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Five Simple Steps to Ultimate
Physical, Mental, and Spiritual Fitness
A Formula for Life Transformation
(Part 2)
by Dr. Juliet Tien (Dr. J), D. N. Sc.
This article has three parts.
Part 1 addresses how you can
take: step 1 to educate your-
self, and step 2 to remove
toxins in your body. Part 2
discusses how you can take:
step 3 to regenerate your
glands and organs, and step 4
to cleanse your mental toxins.
Part 3 explains how you can
take step 5 to regenerate your
physical and mental metabolic
step 3: Regenerate your
Glands and Organs
Step 3 is for regenerating
your fatigued glands and or-
gans. The focus is on your hor-
monal and digestive systems.
It's just like jumping the slug-
gish battery of your car. Now,
I would like to ask our female
readers some questions.
Have you been plagued
with itchy, foul-smelling, yel-
lowish vaginal discharge?
Do you experience pain
during sexual intercourse?
Are you avoiding sex be-
cause you are always tired?
Are you lethargic no mat-
ter how much time you have
stayed in bed?
Are your menstrual cycles
irregular and painful?
Are you bothered by men-
opausal symptoms such as hot
flashes and /or night sweats?
Are you troubled by your
mood swings?
If any of the above symp-
toms apply to you, then you
need to take herbal formulas
that contain a combination of
high-quality and absorbable
vitamins, minerals, and Chi-
nese herbs that nourish your
body and balance the female
hormonal system. Many of my
clients report that they expe-
rience marked im-
provement in mental
clarity, energy, libido,
menstrual regulari-
ty, and relief from
hot flashes and night
sweats after taking
formulas designed to
regenerate the female
hormonal system. In
some cases, infertile
women were able to conceive
and have a full-term pregnancy
after several miscarriages.
Now, I am going to ask our
male readers a few questions:
Are you having trouble
getting or maintaining an erec-
Are you losing your sexual
Are you having difficulty
concentrating on your work?
Are you too tired to ex-
Are you anxious or irrita-
Are you experiencing low-
grade and persistent depres-
Are you lacking the moti-
vation to take action towards
achieving what you have in
If any of the above symp-
toms apply to you, you need
to take herbal formulas con-
taining high-quality and ab-
sorbable vitamins, minerals,
and Chinese herbs, to nour-
ish your body and balance the
male hormonal system. When
your hormonal system is reg-
ulated, you will also experi-
ence uplift in your mood and
an increase in your energy and
mental clarity.
Now, let me ask some more
questions for both men and
women, except that the last
question is obviously for wom-
en only.
Do you feel bloated all the
Do you get hungry easily?
Does acid re-
flux annoy you?
Are you embar-
rassed by the amount
of "gas" you "secretly
release in public"?
Is your produc-
tivity hampered by
hypoglycemia (low
blood sugar)?
Is your sched-
ule too hectic to accommodate
regular mealtimes?
Are your sugar cravings
almost uncontrollable before
and during your period?
If any of the above symp-
toms apply to you, then you
need to take herbal formulas
to regenerate your digestive
system. Everything is fix-able,
even if you have abused your
body for a long time. It just
takes longer to heal and it re-
quires patience.
step 4: Cleanse your mental
Carrying negative emotions
such as anger, resentment, re-
gret, grief, fear, guilt, and un-
certainty, day in and day out, is
just like driving your car with
the hand brake on. It will cause
a lot of wear and tear on your
immune system!
based on my experience
counseling thousands of peo-
ple thus far, I have found that
psychological stress is actu-
ally the most important cause
of an adult onset of yeast dis-
orders! If these negative emo-
tions have not been released
effectively, the rest of the regi-
mens discussed so far will only
provide temporary relief! so,
you need to weed your mind
It is like cleaning up a vast
field of tall weeds. A yeast-free
nutritional program, Chinese
herbal therapy, exercise, and
other treatment methods only
serve the function of chopping
down the weeds above the
ground. Mental detoxification
uproots the core problem from
underground. If this uprooting
is not done, the field may ap-
pear to be clean for a while, but
when summer rainfall comes,
the weeds will grow like crazy
again. Similarly, when a per-
son is confronted with some
life crisis, the problem of yeast
disorders may reoccur!
how do you uproot your
mental toxins? Please be aware
that traditional psychotherapy
does not work when you suffer
from a stubborn case of yeast
and parasitic infection. Even
though I have a doctorate and
a license to practice traditional
psychotherapy, I choose spiri-
tual counseling as an impor-
tant method in facilitating my
clients' healing process.
The goal of spiritual coun-
seling is for you to understand
the concept of "universality"
and reduce or eliminate your
"Poor me! Why me?" syndrome.
you will also understand, ac-
cept, forgive, and release what-
ever life situation(s) caused
your emotional imbalance. As
a result, you will learn how to
draw on universal energy to
heal yourself effortlessly.
(To be continued in Part 3)
Dr. Juliet Tien (Dr. J) is a leading
expert in yeast and parasitic infec-
tion, weight, and addiction control,
a former UCLA professor in Psychi-
atric/Mental health Nursing and a
cable TV Producer & host: The holis-
tic Approach to health and Success.
She is also the best-selling author of
breaking the yeast Curse: Food and
unconditional love for magic heal-
ing and Healthy and Tasty: Dr. J's Anti-
yeast Cooking. For more information,
please contact: Dr. J's Academy of
Vibrant health, (800) 715-3053, 1100
S. hope St., # 808, Los Angeles, CA
90015. Website:
If you want to
change the world,
BE that change.
-- Mahatma Gandhi