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ords founder and Grammy win-
ner Will Ackerman.
To say that the supporting mu-
sicians are an all-star cast would
be an understatement, and in-
cludes bassist Tony Levin, who
plays with Peter Gabriel, Eugene
Friesen on cello, and a host of
other top-notch musicians who
tour with the likes of Santana,
Pat Metheny, Ravi Shankar, Yan-
ni, and more.
But at the center of this lumi-
nous universe is acoustic guitar-
ist and composer Shambhu. In
his own words, "My composi-
tions reflect a diversity of mu-
sical influences from across the
globe, from contemplative to
Indian-jazz fusion to contempo-
rary instrumental." All radiating
a "heartfelt feeling throughout."
This is simply some of the fin-
est music of this type that I have
ever heard.
One of the outstanding fea-
tures of this project is that it is
actually a multi-media experi-
ence. Shambhu thoughtfully
filmed the entire recording pro-
cess, and in the beautiful ac-
companying booklet, entitled
"A Guide To The Journey," as
well as on his website are links
for the videos on YouTube, which
I found absolutely fascinating.
and how to read the signs of na-
ture. The power of plants, ani-
mals and sacred places are all
discussed in depth. Next, we
move on to inner "wholeness"
including vision and nature
quests, rites of passage and how
to heal ourselves as well as how
to nurture our creative sides.
Author Catriona MacGregor
is a catalyst for positive change
and an authority on global envi-
ronmental trends. She believes
that the way we interact with
the world around us affects our
health and well-being more than
we know.
Our growing disconnection
with nature leads to a variety of
ills, but by reconnecting to the
environment around us, we can
move beyond simply using na-
ture, to joining into a true part-
nership with nature.
Published by beyond Words, this
book is available at your local book-
store or
Reclaiming the African
American Environmental
By Dianne D. Glave
Starting each chapter with a
fictionalized historical vignette
to visually illustrate what is to
follow, the author prepares a
"Sacred Love" is a journey well
worth taking.
Another Place and Time...
Music and art are often inex-
tricably linked -- one can evoke
the other. Such is the case in the
latest release by Heidi Anne
Breyer, in which some of her
musical compositions, or "paint-
ings in sound," were inspired
by the artwork of American/
Russian realist painter Alexander
Volkov. Examples of his beauti-
ful and serene art can be seen in
the CD's booklet. According to
Heidi, "each piece was written
with the idea of stopping to ap-
preciate the very moment we
are experiencing."
The music has been described
as "a collection of original pi-
ano-centered, neo-classical
instrumental pieces of a very
contemplative nature." Heidi's
graceful and melodic piano
playing, which has been called
"achingly beautiful," is indeed
the heart of this album.
Haunting and evocative as it
is in its own right, it is tastefully
supported by a host of talented
and highly-skilled musicians
and producers. Not the least
of which is the stellar produc-
tion team of Windham Hill Re-
cords founder Will Ackerman,
and Grammy-winning engineer
Corin Nelsen.
Recorded at Ackerman's
Imaginary Road Studios, the al-
bum includes a palette of his
famed musical collaborators
adding their colors on English
horn, violin, cello, guitar, trum-
pet, flugelhorn, and subtle vo-
Of the two vocal composi-
tions, the lyrics to "And Winter
Came" provide a poetic window
into the feel of this album:
And winter came,
In silence blessed,
The earth with snow at dawn,
And all the fears
Were laid to rest a while,
And all the tears were gone.
Michael Diamond is a music pro-
ducer, recording artist, and music
journalist in the San Francisco bay
area with over 30 years of experience
writing for nationally-published
magazines and more recently world-
wide on the internet. he currently has
five CD's including two with new age
music pioneer Steven halpern. For
additional reviews of CD's, DVD's, and
more, visit: www.michaeldiamond
"Music is the wine that
fills the cup of silence."
-- Robert Fripp
case for why recovering ecolog-
ical traditions by way of garden-
ing may offset toxins produced
through urban industrialism.
Overturning the stereotype
that a meaningful attachment to
nature and environment is con-
trary to the black experience,
this book integrates oral histo-
ries and anecdotes from Afri-
can Americans, anthropological
studies, discussions and criti-
cisms into a cross-cultural envi-
ronmental analysis.
A range of subjects are cov-
ered, including topography of
the south, religion, resistance,
preservation, conservation, gar-
dening and the study of nature,
as well as a lovely discussion
about heritage and the future.
The author has published arti-
cles in a wide array of scholarly
journals and currently teaches
history at Morehouse College in
Atlanta, Georgia. She points out
that racism and segregation re-
sulted in an inequitable access
to quality land, including agri-
culture and environmental ame-
nities like places for recreation.
In the author's words, this
book is a quilt work designed
to reveal the thoughts of farm-
ers, artists and novelists dotted
throughout the South, and pays
homage to every and any per-
son in the African diaspora who
was a farmer, a laborer or child
who wondered at the flight of a
Published by Independent Pub-
lishers Group, this book is available
at your local bookstore or www.ipg
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