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Celebrate the New Paperback release
of Emotional FrEEdom
by JudiTh orloff, M.d.
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To counter emotional overload,
act fast and meditate for a few
minutes. This centers your ener-
gy so you don't take it on from
Define and honor your em-
pathic needs. Safeguard your
sensitivities. Here's how.
If someone asks too much of
you, politely tell them "no." It's
not necessary to explain why.
As the saying goes, "No is a
complete sentence."
If your comfort level is three
hours max for socializing --
even if you adore the people --
take your own car or have an
alternate transportation plan so
you're not stranded.
If crowds are overwhelming,
eat a high-protein meal before-
hand (this grounds you) and sit
in the far corner of, say, a theatre
or party, not dead center.
If you feel nuked by perfume,
nicely request that your friends
refrain from wearing it around
you. If you can't avoid it, stand
near a window or take frequent
breaks to catch a breath of fresh
air outdoors.
If you overeat to numb nega-
tive emotions, practice guerilla
meditation mentioned above,
before you are lured to the re-
frigerator, a potential vortex of
temptation. As an emergency
measure, keep a cushion by the
fridge so you can be poised to
meditate instead of binge.
Carve out a private space at
home. Then you won't be strick-
en by the feeling of too much
togetherness. (Chapter 8 discuss-
es nontraditional living settings
compatible with an empath's
comfort zone.)
Over time, I suggest adding
to this list to keep yourself cov-
ered. You don't have to reinvent
the wheel each time you're on
emotional overload. With prag-
matic strategies to cope, em-
paths can feel safer, and their
talents can blossom.
(Excerpted from Dr. Judith
Orloff's new book Emotion-
al Freedom: Liberate Yourself
From Negative Emotions and
Transform Your Life (Three Riv-
ers Press, 2011, now available
in paperback.)
Her work has been featured
on The Today Show, CNN, the
Oprah Magazine and USA To-
day. Dr. Orloff synthesizes the
pearls of traditional medicine
with cutting-edge knowledge
of intuition and energy medi-
cine. Assistant Clinical Profes-
sor of Psychiatry at UCLA, she
passionately believes the future
of medicine involves integrat-
ing all this wisdom to achieve
emotional freedom and total
To learn more about the Emotional
Freedom book tour and transforming
your life, as well as Dr. Orloff's other
books, CD's and DVD's, visit www.
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