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By Jenny T. Liu, M.A.
Free E-Book
Feng Shui 2011
Forecasts and Adjustments
The lunar new year of the
Golden Rabbit started February
3, 2011. Much like its Western
counterpart, the fresh year sig-
nifies renewal and marks a time
of shedding the old and bringing
in the new. As part of this tradi-
tion, my father, Grandmaster Chi
Jen Liu, and I study the Chinese
almanac, Yi-Jing, and the Flying
Nine Star charts to forecast what
the new year brings.
The following is a summary of
our free online e-book of 2011
forecasts regarding what ener-
gies you may expect in the vari-
ous directions of your homes and
offices this year. This awareness
acts like footprints marking out
the best paths for you to take in
another year of your life's jour-
ney. For the full version of fore-
casts and feng shui adjustments,
please visit www.Liu-fengshui.
The energies for overcoming
challenges come to the centers
of your home and office this
year. In particular, young women
are driven to move forward. Be
aware of conflicts between the
female boss or mother and the
male staff or eldest son. Com-
munication and teamwork are
vital for overcoming problems
in shared offices at the center of
your unit.
If your kitchen is located in
the center of the house, take pre-
cautions to avoid fire hazard or
cuts. Place a calming image of a
reflective lake to neutralize con-
flicts in the center sector.
Energies of risk come to those
with a north door or room. The
north is associated to sexual en-
ergies which can mean romance
for the unattached and tempta-
tion for the married. If you have
a north office, be careful of risky
investments and legal issues.
At work, use caution to avoid
clashing personalities, mistakes,
or accidents in the north room.
Be aware of gossip, competi-
tion, rash decision-making, or
compulsive spending. Place an
ancient guardian animal such
as the bi-shou for stability in the
north facing north.
Those with a northeast room
enjoy travel, wealth, new ideas,
and opportunities. Water prob-
lems may occur in the north-
east sector, so double check the
roof and plumbing. The middle-
aged woman or second daughter
sleeping in the northeast room
may be prone to promiscuous
activity or ailments related to the
eyes or reproductive system.
Avoid smoking and burning
candles in the northeast room
to avoid fire. Place a money
tree that detoxifies the air, such
as a dracaena, in the northeast
The east is very unstable this
year bringing unexpected ex-
penses, hectic problems, or un-
ethical people. Working in the
east office, you should double
check vital documents and seek
expert advice before embarking
on big projects. Avoid ground-
breaking in the east sector. Re-
move all fire hazards in the east
room and do not leave open
flames unattended, especially
in the east kitchen.
Drive carefully if you come in
and out of an east-facing garage.
Those in an east room need to
take extra care of their health.
The east is associated to the Rab-
bit zodiac or tai shui, which can
bring challenges -- especially to
Rooster persons in the east room.
Place a gong in the east and ring
it daily to purify unstable east
energies this year.
Benefits of wealth and reputa-
tion come especially to females
compatible to the southeast.
Students do well to study in the
southeast room. For those who
are incompatible to the south-
east room, be extra careful with
sharp tools, equipment, and
driving -- especially if born in
the year of the Rabbit or Rooster.
Activate scholarship, licensing,
fame, and recognition by plac-
ing a fountain in the southeast
Senior females sleeping in the
south room need to avoid con-
flict and stress. They should ex-
ercise regularly, maintain a good
diet, and get regular checkups to
maintain health. Paternal males
and the younger generation en-
joy prosperity in the south room.
No groundbreaking in the south.
Place art with dolphins for har-
mony, vivacious health, and in-
telligence in your south room.
Those with a southwest room
or door should be wary of con-
flict between females. Females
in the southwest room need to
be vigilant of their health, es-
pecially related to their breast,
lung, and throat. Planning and
cooperation bring promotion,
scholarship, and wealth. Young
men in the southwest office en-
joy new opportunities or rais-
es. Be careful with paperwork,
accounting, and dealing with
tricky people. Place an amethyst
on your desk for scholarship or
If your front door faces west
or if you have a west kitchen,
take care to avoid fire hazards.
Be aware of temper, fever, eye,
and respiratory problems. At
work, females incompatible to
the west office frustrate each
other, while females compatible
to the west room collaborate.
Those seeking romance or preg-
nancy should sleep in the west
Be careful of temptation for
the married man. Associated to
the Rooster zodiac, which op-
poses the annual Rabbit zodiac,
the west room can bring unex-
pected problems or accidents.
Place a tiger's-eye crystal in the
west corner to release negative
The northwest office brings
opportunities and benefits, es-
pecially for older men. Older
females are prone to miscom-
munication with younger males.
The eldest son or male staff may
be distracted, rebellious, and
prone to risky or self-defeating
activities. Be careful of legal is-
Pregnant women sleeping in
the northwest room need to be
extra careful to avoid birthing
problems. Place rose quartz in
the northwest room to release
stress and enhance positive re-
lationships and fertility.
Jenny Liu holds a bachelors' De-
gree in Environmental Design from
UC berkeley and a Masters Degree
in Architecture from UCLA. She is
an expert in the 8,000-year-old Chi-
nese philosophy of Feng Shui who
shares her knowledge through sem-
inars, workshops, periodicals and
the Internet. Awarded for her Mas-
ter's Thesis on Feng Shui, Ms. Liu is
a fourth-generation practitioner with
her own consulting firm. For info,
please visit: or call
(626) 272-4901.
By Jesse Anson Dawn