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Jesus: The Inner Teachings
Of A Revolutionary Mystic
with Adyashanti
Saturday, December 10
Noon - 6 pm
Jesus was no ordinary mystic. He was a spiritual revolutionary
of the highest order. Over the centuries, Jesus' life and his
teachings have been so watered down and misinterpreted
that much of the true power of his message goes unnoticed
today. But the transformative power of his teaching is still
there in plain sight for anyone who has the
willingness to see it.
The author of
The End of Your World and True
, Adyashanti offers spontaneous
and direct nondual teachings that have been
compared to those of the early Zen masters
and Advaita Vedanta sages.
The Power of Intuition
& Emotional Healing
with Judith Orloff, MD
Sunday, March 27
1:30 - 3:30 pm
With her latest book Emotional Freedom, Dr. Orloff uses
dreams and intuition to better understand complex emotions,
identifies the biology, spirituality, energy and psychology
of emotions, and shows how knowing your "emotional
type" can be a key to transformation. She
will also be the guest speaker at our 9 and
11 am services.
Dr. Orloff is an assistant professor of
psychiatry at UCLA and guest of the Today
show, CNN and in Oprah Magazine. The
$35 ticket price includes a copy of Emotional
Unity of Tustin
See these two internationally-known speakers only 2011 Orange County Appearances
For more information and to purchase tickets, go to
or call 714/730-3486.
Imagine the world's most fa-
mous train, the Venice Simplon-
Orient-Express, arriving on the
banks of the most pristine, free-
flowing river system in the Lower
But for this flight of fancy on
the Middle Fork of Idaho's Salm-
on River, instead of debarking
from a train, guests pull to shore
in rafts. Here, instead of porters,
adventure guides set up and
break down five-star camps and
serve locally-sourced, organi-
cally-raised Kobe Wagyu Beef
on pre-heated stoneware while
pouring wines selected from or-
ganic and small-source wineries
into crystal stemware.
"Expect everything but black
tie," muses Steve Lentz, com-
menting that he and his wife An-
nie have transformed the river
rafting culture to an over-five-
star level that attracts A-Lister's
Stephen Spielberg and Kate
Capshaw, Mariel Hemmingway,
and former Vice President Walter
Mondale, to name a few.
Lentz speaks for his company,
Far and Away Adventures, mak-
ing six-day/five-night rafting
journeys on the Middle Fork's
100 miles as meaningful off river
as on. With his professional river
guides, the river part, he says,
takes care of itself as guests en-
counter an estimated 300 rapids
ranging from level II to V.
"The challenge comes off the
river. How do we help our guests
relax in wilderness which is prob-
ably an unfamiliar environment
for them and at the same time
Far And Away Adventures Offers Rafting Holidays
by Sara Widness
sustain the crescendo that the
river gives us?" poses Lentz.
For starters, there's a break-
fast spread for early risers who
can eat a cooked breakfast later
if they choose. River music em-
bellishes daily yoga. Moveable
organic feasts with local micro-
brews and wines determine who
will nap or hike after lunch.
Formally-served appetizers
surface around 7 p.m. and a
4-course, linen-draped, candle-
light dinner proceeds before a
naturalist discourses with music
around the campfire. Portable
outhouses with lights, solar-gen-
erated hot water for showers and
state-of-art tents with elevated
beds, flannel linens, carpets and
nightstands ensure sweet dreams.
Far and Away Adventures of-
fers interpretation of the rich
Native American history and
heritage in the Salmon River
Basin. Numerous artifacts are
evidence that humans have long
been a component of the wilder-
ness. They are the artifacts of the
Shoshone and Nez Perce Indian
occupations, journals of early
fur trappers and missionaries,
and remnants of early miner and
homestead settlements.
Six-day/five-night small group
departures for up to 22 guests
are scheduled throughout June,
July, August and September. Pri-
vate charter trips are a specialty
and can also be arranged.
For a detailed itinerary on this and
other programs, please call (800) 232-
8588 or visit: http://www.far-away.