Tips on Keeping Mind and Body Young
By Jesse Anson Dawn

Jesse Anson Dawn, age 53, author of the national award-winning book, Never "Old", speaks out about a most stirring subject: how and why we age.

Presently answering the Question: "So many 'anti-aging' claims are false, that valid methods are tossed away with the invalid. So how do we overcome so much remedy skepticism? "

Dear Reader,
"Remedy" Skepticism? And no wonder, what with more than 25,000 so-called chemical "remedies" already on the market, many of which with side-effects nasty enough to kill you. This is why the crux of my work focuses on keeping people well enough to avoid pharmaceuticals and hospitals, because how in the world can you relax long enough to rejuvenate, if battling the side-effects of dis-eases, hospital bills or some debilitating drug?

But even if you've been overdosed with "remedies" and "ad-vice" to the brink of advanced Skepticism with a capital S - just listen to this: glug, glug, glug, glug. THAT, dear reader, is the sound of big lumps of doubt that need to be flushed out of your system- because before even one step can be taken toward perpetual YOUthfulness, one must free and open the mind to the possibilities of what powerful psychology can do.

Just as Maxwell Maltz said decades ago in his classic Psycho-cybernetics (the first psychology book I ever read): "Any breakthrough in science is likely to come from outside the system." And he goes on to point out that Pasteur was no M.D., the Wright Brothers not aviators but bicycle mechanics, Einstein not a physicist when turning the physics world upside down, while Madam Curie, a physicist, made huge advances in the medical field. And Maltz himself, a renown plastic surgeon who, upon discovering that creative psychology can rejuvenate people far more than surgery, put aside surgery to write psychology books- when he, like I, found that a perpetually working psychology truly is-

In some dictionaries is a word called "creationary", a word referring to the active and effective PROCESS of creation. And as the principal healing duty of the mind is sparking the process of re-creating cells, I combined creationary with mind-power to form the word/concept CE Mindpower (or creationary energy mindpower) the core of the system which keeps me (as well as my allied practitioners) fending off the body-energy thief that we have come to call "aging". Indeed, mind-over-body is the real future of rejuvenation, and why some still deny it, is from the illusion that they lack the "time" to study it.

("Time, time- so much time spent on working, or resting from working, but so little "time" to spend working on oneSELF!) OK then, for those with no "time" for beneficial reading, but lots of "time" for soap operas, sit-coms, cop shows, tabloids, etc., I say go ahead. Anyway, what the hell do I know about how to perpetually renew face and body. I've only been studying, revising and effectively working the process for more than twenty years.

Yes, it was way back in 1974, the year I turned 30 years old, just before Rosenfeld published his Prolongevity book (followed by Prolongevity II) that it began to really hit me: it was time to forego trivialities and start to work on myself. Ouch, turning 30 in 1974- back during that "30-plus, bite the dust" ageism stuff, something we're finally coming to see as just as unfair as racism or sexism, or even more unfair because it affects EVERYBODY, penalizing people just for living. About the only ageist generality which may be valid is that "old" people don't make the best politicians. But then along comes hundreds of false assumptions about "older" people, the worst being the "too late to improve" crock of hooey, an illusion that's overcome by anyone tuned into the fact that throughout nature every being's REAL job is the SELF-fulfilling destiny of their mind/body.

"Imagine having nothing on your hands but your destiny" is a saying that I have posted on my wall, because what more than destiny is life about?

And with that said, let me wrap up this piece of the Perpetual Youth Pie by wishing you the destiny of a happy rejuvenator, keeping that mindpower YOUth-torch held higher and higher, just like a shining symbol of liberty.

For the whole "anti-aging" story, Jesse Dawn's 258-page book, Never "Old" (nominated for a Pulitzer Prize and winner of the National Association of Independent Publishers Award for Content) can be quickly received by charge card. Simply call World Changing Books at their toll-free number 1 (800) RENEW-22 (736-3922) or send a check for $11.95 (includes book, 1st class postage and handling) made out to World Changing Books and sent to them at P.O. Box 5491, Hilo, HI 96720.

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