By Kay Walburger

"Golden Angels" Are Heaven-Sent, Bringing Self-Esteeming Gifts To Help Abused Children Recover
Heavenly Angels Inspire Collector's Club Members To Emulate The Angels They Admire

Pat Reas was a young teenage girl when she received a golden angel locket/pin with her birthstone from her beloved grandmother. She never dreamed some 30 years ago that this treasured gift would inspire her and many others to do the work of angels here on earth.

"I could always feel my guardian angels nearby to protect me my whole life," recalls Pat. "I met a well-known healer from Russia over 5 years ago who had come to America to speak about God's love. She told me personally that she saw many angels around me. Prophetically she said Œnot to worry about my serious health condition ‹ your guardian angels will help you heal.' Lastly, she encouraged me, - Remember always, give back to others what you receive in love'."

For many, many years Pat would seek out angel memorabilia and collect it for her own enjoyment. One day an angel artist suggested that Pat start a club of avid collectors like herself. Pat thought it would be more fun to share her enthusiasm with others and she created a simple flyer and circulated it. She was astounded that 35 excited collectors came to her first meeting. They wanted to share their angel stories, art, jewelry and other angelic objects with a group that could enjoy the experience. During the very first meeting, they decided to become patrons to a charity and center their activities to reach out to others. The amazing fact about angels is that most of the religions of the world believe in angels. The members of this group which calls itself "Golden Angels," each have a deep sense of faith, yet are from diverse religious organizations. The one thing they all agree about is that angels represent unconditional love and they are sent to each of us to help us and protect us all the days of our lives.

Safe Haven For Abused Children
Olive Crest, Homes and Services for Abused Children, was chosen as the charity by their second meeting. The Golden Angels were excited to be a part of the Olive Crest mission: to break the cycles of child abuse. Olive Crest is dedicated to preventing child abuse, to treating victims of child abuse, and to preserving the family through innovative programs and comprehensive services.

The Golden Angels, after inspecting the Olive Crest facility in Orange County, California, felt that the safe haven and homey environment was ideal to meet their angel values of unconditional love, protection and healing lives. They liked Olive Crest's open door policy that allows their group to see and inspect the facility for themselves and to be reassured that progress is being made. They felt Olive Crest was meeting the diverse needs of children and their families by providing the following: 1) Twenty Four Hour Care and Shelter, 2) Education and Vocational Training, 3) Health and Recreational Programs, 4) Counseling and Relationship Building, and 5) Family Preservation, Parental Guidance, and Spiritual Guidance.

Toddlers to teens are given sanctuary in Olive Crest's licensed facility which collaborates with other children's interest agencies, the government and the community for the advancement of a healthier world in which children can live.

Touched By An Angel
The "Golden Angel" members are an unofficial fan club for Della Reese and her popular and top-rated TV show "Touched By An Angel." "There is an unwritten rule in our club: don't call me between 8 and 9 PM Sunday (time of show in California) because I'm watching my favorite TV show" declares Pat. "This show is so special to us because it shows the miracles that Œunconditional love' can achieve. These angels teach and demonstrate love's work in a broad and diverse spectrum of human life; it works for the elderly, the young and the very young, and crosses cultural and social economic lines. Love is so powerful and when we learn from angels how lovable we are, we gain self-esteem. Self-esteem is love that is God-given and no one can take it away."

Angel Affair
"Angel Affair" is the second annual fund-raiser luncheon planned by Golden Angels this year for Olive Crest. Saturday, October 11, from 11 AM to 2 PM, the guest speakers are world-renowned Kirk and Sandy Moore of "Tara's Angel's Gift Store" of San Juan Capistrano, California, and their topic will be "Angels and Miracles.

A volunteer recognition luncheon was held at Olive Crest Saturday, June 7th, 1997, to honor all the many volunteers it takes to do this magnificent work. At this event, Pat Reas, founder of Golden Angels, received two awards: one, "Most Volunteer Hours" and one for "Most Inspiring." "This was the moment when all effort brought us a blessing, because this luncheon was served to us by the teenage residents who came to each table and thanked us. Each teen stood and told their name and how long they had been there and the difference it had made in their own life. They each reminded us how thankful they were that we kept telling them we loved them! We all shared the miracles of love and there was not a dry eye in the room!" Each day in her morning prayers Pat Reas gives thanks to guardian angels Michael, Gabriel, Raffael and Arial for the miracle of love they show us, each and every one.

* Writer's note: I believe the Heavenly Angels have inspired human angels like Pat Reas and the Golden Angles club members to show these abused children that they have both Heavenly Love and humans to love them.

For more information, contact Golden Angels for Olive Crest, P.O. Box 18954, Anaheim, CA 92807. Voice Mail: (714) 543-5431. Or contact Olive Crest: 2130 East Fourth Street, Suite #200, Santa Ana, CA 927051. Phone (800) 550-CHILD.

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