By Paula Moss

Dr. Irene Lamberti
Spectrum Publishing
This is the third in a series by Dr. Irene Lamberti, creator of the Aerobic Prayer videos. Dr. Lamberti produced the award-winning video Stop Back Pain Now.

This series is a break from the traditional huff and puff aerobic videos we are all so used to seeing. Irene blends the basics of folk dance influences from Native American, African, Polynesian and Celtic to provide an alternative form of exercise and movement. The dance steps are basic and no more difficult to follow than any other exercise video.

After it has been watched once or twice, the steps fall into place. The movements are gentle and unlike some aerobic programs, can be done in bare feet. No shin splints here! She follows the format of a short warm-up, stretch, 26 minutes of workout, cool-down and meditation. A grand total of 45 minutes.

The camera angles do tend to pan and change, which may present difficulties following the movements, but only for the first time or two, then it won't interfere. This video happens to include a person demonstrating a modified version, which is helpful. The soundtrack is incredible! I almost couldn't wait until the end just to see who was singing those marvelous songs.

Also, a portion of the proceeds goes to the Empty Bowl Project to feed hungry children. One of my favorite movements is the one that symbolizes the feeding of the hungry children. A very womanly video, it is nurturing to self and to others. It is not boring and actually the 45 minutes goes by very quickly. She is engaging and accepting. The spirituality of it won't offend a soul; it is on a very universal level without being compromising, yet it makes an awareness of our interconnectedness and our oneness with the Divine. Talking to God with dance.

This video is available from Spectrum Publishing and Communications at (208) 476-7091,


Dr. Jean Houston
Mystic Fire Video
Riveting and captivating, Dr. Jean Houston, philosopher and cultural historian, gives a workshop-style lecture in this powerful home video release. In the realm of Joseph Campbell, she tackles the cultural mythology and fans out its meaning for our lives today.

In a society where people must learn to be "multi-task oriented", she gives us the tools to help us carve out a space for time to slow down and be present, a place for us to be mindful. She is a fascinating woman. I found myself in the days following the review, practicing the exercise of deliberate and purposeful action. I became more aware of time and its passing. I became aware of how much time I spend on autopilot.

She has a lot to say and says it well. My only lament is that the video was not longer, an hour was not nearly enough for me. She draws on her life's experiences which are far-reaching and many. Her story about the meeting with Helen Keller is moving and thought-provoking. Her tale of Mother Teresa is beautiful and heartwarming. She opens us up to the possibilities of what we can be, the possibilities of our self, and causes us to dream. She feeds the soul and waters a seed of hope that she lovingly plants in us with her inspiring words, her demeanor and her personality.

The mythological reworking of the iconic Wizard of Oz is a pearl. I confess, although this was shown on PBS, I had never heard of Jean Houston. She is the author of more than 15 books and is a prominent lecturer. She leads us through the awakening of our sensory of physical level, our psychological level, our mythical or symbolic level, and our spiritual level, weaving myth as a pathway to inspire and guide.

A Passion for the Possible has an accompanying video Body Mind Exercises. (which I hope to be able to review sometime in the future) Wonderful! Highly recommended for all.

This video is available from Mystic Fire Video at (800) 292-9001.

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