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Calendars are $1.00 per word, minimum $15.00. Phone
numbers with area code, websites, and e-mails are consid-
ered as one word; hyphenated words are considered as two
WORLD! Replace emotional
pain, rejection, feeling in
danger with Vernon Howard's
Classes: Fridays
8pm, Sundays 10am. New Life,
5779 Westminster Blvd.,West-
minster; Wednesdays, 7:30pm.
Neighborhood Church, Pasa-
dena. $3 donation. (714)899-
Ongoing Classes of Touch
for health (level 1-4) and
Flower Essences. Please refer
Meditation Class. Wednes-
days 7:30-8:30pm. Join Tora
Moon in exploring various
methods of meditation; guided
imagery, mudras, and mantras,
and more. $20 Ginger's Gar-
den, 2488 Newport Blvd, Ste
Wednesday Spiritual Cir-
cle. Experience Meditations,
ance, 7:30pm. 1775 Bellflower
Blvd, Long Beach 90815, (562)
Dr. Marj Britt and David
Nowe Are Now Co-Teaching
Again! Explore and integrate
the mystical teachings of East
and West. Marj brings in the
ity and the Bible, expanding
into higher and deeper Realms.
David weaves in the mystical
teachings that changed his life
so profoundly as a devoted fol-
lower of Swami (Baba) Muk-
tananda. In those years David
became Swami Brahmananda
and was asked by Baba Muk-
of his Santa Monica ashram.
Each evening includes teach-
ings, chanting and silent medi-
tation. Weds, 7pm, Love Offer-
ing. Unity of Tustin, 14402 S.
Prospect Ave., Tustin, CA, (714)
Mickool & David Nowe. More
than just a new way of think-
challenging world. The Heart-
Math Discovery Program was
groups could learn and practice
HeartMath on their own in an
organized and systematic man-
months of specific and sequen-
and experience of a different
of Tustin, 14402 S. Prospect
Ave., Tustin, CA, (714) 730-
A New Earth -- Awaken-
ing to your Life's Purpose:
Book Study Group facilitated
by Ruthanne Ali. The essential
task of our spiritual journey is
"awakening." A shift in con-
sciousness is necessary to free
yourself from habitual patterns
of thinking and acting. Realize
beauty and joy of your daily
life. Thurs, 7pm, Love Offering.
Unity of Tustin, 14402 S. Pros-
Reiki Practice with gail
hamley. We are all `healers."
When we recognize divine es-
sence and perfection, we step
into the realm of Truth. Reiki
is an ancient healing method
which teaches this focus: You
are a point of Light within a
This Light is God. Each gather-
ing will include meditation,
instruction, and experience.
Attunements for Reiki I, Reiki
II, and Reiki III Master Teacher
scheduled by contacting Gail
Hamley for pricing and infor-
mation. Thurs, 7pm; Love Of-
Prospect Ave., Tustin, CA, (714)
Pranic healing & Medita-
tion with Daniel O'hara.
gy that fuels you body is price-
less!" Where can you go and
refuel and completely revitalize
yourself on all levels? Every
Thurs. night at Unity Tustin!
Each night you will revitalized
erful Tibetan Breathing exer-
cises. And, to top it off, one of
the top Pranic Healers, Daniel
ual healing afterwards. Thurs,
Tustin, 14402 S. Prospect Ave.,
Tustin, CA, (714) 730-3486,
In the Days ahead... WATCH FOR THIS MAN!
Who calls for sharing and justice as the only means to peace. Take to heart his
message of the oneness of the human family. Know that, in doing so, you guarantee a
positive future for all. Our Elder Brothers are among us now. All will be well.
"My presence is being felt throughout the world.
My energy of Love, My Gift, creates among men a pool of happiness.
Dip deeply therein, My friends, and, shining with the Light of Love, emerge into a New Day.
My Masters are working to trace for you the outlines of the future.
Bear these well in mind.
The rock upon which that glorious future will be built is Love, Justice and Sharing."
TRANSMISSION MEDITATION (A scientific method of service)
In this type of meditation, the Spiritual Hierarchy sends their energies through us and out into
the world, a free form of service which steps down the energies for the benefit of the planet.
We recite Lord Maitreya's THE GREAT INVOCATION, "From the point of Light within the Mind of
God, Let light stream forth into the minds of men, Let Light descend on Earth. From the point of Love within the Heart of God, Let love
stream forth into the hearts of men, May Christ return to Earth. From the centre where the Will of God is known, Let purpose guide the
little wills of men--The purpose which the Masters know and serve. From the centre which we call the race of men, Let the Plan of Love
and Light work out, And may it seal the door where evil dwells. Let Light and Love and Power restore the Plan on Earth."
Please call Janice amorra raa at (949) 515-5105 or Wendy (949) 230-3136
For additional information, please access
Nur Ashki Jerrahi Sufi
Worship Service. Sufi devo-
tees gather together for Rumi's
Masnawi readings and Devo-
tional Zikir for Peace and Har-
mony. Seekers of all paths are
welcome. Facilitated by Halifa
Ashki, circleofoneheart@yahoo.
com; (714) 612-3762. For more
information: www.nurashki Suns, 6:45pm; Love
S. Prospect Ave., Tustin, CA,
(714) 730-3486, visit: www.
Course in Miracles Study
group -- David Nowe. The
Course describes a purely non-
dualistic approach to spiritual-
ity. It uses traditional Judeo-
Christian terminology but is
not aligned to the doctrines
of any religions or denomina-
tions. This study group will go
through the text, workbook,
and book for teachers in con-
secutive order. David will in-
tegrate the teachings with his
wisdom teachings and his time
as a monk with Baba Muk-
tananda. A commitment to at-
is not required. Fridays, 7pm;
Love Offering. Unity of Tustin,
14402 S. Prospect Ave., Tustin,
CA, (714) 730-3486, www.unity
Near Death Experience
Support group -- Angel
Love Powers. Co-founder of
LA IANDS Denis Purcell will
join Jean in facilitating this
class whose mission is to learn
the history of NDE in different
cultures; to offer understanding
and support concerning NDE
as a contact point and commu-
nity for people with particular
interests in this subject; and to
provide reliable information
discussion in a nonjudgmental
environment. Sats, 1pm; Love
S. Prospect Ave., Tustin, CA,
(714) 730-3486, www.unitytus
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