nonprofits, protecting
local wildlands, and raising mil-
lions of dollars for sustainability
-- all before their twenty-third
birthdays. Their stories and strat-
egies will ignite the passion of a
new generation of young leaders
so they too can make a lasting
impact on the world.
Recommended for ages 10
and older.
Published by Ten Speed Press, this
book is available at your local book-
Written by Debra J. Slover,
illustrated by Darlene Warner
When Hugh wanders onto
the Leadership Farm, the young
lost sheep begins to learn how
to become a courageous leader.
With the other animals as his
guides, Hugh goes on a special
tour to discover all the tools he
needs. He visits Understanding
Field, Nurturing Meadow, Inven-
tive Roost, Quality Yard, Unstop-
pable Pasture, and Expression
He learns from George the
goat in Understanding Field,
Blossom the cow in Nurturing
Meadow, and Robert the rooster
at the Inventive Roost. Then he
meets Asli the goose in Quality
Yard and Howard the horse in
Unstoppable Pasture. Hugh ends
his tour at Expression Pen, where
Allegra the pig teaches him to
sing his own leadership song.
Soon after, Hugh is ready to go
back to his flock and be the lead-
er he has learned to be.
This book can be read as it
is, and can also be used as a
guide to teaching children lead-
ership skills. Each chapter ends
with some questions to spark
a discussion about the lessons
learned. Adapted from the book
for adults, "U.N.I.Q.U.E: Grow-
ing the Leader Within," this book
is designed for ages 8-12.
Published by Leader Garden Press,
this book is available at your local
Written by Steve Charney and
David Goldbeck, illustrated
by Maria Burgaleta Larson
This book goes beyond "A
is for Apple, B is for Banana."
A two-page spread is devoted
to each letter. On the left page,
there is a photograph of fruits
and vegetables starting with the
letter, and a large capital letter
on a colorful background. On
the right page, there is a fun
poem and silly illustration.
The second part of the book
tells readers how and where the
foods are grown and how to find
and choose the best pieces. It in-
troduces less common varieties
of fruits and vegetables. Children
will want to try making the deli-
cious recipes (the book recom-
mends adult supervision). There
are jokes, websites for more
information, and recommenda-
tions for more books to read.
The bright photographs and
illustrations bring the text to life.
The photographs introduce un-
familiar foods as well as famil-
iar favorites. In the imaginative
drawings, children and adults in-
teract with bananas on parade
and flying peaches.
The combination of facts and
whimsy makes this an appealing
book. The first section is fun for
younger children, and the sec-
ond section will interest older
children. Everyone will enjoy
trying the unusual recipes, and
looking for exotic fruits and veg-
etables at the store.
Recommended for ages 2-8.
Published by Ceres Press, this book
is available at your local bookstore.
Change the way you
look at things and the
things you look at will
-- Dr. Wayne Dyer